Sacrilegious Fornication
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Just because I never got hold of HORRID before doesn’t mean they are not veterans of the scene. They are around for twenty five years now, but never really managed to be more than an insider tip yet. And I must say, it’s a pity I never heard of them before. Their third album "Sacrilegious Fornication" is nothing less than an absolutely fine album full of Metal Of Death, the Scandinavian way. Recorded at legendary Sunlight studios with Tomas Skogsberg, it’s no wonder that the sound of the album is brilliant and truly authentic. And every second here screams names like NIHILIST, CARNAGE and ENTOMBED. Yes, HORRID are paying a very respectful tribute to the originators of Death Metal. Although they don’t add any new nuance to this well known sound, it’s pure fun to listen to songs like the opening title track, ‘Necromancy’ or the very cool ‘Blood On Satan’s Claw’. My personal fave here is the fast riff monster ‘Goddess Of Heretical Perversity’, that really kicks off the album in a rabid manner. As a bonus, this album offers ‘Massacra’, a pretty cool HELLHAMMER cover. Tribute, where tribute is due. Lovers of the good old Sunlight sound should visit: www.horrid.altervista.org, www.facebook.com/pages/horrid/106220033688, or check the label: www.dunkelheit-produktionen.de

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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