Necrotorture + Sickcess
(Red Stream Records)

Friends of horror beware! NECROPHAGIA crawls again out of the guts of visual hell to show us what they have experienced there… The DVD is divided in three sections: part one "Necrotorture" is their whole live gig shot on their European tour 2003 in Spain. You get 15 songs from all NECROPHAGIA albums until then, lots of blood, some life-butchering, Killjoy dancing with the dead (man, this guy really has the size of a hobbit!), lots of Black Metalish corpsepaint (except Mirai, the SIGH-Keyboarder, who is wearing a shredded skin mask – quite cool!) a good sound and a convincing live performance. A good underground concert which is best to be enjoyed with some friends, good beer and some fresh skin to eat (preferably taken from some hot milk – yuk!). Part two is called "Sickcess" and gives you a report from a guy from Toe Tag Pictures (a small US-movie company focused on underground horror) on NECROPHAGIA. What starts really annoying at first turns out to be a quiet funny and "shocking" documentary about some "rumors" concerning the band. I don’t want to tell you too much because that could spoil the fun a little bit… Unfortunately it does not turn out to be as cultish as their previous DVD "Through Eyes Of The Dead" but it still is amusing. These guys just live for old school horror! Part three contains some extras like a soundcheck (boring), a gallery (nice), some tour-bus stuff (well…) and a cool report on Killjoy giving autographs (great!). The all-over look of the DVD is pure undergound which fits perfectly – so all in all not a release to be watched every day but yet satisfying for all fans of fine horror-music., (please be patient with this site for it takes some time to load!)

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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