Dreadful Pleasures
(Razorback Recordings)

We must be living 1989-1992 again, there’s no other explanation! The amount of great new Death Metal bands that keep on rising is staggering! Some people don’t hesitate to consider this as the new big trend (hmm…) but as long as the music kills let’s stick to the positive side of it, right? Unlike most trend followers I guess there are some bands that are deadly serious into it and their unmistaken sound cannot fool you! One of those is without a doubt REVOLTING from Sweden… a fantastic, brand new surprise as far as I am concerned! Having their roots in the good old Death Metal days with loads of DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, DEMIGOD, GRAVE, BOLT THROWER references, they manage to deliver a crushing debut that sounds perfect in every sense! The first thing that managed to impress me is the fact that although the production is huge, it is not over-produced and fits their sound perfectly. You can hear everything pretty clear and that’s great cause REVOLTING’s music is an unstoppable shredding. Great, sharp DEATH METAL riffs, bombarding drumming / rhythm sections and monstrous vocals! I don’t have to mention the “beloved”(to all Swedeath freaks) unmistaken down tuning and the crushing rhythm section with loads of d-beat influenced outbursts. This album will become an instant classic in the years to come. Not much need to be added. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to praise Putrid who prepared the cover artwork and logo of REVOLTING; this is some incredible, insane art and it fits the band perfectly giving them an extra horror edge. My only complaint is the duration, but who am I to judge such a godly act? If you consider yourself as a serious Swedish Death Metal you have no excuse but get it!! A vinyl release is mandatory!!

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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