In Grisly Rapture
(F.D.A. Records)

What is it exactly that makes a Death Metal band stand out? One can find countless bands trying to sound like POSSESSED, DEATH and other classic outfits that practically invented this sub genre. But so few can really get it right. And this is the case, up to a certain point, of “In Grisly Rapture”, REVOLTING’s third release so far, catches your attention immediately with a great sound, devoid of overproduced, super compressed plastic textures and a clear, well balanced mix. The vocal department is based upon a mid to high end growl that fits the atmosphere perfectly! Undeniable is the modern sound, but it is quickly forgotten as soon as the opener, ‘Hell In Dunwich’, ends. From the second track on, the album evolves flawlessly, showing how the band has embraced their influences to create a great slab of old school Death Metal (I hate tags, but it is what it is). This album was made to headbang to, full of catchy songs and, may I dare say, a bit of a groove. Sure, one can find a lot of influences. It has a midpaced, early BENEDICTION / BOLT THROWER style that I personally love, mixed with some ENTOMBED circa 1993. The use of eerie melodic guitar lines smoothly goes along memorable, heavy riffing. Most of the songs dwell into the same pace, with no blast beats whatsoever. This single aspect is the only drawback here, since they could use a little more variation. But it doesn’t takes away the fact that “In Grisly Rapture” is a great listen for both, old and new fans of Death Metal. This time around, REVOLTING feels totally like a band, where every member had a creative input into the overall feel. Highly recommended! You can’t go wrong with this one. Go get it now! More info you may find here,

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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