Necroangels' Revelations
(BlackSeed Productions)

Raging orthodox Black Metal. Tremolo riffing, galloping drums, mid paced sections and chanting screams. Spanish three piece BALMOG released “Necroangels’ Revelations” originally 2009 as a split tape with ABORIORTH. Now it’s been re-issued by BlackSeed Productions on CD. No doubt, BALMOG are doing a lot of things right and entertaining. They have a goal and pursue its aims. No artificial experiments even though they slide between different variations of their style. Some parts are heading towards a more atmospheric bearing, others occur raw or melodic. They won’t bother you with frisky absurdities. What BALMOG is offering, are three heinous revelations. Simply named the first, the second and the last. Whereby with ten minutes the last one is the longest. Give it a few spins, and you are able to walk that alley of damnation with them. You won’t redefine Black Metal afterwards. But “Necroangels’ Revelations” is a well produced second wave Black Metal record. Let it impinge upon you and see what happens. They also released a new album called “Svmma Fide” just in case. For further stuff check:,



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