Morbid Destitution Of Covenant
(Blood Harvest Records)

FATHER BEFOULED is one of those bands you can easily consider as a Death Metal band in all aspects. Take their artwork, the song titles, the lyrics and finally the music which is Death Metal through and through. Dark Death Metal to be more precise, influences by INCANTATION are pure chance. Their newest and 2nd full-length output "Morbid Destitution Of Covenant", CD-version is out on Relapse Records, is viewed here in the vinyl version released through Blood Harvest Records. The great artwork asks for a vinyl release and presented with a gatefold sleeve is the perfect appreciation. Musically FATHER BEFOULED, a Death Metal band if you don’t know it yet – haha, show us Death Metal in its purest form. Brutal, rather unmelodic, sometimes kinda dull and crude in its presentation should offer the right thing for any INCANTATION-maniacs out there. If you mind, that’s probably something you could see as negative aspect – to be a little too close to the INCANTATION side of things. Nevertheless a record like this is the right feed for common music magazines to rip it into pieces. On the other hand a record like this is an insider record. Underground Death Metal fans will see the quality behind it and honor this direction. Listening to this album now for a couple of times I think they are on a pretty good way, just the variation is something I miss a little. A little more variation here and there and everything would be damn fine, as the ingredients are damn right, the music very brutal and the whole atmosphere the right Death Metal mood. Actually I didn’t get surprised about that as some of the members are involved in other good Death and Doom outfits as DECREPITAPH or ENCOFFINATION. If you are looking out for a Death Metal album in the INCANTATION vein, plain unoriginal but well-performed with a good sound this might be something to check out. If you are a vinyl-fan it’s by no means wrong to purchase this nice looking item. Available from www.bloodharvest.se

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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