Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace
(Dark Descent Records)

Sometimes music is just plain scary, the dense and dark atmosphere some bands are able to create drags you in, turns you upside down and leaves you on the floor bleeding out of the ears. There are some time between bands and albums with such an impact, which makes the impact even more extreme, when such music is being hammered out of the speakers. FATHER BEFOULED is such a band, or at least their new opus "Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace" is, a demolition hammer of dark extreme pounding Death Metal of the ugliest kind. Low and muddy guitar riffs ripping old wounds open, hammering their way through the netherworld, creating soundtracks for the demented, paving the road for the rest of the insanity. Deep drumming below the raw wall of guitars, ritualistic circles of madness keeping the listener in pace. A dark rumbling bass thundering its own paths, making havoc. And to top it off a sick vocal assault, a deep guttural growl to a demented scream and all you can imagine in between, all fitting and making the circle of sickness complete. The production has been dragged down into the mud as well, raw, chaotic and muddy, fitting the music and the ambiance it creates like hand in glove, think of the most dark and evil INCANTATION you can imagine and then add noise and madness from beyond this world, then you are close to have what FATHER BEFOULED delivers. Delve into to it, if you think you can handle the impact! More info at: www.fatherbefouled.com, www.facebook.com/fatherbefouled, www.darkdescentrecords.com

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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