Legion Cymru
(Nightfog Productions / Intolerant Records / Millenial Visions)

After 2 demos and a split – EP with ENCONIUM, we have the fourth official release of Germany’s FUNERAL PROCESSION here. And to bring it to the point, FUNERAL PROCESSION’s music is not meant to be beautiful or be worshipped by the average Metal-music-lover. "Legion Cymru", as well as the band’s previous releases, is primitive, ugly, uncompromising and uncommercial Black fucking Metal. The first and the last song of this 3-track EP offers Black Metal in the early 90s spirit’s vein. Simple song-structures, simple guitar-lines, pounding drums in upper speed, high-pitched vocals and the demanded dirty sound grip your soul to pull it down into Metal’s hell. The second track ‘For A Journey (Part II)’ is some intermezzo of dark soundscapes consisting of samples, cries and the likes. A bit like a mixture of early BEHERIT’s intros and ABRUPTUM’s insanity. So, FUNERAL PROCESSION is not here to invent something new, but keep up the spirit of the early 90s Black Metal. This spirit should also be unveiled again in the full-length album the band is now heading for. Respect!,

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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