Schmerz Aus Licht
(K:A:IN Productions)

16 minutes, one song, simple riffs, BURZUM, BEHERIT drawing down the moon, old school, non-trendy Black Metal, clean and icy sound, evil, mean, torturing screams, freezing winds and cold rain, slow and epic beginning, then fast and aggressive, slow finishing. You know how this sounds like? Possible! But do we need stuff like that? Well, you have to decide for yourself (blabla). In my case it means: yes! I like bands that vomit upon every trend and just do their thing – in this case for eleven years. These guys around Count Gothmog give a (leading the) rat’s ass if their music is original, innovative, fantastically technical or incredibly well played: they just play the music, they have to play! Atmosphere over technique, as it should be in Black Metal! And thus spoke Satan: "Thou shalt play this kind of music!" I belief in FUNERAL PROCESSION’s case it was exactly like that (althought they sing more of death and pain than of the Dark Lord himself – but they are all friends anyway…)! Check out their website where you can order the EP, as CD or mini LP:

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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