Solar Eclipse
(Devil Worship Records)

May BAAL, MARDUK and TIAMAT all devour my mortal soul when this topical output of FUNERAL PROCESSION is not difficult to be judged fairly! First of all, I can state that this demo does not correspond to my (relatively high) standards (as a musician who is also actively de-composing tunes…). But I think when it comes to arts, there are various levels the consumer ought to consider. This can be applied to arts in general I think. With regard to music, there are two major spheres to be reflected upon: the actual technical performance and the atmospheric dimension / the mood it breathes. The latter very often is the more significant dimension of a recording I reckon… this is due to the fact that this side of a recording exposes the very soul of the musicians standing behind a band and having certain convictions to be canalised. Sorry about this theoretical diversion / detour… but I think it to be necessary to comprehend the following judgement of "Solar Eclipse". Firstly, I think FUNERAL PROCESSION are no particularly skilful musicians / composers. The quality of "Solar Eclipse" is not only rough and… say, original… it just lacks transparency whatsoever. I think transparency is essential in brutal and malign Black Metal recordings. Partly, the guitars are not distinguishable ’cause there are sub bases that distort the whole panorama. The drums can hardly be heard, etc. etc. Frankly and in brief – I don’t like the way this output was recorded. The way the musicians recorded the 4 tracks is just outrageous. To be honest… I wouldn’t sell / offer such a result ’cause it’s embarrassing. The four-string and the six-string section don’t play to the point, and very often simply don’t get the rhythm… no more comments on this component. The drums are ok(ish), the vocals are cool, the synths are magnificent. Let’s come back to my preliminary notes: the technique / recording is crap. What about the spheric dimension? This is my second mayor consideration; I think (and know) that FUNERAL PROCESSION are genuine Black Metal maniacs and know what they are talking about. When I listen to "Solar Eclipse" (which I have been quite often recently), I can sense this old, early 1990s spirit of the Black Metal cult surrounding astonishing acts such as MAYHEM, MARDUK, old IN THE WOODS, DARK THRONE… The first two tracks on "Solar Eclipse" bear this feeling profusely. You can see and taste Black Metal malignancy. Although technically dilettantish, FUNERAL PROCESSION convey these traditional Black Metal virtues. That is, misanthropy, anti-Christian philosophies, non-conformity, etc. This is what makes this band precious and special. What I especially like about "Solar Eclipse" are the synth-sequences… believe it or not. I find Satyrus Sancti’s synth-compositions quite amazing… peculiar, but amazing. That’s why my favourite track on "Solar Eclipse" is the title track. This track just gets a grip on you and drags you down, down, down… into the infinite maelstrom of hate and dementia. Sorry for being pathetic… honestly, FUNERAL PROCESSION have presented a fixation of true Black Metal spirit here, which I appreciate. I think one is well advised to oversee possible technical imperfections. This is war! Contact:

F. Cthulhu E.

F. Cthulhu E.

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