The Red Vine Litanies
(Vàn Records)

I was a little worried at first when I got the information that the new FUNERAL PROCESSION MCD would only include one single track with a playing time of approximately 20 minutes. Ok, the band already did something like that before (with their "Schmerz Aus Licht" EP) and other acts, such as LUNAR AURORA or Sweden’s PEST, have also proven that the combination of grim Black Metal and lengthy songwriting can work pretty easily. Nevertheless, a little bit of skepticism remained, especially considering the release’s title "The Red Vine Litanies", which I immediately started to associate with moody / avantgarde / experimental type music and the dark, yet a little unusual styling of the digipak. Well, in the meantime I have listened to the song often enough to tell you that I was luckily completely wrong here. FUNERAL PROCESSION haven’t changed a single bit and still deliver their brand of Black Metal in the northernmost tradition. The first part of the song kicks off very intense and therefore should easily please all traditional Black Metal diehards… then it suddenly stops and a monk type choir starts for a couple of minutes (in Latin) only to return to the actual overall grimness again (a bit more midpaced than in the beginning though). The highlight of the song definitely is the combination of those two different elements towards the end of the disc (Black Metal with a choral choir in the background). Very cool! Considering the fact that ‘The Red Vine Litanies’ basically comprises of three segments, I personally would have prefered to get the opportunity to select them individually on this MCD, but unfortunately that isn’t the case here… Oh well, you can’t please everyone… Apart from that, a highly recommended release. For ordering information check out, all band related info you may find at the band’s website

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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