Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt
(Regain Records)

Regain Records is the most Swedish label of the world based on the fact that the company is located in Sweden but on the other hand the label also has summoned without exaggeration some of the best Swedish bands under their banner to justify this title. This year they released masterpiece after masterpiece (NECROPHOBIC, MARDUK, UNANIMATED) and the new GORGOROTH album fits perfectly into this Swedish scheme. It’s clear that GORGOROTH are no Swedish band but after the last years of pure civil war the new line up is heavily depending on the Swedish side of life and some of the leads on this release are without a doubt more than untypical for the typical GORGORORTH sound. So the new album proves two things. Infernus is still in the position to record a proper album but also that he was not – based on the former releases – the driving force if it comes to the musical developments of his band. You can think what you want with the uncountable reports about right and wrong within the most satanic band of all times but I’ve grown up with this band and I still remember the “Antichrist” poster on my wall. The eighth GORGOROTH release is for sure different especially with the new line up and the album is far from being a disappointment but there are too many mid tempo parts on this release and the opener with the typical trademarks is maybe misleading as fuck due to the fact that this time you don’t get what you expect. I don’t want to find a hair in the soup but GORGOROTH are playing true Norwegian Black Metal – they maybe partly invented this style – and this release is a Sweden / Norwegian Black Metal hybrid which could / should be recorded by everybody but not GORGOROTH. I prefer the really dark times and this album is maybe not harming the legacy of this band but it’s also far away from the point of adding something essential to their cult. For more info check out www.gorgoroth.info, www.regainrecords.com, www.myspace.com/gorgoroth

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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