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“Luciferianism” is already the fourth full-length album of these German Death Metallers, and… they are really doing fine with this album. It’s dark and brutal Death Metal preferentially performed in upper tempo and a production going into rawer directions. All of that sounds usual, doesn’t it? But what makes this album really enjoyable in a perfect way is the natural flow of the music on “Luciferianism”. The riffs and the song-structures fit together so perfectly that even the most ignorant ones can not deny that this comes directly from the musicians’ hearts; something like that can not be constructed. That is also the reason why PURGATORY manage to spread this enthusiasm (they obviously still have after nearly 12 years of existence) through “Luciferianism”. A really good and pure Death Metal album, check this out!!! www.animate-records.com, www.purgatory666.de

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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