Borne Of Mind And War

Well this is the debut demo release from Illinois sickos RELLIK, my friend Adam (guitar) in the band sent me one, (thanks, dude). There are 4 original tracks on here, its hard to make a comparison to them since they are highly original. I can say I hear a bit of KATAKLYSM, GORGUTS, and other certain Black / Death metal bands. The production for a debut is pretty good as all intruments are even in the mix, guitars are heavy, bass is very nice and thick, the drums sound real and not saturated. Vocals are low and high, none is used to the point of annoyance, mixed up nicely. The songs are technical, brutal and chaotic all at once, the songwriting is really exceptional here it doesn’t sound like they got lazy. At times the songs are epic in nature like AMON AMARTH and others they are brutal like GORGASM. I think we can hear only good things from this band in the future, we may have the new KRISIUN or DIABOLIC here.

Dimitri Ganatsios

Dimitri Ganatsios

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