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Without having the opportunity of hearing this band before today, and without stepping on Voices’ contributer Stefan Franke’s toes for the review he made of RELLIK’s last disc entitled” Deceive The Deceiving”, either RELLIK has totally revamped their style in the less than three years since that MCD was put to the street or I am listening to a whole new act altogether?! Because from what Stefan wrote and what is now blasting from my speakers, obviously is not the same band! The RELLIK of late 2004 surmised as “Balancing between old-school Metal / Thrash and Punk / Hardcore” and later touted as “rousing, rocking Metal / Thrash / Core-mixture” is now as far away from that description as you could possible get with what is on tap here with the “Promo 2007”. So much so that anyone could say the material spinning here renders Stefan’s review almost totally invalid. That said, imagine if you will a sick blend of ripping old style Death / Thrash à la RIPPING CORPSE with hints of early MORBID ANGEL, James Murphy-era DEATH and pre-“Dawn Of Possession” IMMOLATION. A true audio devilsend to these ears! Philadelphia’s RELLIK, not to be confused with three other known acts currently under this same moniker, no, this RELLIK who do in fact employ within their ranks ex-IMMOLATION skinsman Craig Smilowski, offer up four lethal doses of exceptionally written, professionally delivered, adrenaline filled Death / Thrash that I’ve not heard in quite some time (heavily reminding yours truly on “Power And Pain” era WHIPLASH, especially due to the extremely cool vocal delivery – Frank). Especially from an American band! If this promo disc is of any indication of what is yet to be wrought from this PA five-piece, I would wager a hefty sum, that once signed, their debut album is going to be a serious wake-up call to the rest of those within what is left of the so called U.S. Death Metal scene! Beyond recommended! Contact:

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

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