Deceive The Deceiving
(Metal War Productions)

Pennsylvanian Metalheads RELLIK found a hard judge in me when I had to review the band’s first MCD "Necessary Evil", I did not like a single thing about that particular release and I’m pretty happy now since RELLIK have massively improved! Balancing between old school Metal / Thrash and Punk / Hardcore and uniting both styles with vicious, nasty, just damn cool vocals makes RELLIK a relatively unique and definitely individual sounding band. The five songs the quintet offers on this MCD offer thrashing drive, raw aggression, groovier passages, catchy hooks – to make a long story short – diversified song material having nothing in common with the predecessor and in addition to that "Deceiv The Deceiving" shows that this band does not consist of youngsters but people who are in Metal since way back… In my opinion the guitar sound could be slighly harsher and louder to fit the high level of aggressiveness vocalist Steve Campbell and drivingly pounding drummer Craig Smilowski (Yeah, THE Craig Smilowski, you old school Death Metal specialists…) define, but honestly that’s everything I have to criticise here. I like the bands enthusiastic, dry produced sound, the straightness of the songs and above all the awesome singer. So if you are interested in a rousing, rocking Metal / Thrash / Core-mixture – at least I haven’t heard often lately – visit, check out the MP3’s and buy the MCD, if you like the songs. I’m not sure when the MCD actually comes out so be sure to visit as well!

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

RELLIK - Necessary Evil (Stefan Franke)
RELLIK - Spiraling Infinite Chaos (Anders Peter Jørgensen)
RELLIK - Borne Of Mind And War (Dimitri Ganatsios)
RELLIK - Killer (Edouard Vergriete )
RELLIK - Promo 2007 (Wes Rhodes )
RELLIK - Heritage Of Abomination (Amin)

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