Necessary Evil
(World Eater Records)

Well, "UN-Necessary Evil" would be a proper title for this worthless MCD by US mid-tempo Metalcore / Thrashers RELLIK. Although I guess that the band is around for some time now (on the cover is a tombstone with a 1987 carved in it), it does not improve anything on "Necessary Evil". The four songs presented here are simply boring and I don’t really know, who might like a weak release like that. The riffs sound uninspired, the songs lack of drive and the vocals are beyond description – they just suck. I really would like to know how a label can honestly represent and promote this kind of music!!! I just don’t get it, tastes are different of course, but in my opinion shit remains shit even if you paint it pink or call it a flower. If you bought this MCD and really like it, please send me an email, because I really would like to know, what is good on this horrible effort. I can recommend "Necessary Evil" to people who like to buy total crappy CDs like the Rock Hard "Arschbombe". Go back to the grave!!! or

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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