Lucifer Poseidon Cthulhu
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

When sinister, raw and real Death Metal is totally up your alley, the constantly satisfying releases from the Chilean scene e.g. by NAR MATTARU, DEMONIC RAGE, DIABOLICAL MESSIAH, SWARM OF TERROR, MELEKTAUS, DOMINUS XUL, MAGNANIMUS should be known to you as well as Cthulhu lovers UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN who present two new songs and a blistering cover of countrymates PENTAGRAM (the classic ‘Demoniac Possession’) on this piece of wicked wax. With obvious references to MORBID ANGEL’s ‘Immortal Rites’ during the first notes of the A-side ‘Madness From The Sea (Creatura Aquæ Part II)’ starts out great and develops from a slow, with slight dissonances and sick harmonies garnered number over faster, crushing sections into an over 6min long, diverse stunner. Joseph’s vocals switch from raging growls into Van Drunen-esque howls of utter possession and utilizing both English and Spanish adds an additional evil and morbid flair. The B-side opens up with ‘Nephren Ka-Nyarlathotep (Starry Wisdom)’, a straighter, driving song blessed with bizarre riffs and proper gloomy atmosphere. Bands like IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, NECROVORE, MORBID ANGEL have obviously left their mark on UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN as well as the covered PENTAGRAM and as the production is unpolished yet transparent enough to make all details come across perfectly, this is simply an absolutely flawless EP. In contrast to the band’s ferociously blasting first two albums it proves to be way more varied and captivating in terms of songwriting – definitely the best material they have done so far! Check out ‘Madness…’ here. Order this killer EP at www.ironbonehead.de

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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