Ritual Human Slaughter / La Mujer, El Diablo Y El Permiso De Dios
(Iron Bonehead)

The old teams up with the new. Chilean Death Metal pioneers PENTAGRAM CHILE join forces with modern age titans UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN to release 7 exclusive inches of pure madness and horror – and they did it extremely well. The covers already reveal that this is nothing for the faint hearted. While the PENTAGRAM CHILE one shows a scene of a human sacrifice, UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN delivered an amazing piece of art showing a possessed girl floating above her bed. And as so often, great artwork goes hand in hand with great music. PENTAGRAM CHILE’s track ‘Ritual Human Sacrifice’ continues with what happened a few years ago on ‘The Malefice’. The song creeps up on you with pure slow horror riffs which later climax in a well-executed thrashing rage. It displays nice dynamics and Anton Reisenegger’s voice is strong as always and adds even more insanity to this track. These lads definitely know how the land lies. UNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN’s ‘Intro – Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath’ offers a little less variety but therefore more power and some nice and twisted guitar work. The song mainly lives from its blast beat assaults but nevertheless includes some slower passages as well. “Ritual Human Slaughter / La Mujer, El Diablo Y El Permiso De Dios” is definitely a release all of you morbid necrophiliacs should check out – South American Death! Click or or the label for more information.

Marco Stebich

Marco Stebich

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