Wake Up In The Night Of Walpurgis
(Proselytism Records)

I heard a lot about this Chilenian outfit but the strange thing was that I hardly could find anything about them on the internet. They have no homepage, not even a myspace-account so everything what I heard were rumours or news entries in fanzines and internet forums. Yeah folks, that’s how it was in the heydays of the Death Metal underground, haha! Through Ricardo from Crypts Of Eternity magazine I got their email address and all of a sudden I had contact to Joseph Curwen. Few weeks later I got this release “Wake Up In The Night Of Walpurgis” from 2005 (as well as their newest recording “People Of The Monolith” from 2008 – see separate review) and now I count myself to the few but heavy fans of UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. The band itself is highly influenced by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft which you can easily see in the name and in songtitles as ‘Nyarlathotep’ or ‘Azathoth Have Mercy!’ and musically present us some weird bastard of brutal technical Death Metal probably the closest comparable to such names as SADISTIC INTENT, IMMOLATION or INCANTATION. Well I have to admit, those are the easiest references when talking about brutal American sounding Death Metal, but I really think this is a short introduction into the musical work of the band and helpful to get an impression what you are dealing with. It’s 8 songs plus intro of well-produced Death Metal with a natural sound and above all awesome songs which are at the end presented in a cool layout – somekind of 7″ EP size digipak gatefold sleeve whatever cover. Now it’s your turn to check out this amazing band which is deeply involved in the (Chilenian) Death Metal underground and even refuses to create a homepage or to have a myspace account. Luckily they are reachable through the following email addresses: joseph_curwen@hotmail.com or butcherofchrist_@hotmail.com, haha. The CD sells for $10 plus postage.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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