Dwellers Of The Deep / The Madness From The Sea
(Proselytism Records)

After nearly a year of preparation, it’s now finally officially released: the long awaited split of the American band AFTER DEATH and the Chilean UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. Every underground freak probably knows that AFTER DEATH is the ‘new’ band of Mike Browning, the man who – long ago – sang and played drums in MORBID ANGEL and also formed the equally brilliant NOCTURNUS later on. On this split, you’ll find their demo from 2009 and a new song (‘Dwellers Of The Deep’), as well as a cover of the MORBID ANGEL-oldie ‘The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls’. It’s almost incomprehensible that AFTER DEATH is still not picked up by a major label as the music of AFTER DEATH is just as convincing as NOCTURNUS was back in the days. The four songs of the demo range from mid-tempo to slightly faster songs and are all very well structured. It is known that frontman Mike Browning is heavily influenced by Egyptian culture. The whole atmosphere of ancient Middle East is therefore somehow also constantly subtly woven into the music which is definitely a very positive addition. The keyboards are still an important factor in AFTER DEATH, but they have a more supporting role here and just go along with the guitar riffs, while they were a little more dominant in NOCTURNUS. The cover of ‘The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls’ is not too far away from the version which ended up on the MOBID ANGEL-debut "Abominations Of Desolation" which is probably very consciously done. UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN play Death Metal as we are accustomed from South American bands (read: rather fast material and completely reduced to the essence) and do not seldom remind of INCANTATION, SADISTIC INTENT (especially the song ‘El Ciego Caos Idiota E’) or IMMOLATION. The sound and production is also very basic but is still very good and clear. The biggest attraction of UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN lies to our opinion in the guitarists Nyarlathotep / Curwen who seem to come up effortlessly with riffs which sound almost threatening and definitely add much to their music. In addition to the five featured songs, they also recorded a very cool cover of MORTEM (‘Daemonium Vobiscum’), a worthy tribute to their colleagues from Peru. "Dwellers Of The Deep / The Madness From The Sea" is without a doubt one of the best split-albums of recent years (it comes in an impressive 7"-sized packaging, with 2 CDs and a poster – Frank) and is ideal food for fans of more obscure Death Metal. Very recommended!,,

Steven Willems

Steven Willems

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