Choirs Of The Fallen
(Soulseller Records)

WOMBBATH are veterans in Death Metal and celebrate their 30th anniversary this year with their fourth album “Choirs Of The Fallen”. The opener ‘Fallen’ delivers all trademarks of Swedish old school Death Metal with a modern painting. The classic HM-2 theme gets varied with some damn good Heavy Metal tunes and a killer production. Maybe different to some other groups they come up really tight with damn good instrumentation and killer songwriting. ‘Crawling From The Pits’ starts slowly and dark with a good Heavy Metal doze before turning into an uptempo wrecking ball with down-tuned guitars and the classic old school sound. The drumming once again is outstanding and the deep guttural grunts of vocalist Jonny really round this damn good track off. Sure, don’t expect any modern influences, but their interpretation of this ancient style is nearly perfect and transports the old school feelings into the new decade. And in the end, it’s all about that. No one of us wants any new inventions but hearing the style we love, done in such a perfect way, with that much love for details, is what it’s all about. ‘We Shall Remain’ continues uptempo before ‘A Sweet Taste Of Death’ slows down again a bit and delivers some really dark and rotting melodies which even have a doomy edge in the vein of PARADISE LOST’s first album (just meant as a hint for the atmosphere), before the speed increases again, but the memorable melody line is really good and there is much space again to hear the fantastic drum work of drummer Jon. This one is the first highlights within four good tracks. ‘From The Beggars Hand’ reminds me a bit of MORBID ANGEL in the beginning and is a groovy neckbreaker before ‘Void’ slows down a bit and and shows a more melodic site with dozens of fine melodies and a good solo. The remaining four tracks are on the same high level. For example ‘Wings Of Horror’ really sounds like a Death Metal horror movie theme so WOMBBATH have not simply delivered another album, they have set the bar pretty high for other bands of this genre this year. Rounded off by a damn cool cover artwork (something not natural nowadays) this killer album is definitely a must have for all lunatics. Thank you guys! For more info, please check the following sources or burn in hell: www.facebook.com/wombbath, www.soulsellerrecords.com

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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