Dragged Into The Obscure
(Unholy Prophecies)

Somehow it has become a very nice habit for REVEL IN FLESH to release limited split 7”es with other fine bands that feature exclusive songs. The collector nerd within hops up and down in excitement and the Death Metal lunatic gets ready for a new bloodfeast. The latter also hopes either for the split partner to be a great new find or another cool song from a band he already loves. “Dragged Into The Obscure” sees REVEL IN FLESH teaming up with the reformed Swedish underground legend WOMBBATH. And as I hoped, all my wishes are fulfilled. The collector nerd is happy about an EP limited to 500 copies, 200 each in black and red vinyl and 100 in a splatter vinyl of both colours. And the Death Metal lunatics gets two exclusive tunes. REVEL IN FLESH recorded the new song ‘Casket Ride’. Is it just me, or does the song’s title remind of DISMEMBER? At least the lead guitars of this grooving deathheadbanger remind of the Swedish legend anyway. So, REVEL IN FLESH left everything as it was and delivers fine Swedeath Metal. If you still haven’t checked this band out, do it now. Maybe with this release, since the contribution of WOMBBATH is great as well. Their ‘To Suffer Eternally’ is a rabid piece of classic Death Metal, done the way we love it from Swedish bands. Grooving parts, straight ahead outbreaks of the D-beat, decent harmonies and brutal riffing – what else could we desire? So, there’s no reason to miss this fine release. For more information on REVEL IN FLESH check out or and WOMBBATH at Label contact:

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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