United In Death
(Dark Descent Records)

This split 7" EP sporting 2 Death Metal bands, PROFANAL from Italy and OBSCURE INFINITY from Germany is a nice little appetizer for the bands’ music. OBSCURE INFINITY released their debut album "Dawn Of Winter" last year, an album I have to check out now, and we are still waiting for the first full length effort from the Italians. PROFANAL kicks off the party with their track ‘Torment Of Saturn’ which is a nice tour de force of old school Death Metal with dirty and raw guitarwork and a bass that follows the chugging riffing, a guitarsound and feel reminiscent of DARKTHRONE’s Death Metal masterpiece "Soulside Journey". With that written, this is of course not the most original tune out there, though PROFANAL has found a niche which hits me and my guts. Dark and atmospheric, with a nice cold and mysterious feel. OBSCURE INFINITY has a more melodic approach to their Death Metal, a decent guitar melody is moving the track ahead, spiced up with a technical approach mixed with an old school heavy Scandinavian Death Metal feel. The pace is moving from midpaced, to slow to fast, more than once, a very dynamic and driven track. The deep and guttural growl is also working great on top of the melodies and changing paces, and the contrast between the great melodies and the darker parts create a eerie atmosphere that keeps ones attention on the track. A nice little EP that gives us a taste of 2 interesting and upcoming Death Metal bands that have quite a Scandinavian approach to their music, which I don’t mind at all, cool release and good music! To be released in March via,,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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