War Machine
(Metal Mind Productions)

So how much validity can we give to a band which uses this legendary name without its charasmatic leader? Nothing against Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans (the two survivors from TANK mark II) but this is truly senseless to use this bandname without Algy Ward on board and even more with the recruiting of Doogie White on vocals. I mean TANK has never been known for writing ballads or accessible Hard Rock right? No, they were one of the originators along with the likes of ANVIL, RAVEN and a few others of the Speed Metal movement 30 years ago… so that’s two things that make absolutely no sense in this case. Those two guys have proved they were good writers so they could have continued by using a new bandname instead of somehow ruining this legendary moniker. Yeah ruining… Because in the end TANK anno 2010 has not much in common with the real TANK. You may think the music is wimpy for saying that. Well, that’s wrong, the music for a certain part could have been easily written for a classic TANK album but Doogie’s vocals simply are just too different from Algy’s one and nobody can tell me that Algy’s vocals are not a crucial part in TANK’s sound. In this case you simply can’t move from Algy’s raw and abrasive vocal lines to something extremely light and accessible which is Doogie’s case. Not to say Doogie’s not talented because the guy has some very good lungs but he doesn’t has those raspy lungs à la Algy. Yeah on the music side, some reminds of TANK circa "Honour And Blood", like the opener ‘Judgement Day’ (a total ripper!), ‘Phoenix Rising’, ‘The Last Laugh’, ‘World Without Pity’, ‘My Insanity’ and some while being very good is way too melodic/ light to have anything in common with TANK’s usual stuff, ‘After All’ (a semi ballad type of tune which really shines I have to say), ‘Feast Of The Devil’ (Doogie’s vocals are absolutely excellent on the pre-chorus parts) – although you never know with Algy… so all in all it’s a real good Heavy Metal / Hard Rock album, but if you’re expecting a TANK album it’s simply not (I think the album is a slap in the face of every true TANK worshipper and sounds more like a cheap SAXON clone… you constantly get the impression that Biff Byford is singing on this one and there’s nothing left of TANK’s original rawness… so for me this is nothing but a totally disappointing album, from start to finish! Rest in peace, TANK! – Frank). www.myspace.com/officialtank, www.tankofficial.com, www.metalmind.com.pl

Laurent Ramadier

Laurent Ramadier

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