Delivering The Dead
(Unspeakable Axe Records)

Death Metal is a zombie with eternal life. As a matter of fact, this subgenre’s original premise concerns the exposition of death’s most heinous, dreadful and abominable aspects. This peculiar aesthetic intention is usually carried out through a well-codified sonic and visual apparatus whose perceivable features are supposed to evoke pictures of putrefaction and morbidity within the listener’s imagination. In other words, Death Metal was made to sound "dead" from its very inception. This style’s standardization and insuperable musical limits have gradually turned into forceful, impetuous and recognizable traits. Both TEMPLE OF VOID from the USA and REVEL IN FLESH from Germany seem to know these issues very well. Their "Delivering The Dead" split 7" is, indeed, a solid demonstration of brutality. TEMPLE OF VOID’s ‘Harvest Of Flesh’ comes rocking in with a mid-paced double kick drum tempo that evolves into a CELTIC FROST – tinged section (by the way, the guys have already payed homage to the Swiss archdukes of obscurity on the 2015 tribute compilation "Morbid Tales! A Tribute To Celtic Frost", out on Corpse Flower Records) with a final act of downtempo ruthlessness. Mike Erdody’s fat growls are simply perfect for this stuff. On the flip side, REVEL IN FLESH deliver a quite flat and boring track with HM2 – fueled rhythm guitars, RUNEMAGICK atmospheres and an unimpressive production mastered by legendary Death Metalist, producer and MARILLION fan Dan Swanö. Best thing about ‘The Sky Burial’ are its lyrics and subject, as they loosely describe jhator, an old funerary praxis commonly employed, amongst other countries, in rural Tibet. Jhator establishes that corpses must be ritually disassembled and left on certain mountaintops for vultures to devour. You can find some references to the so-called Sky Burial in other bands like NADJA, ZU or INTER ARMA’s work too. In conclusion, "Delivering The Dead" is a decent record. It’s out now on vinyl and available in at least four colours of the rainbow. Take a look at www.facebook.com/templeofvoid, www.facebook.com/revel-in-flesh-304228902958414 and www.unspeakableaxerecords.com for further info.

Giorgio Trombino

Giorgio Trombino

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