Relics Of The Deathkult
(War Anthem Records)

I haven’t listened to REVEL IN FLESH for quite a while now (not sure why) and first thought, this might be a new output. But "Relics Of The Deathcult“ is a compilation of their split releases and EPs, which the guys use to put out regularly. The opening track ‘Bonecrusher‘ is a fine starter for this hellish compilation. Originally released as a split, this track offers all, old school Death Metal is standing for. Bonecrushing Death Metal with slow shredding guitars, deep guttural vocals and proper slow drumming. This track seems to be their hommage to mighty BOLT THROWER before turning Swedish again. ‘Corpus Vermis’, another song from a split is classic Death Metal in the vein of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER or even old HYPOCRISY. ‘A Chant Of Misery’ is another skullcrusher but more in the vein of the Finnish bands like old AMORPHIS, especially due to the cool used keyboards it could have easily fitted on "The Karelian Isthmus". ‘Deathcult’ from the same titled EP is an uptempo song but with a far more raw approach but showing again, that the guys know how to play proper old school Death Metal. ‘Phlebotomy’ is another raw kept uptempo song, with shredding guitars and raw grunts but with a quite simple but effective lead melody and again a Finnish approach in the middle. ‘Nightrealm Ghouls’ is pure DISMEMBER worshipping but I will never get tired listening to stuff like this. ‘The Ending In Fire’ continues on The Left Hand Path and could easily have fitted on one of GOREMENTS releases. ‘Casket Ride’ is the last of their own compositions on this compilation and is classic stuff again and a bit uptempo but with a distorted Gothic like lead melody. The remaing three tracks are cover tunes of MASTER, DEATH and HEADHUNTER D.C. which are quite solid but as I am no fan of cover tunes unnecessary to have. The reason I decided to check and write about every song is, that all songs have been recorded in several session with several qualities in production but are definitely worth to be combined as they all show that REVEL IN FLESH are definitely one of the best old school Death Metal playing bands and even though they just worship the good old 90s by taking the best elements of this style, they always deliver solid material and are simply groovy as hell. All fans of the band should have this compilation in their collection and everbody currently looking for groovy old shool shit should simply buy this and enjoy the good old days. More info can be found here:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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