Phlebotomy - Blood Dripping Healing / From Hell He Comes
(Selfmadegod Records)

The masters of split 7”es did it again! REVEL IN FLESH released their fourth (!) combined effort in the year 2014. And don’t forget they just unleashed “Death Kult Legions”, their fantastic third full length. Maybe I should send Haubersson, Maggesson, Herrmannsgard, Gøtzberg and Vøgtssson to a doping test… Just joking! As long as they bring us great music, they might even release a split 7” every week. And, believe it or not, this 7” features another brilliant and exclusive song. ‘Phlebotomy – Blood Dripping Healing’ is a massive monster in grooving midtempo, that can’t deny its Swedish influences from the moment the guitars set in. Combine this with a brutal BOLT THROWEResque groove, only complete with a wicked double bass and let the blood dripping begin! This one would have fitted perfectly on “Death Kult Legions” for sure and somehow is the essence of the newest evolution of REVEL IN FLESH towards more groove. Their part of the EP is refined by a fine piece of art by Rafał Kruszyk this time, rather simple but very dynamic. Well, a great split-release is just worth half without an as great partner in crime. And Polish THE DEAD GOATS are a fantastic partner in crime here for sure. Their massive Death Metal of the old Scandinavian school already convinced me on their demo tape “Ferox” earlier this year. With ‘From Hell He Comes’, the three-piece even went one better. Asides from the extremely cool title, this song kills with its crunch and raw brutality. Of course the guitars sound very Swedish, they could have been even louder as well, but as long as nearly all the old Swedish heroes are buried or slightly weaken, we need songs like this one for sure! Just fuckin’ love the crushing final part with distorted solos. The artwork on their side is also great in its movie poster style. So, this 7” is a real killer as a whole, don’t miss it out! Visit the company at: If you still don’t know where to find REVEL IN FLESH: or And please visit THE DEAD GOATS:

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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