Onward To Golgotha
(Relapse Records)

Ok, so it’s not the most happening Death Metal album. But rather than trying to be symphonic Death Metal, brutal Death Metal, true Death Metal, Egyptian Death Metal, European or American Death Metal, Incantation has always played Death Metal… and that’s basically it. Of course the band has developed speaking of musical skills, but this American band has never claimed to play anything else but just Death Metal. Right from the beginning, with this re-released "Onward To Golgotha" up to today’s "Primordial Domination", the band has, in contradiction to many others, stuck to the roots. You don’t get any fancy pancy Death Metal, you just get what you desire, namely Death Metal. And if you haven’t understood it by now, Incantation plays Death Metal (hey Roy, it would’ve been very helpful if you had mentioned here that INCANTATION is nothing but a pure Death Metal act, don’t you think? – Frank). The DVD is divided into three parts, and these are form 1992, so don’t expect something extraordinary. In fact, it’s rather the opposite. This is amateurish recordings of various live performances, and basically this hour can be considered shit compared to many of those DVDs that are released on the hungry-for-more scene today (but as you are getting them for free with the purchase of this re-release, you shouldn’t complain about it – Frank). To me these three short shows that makes the DVD an hour+ exhausting communication with the past, are nothing I’d play again, despite the historical Death Metal value. But still it’s cool that the re-release of "Onward To Golgotha" includes something extra, even if it is not enough to satisfy my hunger for quality recording of tight’n brutal Death Metal. Worthy, by all means, but nothing I’d kill to get.,

Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen

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