Ufrivillig Donation Af Vitale Organer
(Dark Descent Records)

UNDERGANG from Denmark are consequently using their native tongue, but I guess you do not need to be a linguistic genius to understand the title. The first two songs are new, presenting the typical UNDERGANG blend of Death Metal. To me the band always sounded like MORTICIAN without the horror / gore movie intros and less blast beats, but that is just my personal sentiment. The third track is a cover of FUNEBRE’s ‘Grip Of Insanity’. A good choice, Finnish Death Metal from 1991 is always a good choice. Last up we have a live version of the title track from UNDERGANG’s debut called ‘Indhentet Af Doden’ with that extreme gargling, shrieking, grunting vocal assault in the middle of it. To sum it up, this EP is mouth watering for every fan eagerly awaiting the next full-length. And for all those who have not experienced the sound of UNDERGANG it is a good chance getting to know the Danish Death Metal dynamite. More information can be found here www.facebook.com/undergangktdm or here www.darkdescentrecords.com

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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