...And You Will Live In Terror
(High Roller Records)

I’m confused. I heard about the Swedish UNDERGANG and got their "Indhentet Af Døden" demo. The old school Death Metal UNDERGANG. When I got this 7" EP I wondered about the different logo, the colourful (and everything else than old school Death Metal) comic cover with (among others) a guy painted on it wearing a SUICIDAL TENDENCIES patch. A great cover to be honest. And last but not least 10 songs in a playing time of 11:38 minutes. No, this is no Death Metal, this is not the same band. Nevertheless this is another Swedish UNDERGANG, the Hardcore band. To review a Hardcore release is no easy task for me, that’s for sure, but what you hear on this plastic is fuckin’ wellproduced music, played tight and well. Perhaps not the right clientele for the Voices readers but funny to listen to anyway. I enjoyed these 11 minutes a lot and as I’m no expert in this type of music and therefore can’t tell you which bands they are comparable to I would rather like you to check out their myspace-page www.myspace.com/undergang and have a listen to their cool outputs. Besides this release they have a shitload of merchandise articles available. The seven inch is either available from www.hho-records.de or underganghc@hotmail.com. Limited to 500 copies (150 pcs in orange vinyl and 350 pcs in black vinyl).

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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