The Dead Of Winter
(Doomentia Records)

Hell yeah, for us Europeans the year 2012 starts with a deadly dose of unrelenting Death Metal. The "Dead Of Winter" tour with FUNEBRARUM and UNDERGANG brings two of the most intense of all contemporary Death Metal bands together. Doomentia Records released, in cooperation with both bands and Killtown Bookings, a killer 7" tour EP with two brand new songs. FUNEBRARUM delivers an unholy hymn called ‘Delusions In The Sheltered Tombs’ which is one of their best compositions so far. It starts as a sluggish and mutilating neck breaker, and then later it erupts into a short grinding inferno just to continue as a mid-paced sledgehammer. What a great song!!! By the way, the lyrics were written by Takaaki Ohkuma, the former NECROPHILE vocalist. ‘Kloakkens Afkom’, the UNDERGANG song, is a bloody piece of raw meat. This is barbaric old school Death Metal at its best. DEVASTATING!!! Nothing more to say.. Like all Doomentia releases this split is very well packed and comes with a mini tour poster and a brilliant artwork by Ola Larsson (who also did the amazing covers for the DISMA releases). Man, I totally love the incredible work of Mr. Larsson. Well, to sum it up: BUY THIS 7" IMMEDIATELY cause it’s limited to 500 copies (250 black vinyl and 250 green vinyl). If you missed the tour: good luck on ebay.,,



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