Enemy Of God
(Steamhammer Records / SPV)

Is it all about money!?! Collectorwise it’s a fist in the face of the die hard KREATOR fans to do a special edition of "Enemy Of God" nearly more than a year later after its official release, so I guess some maniacs gonna sell their regular versions on ebay, ha! It would be a waste of space to loose more words on the already well praised album material, simply because everyone should know by now that KREATOR have successfully returned to real thrashing madness since the release of "Violent Revolution". Well, the regular album tracks haven’t been changed, but two livetracks namely ‘Toxic Trace’ and ‘Coma Of Souls’ have been added. The special about this release is the enhanced DVD, which features some more or less necessary goodies. First one is the complete 2005 liveset that KREATOR played at the Wacken Festival in front of a massive crowd. Defintely a huge show, great classical setlist, but in some cases I don’t like the hectical picture cuts plus there’s some minor up and downs in the sound quality as well. Furthermore there are three livetracks recorded at "Rockpalast" that previously have been broadcasted on German TV. Qualitywise those three tracks are more relaxed to watch compared to the Wacken show. Finally you have four more videoclips (inculding a making of) from the last album to complete this chapter. Nothing special and most of them could be seen free at already, so it’s nothing more than a value bonus. All soundfreaks with a massive home cinema also have the possibility to check out the "Enemy Of God" album in a 5.1. sourround mix. To come to a conclusion I would say that this edition would be a nice fan gimmick directly at the time of its original release, but not after that much time has passed. And if I remember correctly KREATOR have also done an official DVD not that long ago, so there’s a fight between sense and non sense of this release. More infos at:

Ralf Hauber

Ralf Hauber

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