Violent Revolution
(Steamhammer Records / SPV)

The music biz is unpredictable, so you better expect the unexpected every now and then. Especially when it comes to KREATOR… I honestly didn’t really give a shit about them anymore after they released their “Coma Of Souls” album way way back in 1990. And I neither considered “Renewal” nor “Cause For Conflict” or “Outcast” as classic KREATOR releases as they were either to experimental or simply too modern sounding. And I suppose after the Gothic inspired “Endorama” even the last one of you reading this finally turned his (or her) back on the Thrash legend, didn’t you?! So, you probably won’t believe me, but with “Violent Revolution” KREATOR finally have come up with a worthy follow-up to the aforementioned “Coma Of Souls” album. And I definitely don’t write this because of the coverart, which heavily reminds on “Coma…” Musically KREATOR quite impressively managed to return to their straight ahead and hard hitting old school Thrash Metal days and prove that they are still able to kick some major ass! Of course this ain’t a “Pleasure To Kill” part 2, but it’s still a very cool record. Great riffing, high quality – sometimes pretty melodic leads and a solid production courtesy of Andy Sneap in combination with Mille’s charismatic hateful vocalstyle makes this a worthy purchase which (at least to me) is a lot more convincing than what DESTRUCTION have come up with lately. Welcome back guys!!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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