Abomination Echoes
(Century Media Records)

I wouldn’t be surprised if this strictly limited ASPHYX 7" box would partly already be sold out by the time some of you are reading this… Even though there’s 5 different versions of it (500 picture discs, 100 copies on white vinyl, 200 on clear vinyl, 200 on clear/red vinyl and 500 copies on black vinyl), the whole boxset was done with so much dedication that every true ASPHYX fan simply has to own one… So, what we got here is a great looking box that features amazing artwork by Timo Ketola (WATAIN, TEITANBLOOD, DEATHSPELL OMEGA etc.) as well as six vinyl 7" EPs. Each EP has its own heavy cardboard sleeve with individual artwork as well as an additional innersleeve and they all come up with vintage ASPHYX recordings. You want more details? Ok, here’s a little overview of the stuff that is included… EP 1: "Enter The Domain" demo 1988, EP 2: "Crush The Cenotaph" demo 1989, EP 3: Rehearsals (tracklist: ‘Countess Bathory’, ‘The Sickened Dwell’, ‘Cadaver Camp’, ‘Embrace The Death’ and the previously unreleased track ‘Priest Of Mendes’), EP 4: "Mutilating Process" EP 1989 (next to the two wellknown versions this edition also features the rough mixes of both songs), EP 5: Promo ’91 (tracklist: ‘The Sickened Dwell’, ‘Conjuration Of Chrononzon’ and ‘Diabolical Existence’) and EP 6: Live in Zwolle, Hedon 1989 (tracklist: ‘The Sickened Dwell’, ‘Crush The Cenotaph’, ‘Rite Of Shades’ and ‘Thoughts Of An Atheist’). The black vinyl edition also includes a pro-printed tape with a glossy black/white cover that has 20 of the songs from the EPs on it again (so you can listen to them all at once), plus (and that is even more exciting) ‘Carnage Remains’ and ‘Rectified Sludge’, both from the band’s very first release ever, the "Carnage Remains" rehearsal tape from 1988 – exclusively available on this tape only! A 20-pages fat booklet, with a very cool looking old school layout, lyrics, covers, etc. plus liner notes by the band members complete the picture. So, my personal advice is: don’t waste any more time on this review and order yourself a copy instead, wherever it still may be on sale… Great one! More info at:,,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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