Live Death Doom
(Century Media Records)
225:44min (DVD) / 109:12min (DoCD)

2009 and 2010 have been fantastic years for the Dutch Death Metal masters ASPHYX and their loyal fanbase. First of all there was of course the great new album "Death… The Brutal Way", then the re-releases of their old classics (with lots of bonus tracks), the incredible "Abomination Echoes" 7" EP boxset and now the icing on the cake: the "Live Death Doom" double live album / DVD! Centerpoint of "Live Death Doom" is the band’s over 2 hours (!!) lasting crushing live-show that was professionally recorded at the completely sold out Turock club in Essen / Germany on July 04, 2009 where ASPHYX celebrated the release of "Death… The Brutal Way" together with DESASTER and NECROS CHRISTOS. And believe me, I haven’t been this much impressed by a live show for ages as it showcases a band that truly lives for this type of music (which is unfortunately not really typical anymore these days). The performance is so full of energy, with lots of headbanging, friendly communication with the totally enthusiastic crowd and a perfect setlist that covers songs from their demo days up till "Death… The Brutal Way" that it’s nothing but a real pleasure to watch it! It is available as an audio double CD (even featuring one additional song – ‘Diabolical Existence’ – that isn’t included on the DVD version) and DVD seperately or in a limited edition boxset. Next to the already absolutely fantastic show, you also get an over one hour, in-depth band-documentary. Original members Bob Bagchus (drums), Eric Daniels (guitar) and Martin van Drunen (vocals), but also Wannes Gubbels (bass) and "new" guitarist Paul Baayens comment on the most important parts in the ASPHYX history (from the demo days up till the joining of new bass player Adwin Zuur in 2010). The bonus stuff consists of several bootleg clips (mostly in surprisingly good quality) from various German ASPHYX shows: Hammer Of Doom Festival 2010, With Full Force Festival 2009, Göppingen 1990 (classic stuff still with Theo on vocals!), Bischofswerda 1991, Braunschweig 2009 (love your shirt at that show, Martin!) as well as the Maryland Deathfest in the US (2009). A promo clip for the song ‘Death… The Brutal Way’ and short video greetings from NECROS CHRISTOS and DESASTER complete the total playing time of approximately 225 minutes!! If this would have been released in an ordinary plastic bag only, I would have advised you to buy it at all costs already, but the whole packaging furthermore lives up to the high standards as well! It is on sale as a deluxe digipak with an additional slipcase and features fantastic old school artwork by Axel Hermann (who had previously been responsible for the artwork of the band’s classic releases from the 90s), while the liveshow was mixed and mastered by Mr. Dan Swanö! If all those facts didn’t make you buy "Live Death Doom", you are probably reading the wrong magazine. An essential release!! More info at:,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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