Paganizer / Heathenspawn
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

One of the most bustling musicians of the Death Metal scene is back in action with his main band. Yes, I’m talking about no one else than Rogga Johansson himself and his longest running band PAGANIZER. A new album will be out soon, but now, we have a new split release with Australian HEATHENSPAWN. And if you like PAGANIZER, you’ll surely like this new song, since it’s a fast and rather straight attack in best PAGANIZER style. Somehow I feel reminded of UNLEASHED while listening. But there’s an alternative program as well with HEATHENSPAWN. The five-piece from Sydney released an EP two years ago and now present us two new songs on this untitled split-EP. Both ‘Casket Dreams’ and ‘Nail The Nazarene’ are rather melodic Death Metal with breaks, twists and turns. Of course you’ll hear the influence of the Gothenburg school of the mid 1990s, but HEATHENSPAWN are doing well, yet they aren’t that spectacular to me. But lovers of this particular style should be pretty pleased, especially ‘Nail The Nazarene’ is fine food that I surely would have really enjoyed back in the days. Find more information on the bands at or and check the label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

PAGANIZER - The Tower Of The Morbid (Michael Kujawska)
PAGANIZER - Promoting Total Death (Julián "All Hope Is Dead" Núñez)
PAGANIZER - Unglaube / Split Wide Open (Jeroni Sancho)
PAGANIZER - Chapel Of Blood (Frank Stöver)
PAGANIZER - 20 Years In A Terminal Grip (Thomas Meyer)
PAGANIZER - Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney To Hell) (Thomas Meyer)
PAGANIZER - Carnage Junkie (Matthias Auch)
PAGANIZER - No Divine Rapture (Frank Stöver)
PAGANIZER - Murder Death Kill (Stefan Franke )
PAGANIZER - interview (Ralf Hauber)

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