Massdeath Maniac
(Bestial Invasion Records)

The ever reliable and consistent Rogga Johansson returns with a compilation of PAGANIZER material which is another onslaught of Swedish Death Metal, grimey and grotesque infused with some catchy morbid melodious murk. As ever there are plenty of hooks throughout which will embed themselves into your brain like a heavy rusty axe blow to the head. The vocals are as caustic and guttural as you’d expect from Mr Johansson and all the instruments cut through the mix like a freshly sharpened scythe, the sound is sharp and crisp and the levels are putridly perfect. The guitars are oozing with that old school Stockholm Death Metal vibe with their flesh ripping buzzsaw riffs pouring out of the speakers one after the other drenched in slick festering sonic slime! There’s a good mix of tempos throughout this compilation with blistering blastbeats colliding with more mid tempo sections which will bulldoze and pummel the senses although the emphasis is definitely on uptempo fast riff carnage! The trademark punked up riffs make plenty of appearances too. It is typical PAGANIZER and if you are a fan of their previous work then you will not be disappointed by this odious opus, if you are unfamiliar with these savage Swedes then you can expect a solid slab of Swedish Death Metal which combines a hefty amount of hooky riffage and crushing brutality with eerie ease and some of the earworms will definitely bury their way deep into your skull. Grotesquely great!,

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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