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Band /Artist Title Author
QUEENSRŸCHE The Verdict David Simonton
QUARTZ Satans Serenade + Bloody... Hacker
QUANTUM HIERARCHY Neutron Breed Thomas Meyer
QUESTION Gnosis Primordial Julián “Eons In Slumber” Núñez
QUEENSRŸCHE Condition Hüman Bart Gabriel
QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA Duality Julián “Creep & Damage” Núñez
QUINTESSENZ Back To The Kult Of The... Julián "Iron Hammer" Nuñez
QUO VADIS Day Into Night Dimitri Ganatsios
QUADRIVIUM Adversus Matthias Auch
QUEST OF AIDANCE Fallen Man Collection Jeroni Sancho
QUINTA ESSENTIA Archetypal Transformation Nathan Shapiro
QUESTION OF MADNESS The Dark Corners Of The... Stefan Franke