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Band /Artist Title Author
DECAYING Shells Will Fall Sebastián Salce
DRUUN Velu Laiks David Simonton
DEMONIC... Necrokult Julián “Necromantic Evocation” Núñez
DARK FOREST Oak, Ash & Thorn Randolph Whateley
DEXTER WARD III Ricardo Campos
DEAD DOG'S HOWL Mausoleum Of Confessed... Mirco Szymyslik
DISMINDED Beheading The Snake David Simonton
DOOMENTOR Altar Of Resurrection Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEATHWINTER Veneration Ov The Non... Alfonso Perez
DARKMOON WARRIOR Angels Of Dirt - Beasts... David Simonton
DECEM MALEFICIUM La Fin De Satán Anders Peter Jørgensen
DREADFUL FATE Bringer Of Damnation Marco Stebich
DIABOLIC NIGHT Beyond The Realm Marco Stebich
DEIQUISITOR Towards Our Impending... David Simonton
DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN Gjengangere I Hjertets... Randolph Whateley
DEATHROLL A Sick Life Mirco Szymyslik
DISGRACE Grey Misery - The... Michael Kujawska
DEATHSPELL OMEGA The Furnaces Of... Michael Kujawska
DEVOURMENT Shallow Grave Julián "Buried" Núñez
DEVOURMENT Obscene Majesty Rick Peart
DEMONOMANCER Poisoner Of The New... Mirco Szymyslik
DECIPHER Of Fire And Brimstone David Simonton
DEATHFUCKER Fuck The Trinity Mirco Szymyslik
DISOWNING Human Cattle Mirco Szymyslik
DENIED REDEMPTION /... Split Ricardo Campos
DARKENHÖLD /... Atra Musica Thomas Meyer
DESDOMINUS Uncreation Mirco Szymyslik
DEVOURER Dawn Of Extinction Julián "Nihil" Núñez
DEATHFUCKER Devil's Fist David Simonton
DARKENED NOCTURN... Mardom David Simonton
DARKRISE Circles Of Failure Michael Kujawska
DEKONSTRUKTOR Eating The Universe Anders Peter Jørgensen
DUSK Epoka Michael Kujawska
DEFECAL OF GERBE Mothershit Ricardo Campos
DUNGEÖNHAMMER Infernal Moon Randolph Whateley
DEMONBREED Hunting Heretics Thomas Meyer
DAWN OF WINTER Pray For Doom Kat "Shevil" Gillham
DESTRUCTION Bestial Invasion Of Hell Frank Stöver
DISCIPLES OF POWER Ominous Prophecy Mirco Szymyslik
DEIQUISITOR Downfall Of The Apostates Hacker
DEMENSEED Growing Darkness Jurij Pajk
DRUJ Chants To Irkalla Mirco Szymyslik
DALKHU Lamentation And Ardent... Jarne Brauns
DECLINE OF THE I Escape Jurij Pajk
DAGORATH Evil Is The Spirit Jurij Pajk
DEICIDE Overtures Of Blasphemy Rick Peart
DEMORED Sickening Dreams Michael Kujawska
DAY OF EXECUTION Inevitable End Julián “Madness Unto Death” Núñez
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Proliferation Of Disease Hacker
DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks Hacker
DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks Mirco Szymyslik
DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks Michael Kujawska
DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks Rick Peart
DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks Thomas Meyer
DEVIL LEE ROT Devil Equinox Ov Doom Randolph Whateley
DARKENHÖLD Memoria Sylvarum Mirco Szymyslik
THE DEVIANT Lightning Bolts Thomas Meyer
DAMNATORY The Complete... David Simonton
DEMONIC OBEDIENCE Fatalistic Uprisal Of... Michael Kujawska
DEAD SUN Soil's Kingdom Thomas Meyer
DARKEST COLOR Deal With Pain Mirco Szymyslik
DISCOMMAND Hell Is Here Ricardo Campos
DOOMENTOR Opus Diabolae Julián “Warlord” Núñez
DEATHSTORM Reaping What Is Left Thomas Meyer
DREADFUL FATE Vengeance Kat "Shevil" Gillham
DE PROFUNDIS The Blinding Light Of... Julián “Bringer Of Light” Núñez
DEATH STRIKE Fuckin' Death Kat "Shevil" Gillham
DEATH STRIKE Fuckin' Death Kat "Shevil" Gillham
DEPRAVITY Evil Upheaval Mirco Szymyslik
DRUID LORD Grotesque Offerings Ricardo Campos
DESECRESY The Mortal Horizon Jaime Pérez
DEMONICAL Chaos Manifesto Randolph Whateley
DEADLY CARNAGE Through The Void, Above... Mirco Szymyslik
DEATHLESS The Sounds Of The New... Mirco Szymyslik
DEATHROW Riders Of Doom Julián “Dark Tales” Núñez
DEATHROW Raging Steel Julián “Dragon’s Blood” Núñez
DEATHROW Deception Ignored Julián “Narcotic” Núñez
DOOMORTALIS Splendor... Then... Julián “Portal To Gloominess” Núñez
DEMON INCARNATE Key Of Solomon Alfonso Perez
DESOLATE SHRINE Deliverance From The... Jurij Pajk
DIRTY CONNECTIONS We Are The Night Mirco Szymyslik
DIRTY GRAVE Evil Desire Stan Stamatopoulos
DSKNT PhSPHR Entropy Jarne Brauns
DESTRUCTION Sentence Of Death David Simonton
DESTRUCTION Infernal Overkill Thomas Meyer
DESTRUCTION Eternal Devastation Thomas Meyer
DESTRUCTION Release From Agony Jaime Pérez
DESTRUCTION Mad Butcher Julián “Mad Butcher” Núñez
DESTRUCTION Cracked Brain Julián “Frustrated” Núñez
DEFENESTRATION Gutter Perdition Alfonso Perez
DESTRUCTION Live Without Sense Thomas Reitmayer
DEVASTATION Dispensable Bloodshed Jarne Brauns
DAMNATIONS HAMMER Unseen Planets, Deadly... Spitzl
DEATHCULT Cult Of The Goat Ricardo Campos
DECAYING To Cross The Line Michael Kujawska
DEVASTATIÖN Drink With The Devil Miguel Negrón
DARK FORTRESS Profane Genocidal... Jaime Pérez
DARK FORTRESS Tales From Eternal Dusk Julián “Pilgrim Of The Nightly Spheres” Núñez
DEINONYCHUS Ode To Acts Of Murder,... Mirco Szymyslik
DESTRUCTION Thrash Anthems II David Simonton
DEGIAL Predator Reign Hacker
DEADFLESH Sic Semper Tyrannis Anders Peter Jørgensen
DISCIPLES OF POWER Powertrap Kat "Shevil" Gillham
DAMNATION DEFACED Invader From Beyond Michael Kujawska
DEATH POWER Vivisection / Demos 1987 Rodrigo Jiménez
DAEMONIAC Spawn Of The Fallen Ricardo Campos
DÉTENTE Decline Thomas Meyer
DETERIOROT The Faithless (5 song... Frank Stöver
DETERIOROT In Ancient Beliefs Spitzl
DISCREATION End Of Days David Simonton
DYING No Mercy For Us David Lucido
DÉTENTE History I David Sephiroth
DISTRESS OF RUIN Insights Thomas Meyer
DOWNCAST TWILIGHT Under The Wings Of The... David Simonton
DESOLATION Decapitated Rodrigo Jimenez
DECAPITATED Organic Hallucinosis Mario Cubero
DECAPITATED Anticult Michael Kujawska
DARK PHANTOM Nation Of Dogs Julián “Judgement Call” Núñez
DISORDER Fuego Negro Michael Kujawska
DECREPIT BIRTH Axis Mundi Jaime Pérez
DENY THE URGE As Darkness Falls Miguel Negrón
DEAD CONSPIRACY Dead Conspiracy David Simonton
DEPRESY A Grand Magnificience Michael Oelschlegel
DWOOM Pale Mare Demo MMXVII Michael Tak
DEAD A Dirty Mind Is A Joy... Alfonso Perez
DESULTORY Through Aching Aeons Carsten Lomme
DESTRUCTOR Decibel Casualties Thomas Meyer
DEUS OTIOSUS Opposer David Simonton
DRÅP Roten Till Allt Ont Thomas Meyer
DECAYED Dark Pagan Ritual Julián “Rebellious Angel” Núñez
DEATHGOD MESSIAH Phallic Flagellation David Simonton
DYING EMBRACE / DUSK Through Corridors Of... Ricardo Campos
DIGIR GIDIM I Thought There Was The... Thomas Meyer
DEATHSTORM Storming The Gallows Thomas Meyer
DESERTED FEAR Dead Shores Rising Thomas Meyer
DECOMPOSED Wither Spitzl
DESTRÖYER 666 Wildfire Sergei Pismeny
DIVISION VANSINNE Dimension Darkness Thomas Meyer
DOMINHATE Emissaries Of Morning David Lucido
DESTINO/ENTIERRO Cryptic Procession Of... Julián “Summoning The Unanamable” Núñez
DESECRATION 20 Years Of Perversion... Antonio Barrote
DARKRYPT Delirious Excursion Michael Oelschlegel
DEMORED Absolution Through... David Simonton
DERANGED Struck By A Murderous... Carsten Lomme
DECEASED Worship The Coffin Julián Núñez
DECEASED Fearless Undead Machines Anders Peter Jørgensen
DIZZINESS / LORD... Carved By The Winds... Mirco Szymyslik
DEMONIC OBEDIENCE Nocturnal Hymns To The... Hacker
DARKNESS The Gasoline Solution Julián "Welcome to Pain" Núñez
DRAMA / PERDITION... Drama / Perdition Winds Michael Tak
DALKHU Descend... Into... Thomas Meyer
DEPRIVE Temple Of The Lost Wisdom Alfonso Perez
DAAT There Are None So Blind... Julián “Ascended Above All Humanity” Núñez
DAKHMA Passageways To Daena... Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEFUNTOS A Eterna Dança Da Morte Diego Rodrigues
DAWNPATROL The Dawn Of Steel David Lucido
DUST BOLT Mass Confusion Mirco Szymyslik
DEMON INCARNATE Darvaza Antonio Barrote
THE DEAD GOATS All Of Them Witches David Lucido
DECEMBRE NOIR Forsaken Earth Michael Kujawska
DEMONBREED Where Gods Come To Die Michael Kujawska
DECAYING The Forgotten Conflict Michael Kujawska
DEHUMAN REIGN Ascending From Below David Lucido
DEATHSTORM Blood Beneath The Crypts Thomas Meyer
DETERIOROT Echoes From The Past Anders Peter Jørgensen
DARKRISE Fear, Hate & Corruption Julián "Fire" Núñez
DETERIOROT Ceremonies Of Blasphemy Julián "Vile" Núñez
DULIA Hic Contendimus Mirco Szymyslik
DOR FEAFAROTH Истребление... Julián
DAMAGE SOURCE ...Come, Deterioration! Thomas Meyer
DYSYLUMN Conceptarium David Lucido
DEATH´S... I Evoke The Cryptic... Mirco Szymyslik
DISMA The Vault Of Membros Alfonso Perez
DISMA The Lost Vault Of Chaos Alfonso Perez
DESTRUCTOR Storm Of Steel Frank Stöver
DESTRUCTOR Back In Bondage Julián "Tornado" Núñez
DEW-SCENTED Insurgent David Simonton
DEW-SCENTED Intermination Michael Kujawska
DEMONIC RAGE /... Profane Rites Of Death David Lucido
DEIQUISITOR Deiquisitor Michael Kujawska
DORMANT INFERNO /... Beyond Forgotten Shores Thomas Meyer
DR. SHRINKER Contorted Dioramic... Steven Willems
DEMENTIA 13 Ways Of Enclosure Thomas Meyer
DEMONIC RAGE Omen Of Doom Hacker
DECREPID Osseous Empire Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEGIAL Savage Mutiny Spitzl
DEEP DESOLATION Possession Michael Kujawska
DAEMONIAC Lord Of Immolation Julián “Lord Of Immolation” Núñez
DESECRESY Stoic Death Carsten Lomme
DOWN AMONG THE DEAD... Exterminate! Annihilate!... Michael Kujawska
DARK MILLENNIUM Out Of The Past Spitzl
DARK MILLENNIUM Ashore The Celestial... Thomas Meyer
DARK MILLENNIUM Diana Read Peace Michael Kujawska
DESOLATE SHRINE Tenebrous Towers Julián "Tenebrous" Núñez
DESOLATE SHRINE Tenebrous Towers Jaime Pérez
DISTERROR Catharsis Thomas Meyer
DEVIL IN YOU Demons Michael Kujawska
DELUGE Æther Thomas Meyer
DEATHSTORM The Gallows EP Mirco Szymyslik
DIVISION SPEED Division Speed Marco Stebich
DEMON INCARNATE Demon Incarnate Alfonso Perez
DESOLATION ANGELS Sweeter The Meat Michael Tak
DEPARTED SOULS Barbaric Tortures Michael Kujawska
DAWNRIDER The Third Crusade Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
DAMAGE SOURCE Come Heresy Alfonso Perez
DOWNWIND Thy Children Michael Kujawska
DEUS OTIOSUS Sis Mortuus Mondo Thomas Meyer
DESERT CRONE Distorted Solitude Julián "Shadowmaster" Núñez
DEAD You'll Never Know... Alfonso Perez
DISPATCHED Blackshadows -... Michael Kujawska
DISPATCHED Promised Land -... Michael Tak
DARK SADNESS / A... Twirl Of Shadows Julián "Pain and Passion" Núñez
DAWN OF AZAZEL The Tides Of Damocles Michael Oelschlegel
DAEMONIUM Имя мне... Julián “XVIII Enochian Key” Núñez
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Crusaders Of Blasphemy Frank Stöver
DODSFERD /... Until Your World Go Down Mario Cubero
DISSECTION One Way Getaway Norman McCann
DIRTY THIRTY Six Feet Under /... Michael Oelschlegel
DESENSITISED /... Bought Beauty /... F. Cthulhu E.
DESASTER / SABBAT Sabbatical... Frank Stöver
DEPRESSION /... Unglaube / Split Wide... Jeroni Sancho
DEAD CONGREGATION /... Split Lem Lycurgus
THE DOOMSDAY CULT Samarithans Of Misery Stefan Franke
DRILLER KILLER /... Prime Beef Between My... Frank Stöver
DOOM SNAKE CULT Love, Sorrow, Doom Charles Keller
DEVIL LEE ROT /... Split LP Stefan Franke
DESTROYER 666 King Of Kings / Lord Of... Darragh O'Leary
DESPISE Indefinite Force Christoph Göbel
DENIAL FIEND They Rise Frank Stöver
DENIAL Immense Carnage Vortex Thomas Ehrmann
DEMON The Unexpected Guest /... Frank Stöver
DEICIDE Scars Of The Crucifix Michael Tak
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Si Monumentum Requires... Stefan Franke
DEATHFROST Search Area (2001 - 2002) Frank Stöver
DAWN OF AZAZEL Bloodforged Abdication Charles Keller
DAMNATION Divine Darkness /... Frank Stöver
DAKRYON Promo Frank Stöver
THE DEVIL`S BLOOD The Graveyard Shuffle Nhashi
DISRUPTED Morbid Death Rodrigo Jiménez
DISCREATION Procreation Of The... Thomas Meyer
DISSECTOR Grey Anguish Michael Tak
DAKHMA Passageways To Daena... Thomas Meyer
DEMONIC SLAUGHTER Haunted Michael Kujawska
DIATHRA Fascinating Impulses Julián "Because Of What" Núñez
DEMONIC... World Of Horror Alfonso Perez
DEAD END Forever Is Not Eternal Thomas Meyer
DISRUPTED Heavy Death Rodrigo Jiménez
DÉTENTE Recognize No Authority Hacker
DRÅP En Naturlig Död Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
DUST BOLT Awake The Riot Julián "Soul Erazor" Núñez
DEADLYSINS Anticlockwise Spitzl
DIAMOND ABLAZE Demonical Thomas Meyer
DEPHOSPHORUS Ravenous Solemnity Spitzl
DECAYING One To Conquer Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
DISORDER En El Río Del Olvido Michael Kujawska
DESTROYING DIVINITY Hollow Dominion Michael Kujawska
DORSAL ATLÂNTICA Antes Do Fim Sergei Pismeny
DORSAL ATLÂNTICA Ultimatum Thomas Meyer
DORSAL ATLÂNTICA Dividir & Conquistar Julián “Dweller Of The Streets “ Núñez
DEATH ANGELS Noite Negra Julian “Vingança” Nunez
DEATHINITION Art Of Manipulation Michael Tak
DEGENERHATE Chronicles Of The... Thomas Meyer
DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Satánico Dramático Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Day Of The Dead Mirco Szymyslik
DIA DE LOS MUERTOS No Money No Fiesta Thomas Meyer
DESULTORY Into Eternity Anders Peter Jørgensen
DESULTORY Bitterness Michael Kujawska
DEATH HORN Black Forest Michael Oelschlegel
DEVIL LEE ROT Doom Devilution Julián “Son Of The Dawn” Núñez
DEATHRONATION A Soil Forsaken Cunctator
DEATHRONATION Hallow The Dead Stefan Franke
DARKENHÖLD Castellum Thomas Meyer
DESERTED FEAR Kingdom Of Worms Michael Kujawska
DYING OUT FLAME Shiva Rudrastakam Julián "Trinetra Dhari" Núñez
DEAD ROOSTER Midnight Special Alfonso Perez
DOSSIER NEGRO /... Split CD Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
DISKORD Oscillations Michael Tak
DARK FORTRESS Venereal Dawn Michael Kujawska
DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM The Sacred Lie (Vinyl) Stefan Franke
DEATH VOMIT Gutted By Horrors Mirco Szymyslik
DYING SUN Transcendence Dick Osmond
DETONATOR Attack Of Bacteria Julian ”Fatal Sense” Nunez
DECEASED /... The Figure Of Uneasiness... Thomas Meyer
DROWNED Viscera Terræ Frank Stöver
DROWNED Rehearsals Fall 2001 Ramon Claassen
DROWNED Idola Specus Stefan Franke
DOOMSTER REICH The League For Mental... Michael Kujawska
DAWN OF A DARK AGE The Six Elements, Vol.1... Thomas Meyer
DESECRESY Chasmic Transcendence Julián “Climber of the Sky” Nuñez
DISGUSTOR The Nocturnal Duty / The... Michael Kujawska
DESASTER Live In Bamberg Anders Peter Jørgensen
DESASTER Souls Of Infernity Frank Stöver
DRÅP En Naturlig Död Thomas Meyer
DEUS OTIOSUS Rise Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
DESECRATION Cemetery Sickness Mirco Szymyslik
DEMON HEAD Demon Head - Winterland Thomas Meyer
DELIRIUM X TREMENS Cyberhuman Luxi Lahtinen
DELIRIUM X TREMENS Belo Dunum Alfonso Perez
DIESEAR Ashes Of The Dawn Michael Oelschlegel
DEAD CONGREGATION Purifying Consecrated... Stefan Franke
DEAD CONGREGATION Promulgation Of The Fall Stefan Franke
DELIRIUM TREMENS Read My Fist Michael Oelschlegel
DINKUMOIL / THE... Underground NWOBHM Bands... Luxi Lahtinen
DINKUMOIL Metal Weld Luxi Lahtinen
DROWNED IN BLOOD Underworld Anders Peter Jørgensen
DARKNESS OF HELL Under The Flag Of Hate Lem Lycurgus
DECEMBRE NOIR A Discouraged Believer Michael Kujawska
DEMON HEAD Demo 2014 Thomas Meyer
DECAPITATED CHRIST Arcane Impurity... Stefan Franke
DJEVEL Besatt Av Maane Og Natt Thomas Georg
THE DEAD GOATS Ferox Thomas Meyer
DYSCARNATE And So It Came To Pass Alfonso Perez
DAEMONIC Daemonical Spell Thomas Ehrmann
DAEMONIC Culmination (Into The... Hacker
DEATH KARMA A Life Not Worth Living Anders Peter Jørgensen
DRAGGING THE CASKET From Hell Luxi Lahtinen
DEMONA Speaking With The Devil Michael Kujawska
DOMAINS Sinister Ceremonies Luxi Lahtinen
DESCEND Wither Luxi Lahtinen
DECAYED Unholy Demon Seed Julián “Endless” Núñez
DARK MANAGARM Back From Hell Nathan Shapiro
DIAVOLIADA The Unexploration:... Luxi Lahtinen
DOOMSDAY Doomsday Michael Kujawska
DEMILICH 20th Adversary Of... Michael Kujawska
DARK LUNACY Live In Mexico City Julián “Cold Embrace” Núñez
DECOMPOSED Devouring Kunal Choksi
DELIVERANCE Relentless Grace Luxi Lahtinen
DRUID LORD Baron Blood Ralf Hauber
DEAKON Du Bist Mir Alles Nathan Shapiro
DEAKON Demo(ns) Nathan Shapiro
DEATHINCARNATION Roar From Within Luxi Lahtinen
DESPONDENT SOUL Conspiracy Of Torture Luxi Lahtinen
DARKSIDE Inferno Luxi Lahtinen
DEATHQUINTET Godwork Michael Kujawska
DEAD Hell's Morbid Disciples... Thomas Meyer
DEROGATORY Above All Else Michael Kujawska
DEMENTIA SENEX Heartworm Julián "Heartworm" Nuñez
DARGONOMEL Varkulama Luxi Lahtinen
DEICIDE To Hell With God Richard Osmond
DEICIDE In The Minds Of Evil Luxi Lahtinen
DARK FUNERAL Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus Bart Gabriel
DARK FUNERAL Attera Totus Sanctus Bart Gabriel
DARK FUNERAL Diabolis Interium Bart Gabriel
DIO Holy Diver Live Frank Stöver
DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM The Sacred Lie Stefan Franke
DISCREATION The Silence Of The Gods Stefan Franke
DEVASTATION Dispensible Bloodshed Nathan Shapiro
DEVASTATION Leather Jack Maniac Michael Oelschlegel
DEATHRUNE Those Who Choose The... Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEA MARICA The Curse Of The Haunted Luxi Lahtinen
DISKORD Doomscapes / Aural... Michael Tak
DEMONIC RAGE Demo II Mirco Szymyslik
DEMONIC RAGE Venomous Wine From... Hacker
DESOLATOR Unearthly Monument Julián "Gravefeast" Núñez
DECAYING The Last Days Of War Luxi Lahtinen
DEMENTIA 13 Tales For The Carnivorous Michael Oelschlegel
DEHUMAN REIGN Destructive Intent Thomas Meyer
DEVASTRACKTOR Beer Force One Luxi Lahtinen
DISGRAVED Demo 2013 Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEAFLOCK Courage To Expose All Michael Oelschlegel
DARKSIDE Prayers In Doomsday Luxi Lahtinen
DRENGSKAPUR Der Urgewalten Werk Julián “Vereint” Núñez
DECAYED The Ancient Brethren Anders Peter Jørgensen
DETHRONE Humanity Anders Peter Jørgensen
DAMOKIS Grinding Mother Whore Thomas Meyer
DECEPTOR Chains Of Delusion Michael Oelschlegel
DESECRATE At The Edge Of Sanity Luxi Lahtinen
DARK ELITE Enter The Void Luxi Lahtinen
DEATHCULT The Test Of Time Thomas Meyer
DEATHCULT The Test Of Time Stefan Franke
DORMANT ORDEAL It Rains, It Pours Edouard Vergriete
DORMANT ORDEAL It Rains, It Pours Luxi Lahtinen
DESOLATE SHRINE The Sanctum Of Human... Michael Tak
DISTRESS OF RUIN Predators Among Us Edouard Vergriete
THE DESCENT Dimensional Matters Thomas Meyer
DISSECT Swallow Swouming Mass Stefan Franke
DEATH RIDES A HORSE Tree Of Woe Julián “Pantokrator” Núñez
DEATH AGONY Carcinogenic Memories Alfonso Perez
DAMNATIONS HAMMER Disciples Of The Hex Luxi Lahtinen
DEATH TYRANT Opus De Tyranis Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEATHSTORM Storming With Menace Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEATHSTORM As Death Awakes Luxi Lahtinen
DEPRESSION / ERODED Abgrund / Stronghold Of... Thomas Meyer
DARKRISE Realeyes Luxi Lahtinen
DIRGE ETERNAL Lucifer's Lullabye Luxi Lahtinen
DIRA MORTIS The Cult Of The Dead Michael Oelschlegel
DEUS OTIOSUS Godless Anders Peter Jørgensen
DAEMONICUS Deadwork Luxi Lahtinen
DIABOLICAL SACRILEGE To Dominate Their Psyche Anders Peter Jørgensen
DARKEST GROVE Coming Of 2012 Julián “Destiny” Núñez
DEF/LIGHT Hateforhateone Luxi Lahtinen
DEATHBRINGER Homo Divisus Luxi Lahtinen
DEAD SAMARITAN The Only Good... Luxi Lahtinen
DIRA MORTIS Euphoric Convulsions Michael Oelschlegel
DIRGE ETERNAL Under The Spell Luxi Lahtinen
DEEP DESOLATION Rites Of Blasphemy Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEFIANT Era Of Substitution Luxi Lahtinen
DEATHMARCHED Spearhead Of Iron Luxi Lahtinen
DEAD RIVER RUNS DRY Winter 2012 Michael Tak
DEW-SCENTED Icarus Thomas Meyer
DEPOPULATE Till Man Exists No More Anders Peter Jørgensen
DECLINE OF THE I Inhibition Luxi Lahtinen
DIE HARD Conjure The Legions Luxi Lahtinen
DOWN IV Part 1 - The Purple EP Marc Lehmann
DEMONA Metal Through The Time Julián “Poisoned” Nuñez
DESECRATOR Subconscious Release Michael Oelschlegel
DESERTED FEAR My Empire Thomas Meyer
DECEPTION / DEMONIC... Worshippers Of The... Luxi Lahtinen
DARKNESS OF HELL Under The Flag Of Hate Michael Oelschlegel
DETRIMENTUM Inhuman Disgrace Thomas Meyer
DEADLY REMAINS Severing Humanity Julián “Flesh” Nuñez
DEHUMAN Black Throne Of All... Nathan Shapiro
DESECRESY The Doom Skeptron Luxi Lahtinen
DEUS IGNOTUS Chrismation Alfonso Perez
DISKORD Dystopics Nathan Shapiro
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Crusaders Of Blasphemy Stefan Franke
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Feeding Hell's Furnace Hacker
DESULTOR Masters Of Hate Mario Cubero
DISEIM Holy Wrath Julian ”Sinner” Nuñez
DEMOLISHER Enter The Suffering Thomas Ehrmann
DEMOLISHER Plague District Luxi Lahtinen
DERKETA In Death We Meet Stefan Franke
D.E.R. Quando A Esperanca Desaba Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinska
DEGIAL Awakening From Darkness Thomas Ehrmann
DEGIAL Death And Darkness... Thomas Ehrmann
DEGIAL Death's Striking Wings Hacker
DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION Dawn Of Crucifixion Michael Tak
DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION Piss, Blood, Destruction... Jaime Perez
DRAGGING THE CASKET The Undead Luxi Lahtinen
DEMON LUNG Pareidolia Jaime Pérez
DESECRATOR Live Til Death Luxi Lahtinen
DEIPHAGO XCIII Ulrich Kreienbrink
DISMANTLE Enter The Forbidden Michael Tak
DOLCINIAN Poenitentiam Agite Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEUS MORTEM Darknessence Luxi Lahtinen
DEMONIC SLAUGHTER Dark Essence Luxi Lahtinen
DØDSENGEL Imperator Julian "Angel of death" Nuñez
DE LIRIUM`S ORDER Veniversum Luxi Lahtinen
DECREPITAPH Beyond The Cursed Tombs Alfonso Perez
DECREPITAPH Profane Doctrines... Michael Tak
DO SKONU Womb Of Primeval Darkness Dick Osmond
DEMONCY Enthroned Is The Night Luis M.L. Sallard
DENIAL OF GOD The Red Terror Sergei Pismeny
DEVASTATOR Burn The Beast Luxi Lahtinen
THE DAY OF THE BEAST Relentless Demonic... Luxi Lahtinen
DYLATH-LEEN Cabale Luxi Lahtinen
DIVINE CODEX The Dark Descent Luxi Lahtinen
DECAYING Encirclement Luxi Lahtinen
DIM MAK The Emergence Of... Luxi Lahtinen
DEGRADATION Juggernaut Michael Oelschlegel
DEEP DESOLATION Subliminal Visions Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEATHGATE ARKANUM Seelen Anders Peter Jørgensen
DENIAL FIEND Horror Holocaust Alfonso Perez
DEATHRAISER Violent Aggression Nathan Shapiro
DARKWOODS MY... Heirs Of The Northstar Luxi Lahtinen
DEVASTRACKTOR Warhorsepowers And A... Luxi Lahtinen
DISGRACE Vol.2 Luxi Lahtinen
DISGRACE Grey Misery Frank Stöver
DISGRACE 1990 Luxi Lahtinen
DEAD Hardnaked... But Dead! Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
DUNGEÖNHAMMER /... Split 7" EP Nathan Shapiro
DUSK Book Of Satan Anders Peter Jørgensen
DEEP VEIN / BLOODY... Bleeding The Fist! Michael Oelschlegel
DEATH ATTACK Death Attack Frank Stöver
DOMINUS XUL To The Glory Of The... Stefan Franke
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Conquerors Of Sodom Hacker
DENIAL OF GOD The Horrors Of Satan Ulrich Kreienbrink
DISÖRDER Sin For Salvation (The... Luxi Lahtinen
DEATH TOLL 80K Harsh Realities Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
DEATH STRIKE Fuckin' Death Nathan Shapiro
DARKEST GROVE Pain And Suffering Shall... Julián “Darkest” Núñez
DAMNGOD Humanity - The Legacy Of... Luxi Lahtinen
DISMA Towards The Megalith Alfonso Perez
DIOSDEIRA Morte Rerum Imperator Luxi Lahtinen
DYING FETUS War Of Attrition Michael Kersten
DYING FETUS Destroy The Oppostion Schenk
DUNKELGRAFEN Oris Diabolis Ramon Claassen
DUNGORTHEB Intended To... Stefan Franke
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Return Of The Black Death Frank Stöver
DRAGONLORD Black Wings Of Destiny Frank Stöver
DIVINE SOULS The Bitter Selfcaged Man Stefan Franke
DIVINE EVE Upon These Ashes Scorn... Jason Campbell
DIVINE EVE Upon These Ashes Scorn... Julián Núñez
DIVINE EMPIRE Method Of Execution Stefan Franke
DISSENTER Apocalypse Of The Damned Ramon Claassen
DISMAL DIVINITY Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Julián Núñez
DISINCARNATE Dreams Of The Carrion... Stefan Hagmayer
DISASTROUS MURMUR Marinate Your Meat Tim Klöcker
DIABOLICAL A Thousand Deaths Ramon Claassen
DIABOLIC FORCE Old School Attack Mirco Szymyslik
DIABOLIC Chaos In Hell /... Frank Stöver
DEVIOUS Vision Julián Núñez
DEVILYN The Past Against The... Frank Stöver
DESPONDENCY Extinction Ramon Claassen
DERANGED Deranged Ramon Claassen
DECEMBER WOLVES Blasterpiece Theatre Edouard Vergriete
DECEMBER The Lament Configuration Ramon Claassen
DECAYING FORM Chronicles Of Decimation Mirco Szymyslik
DEATHSQUADRON Black Guard Of War Stefan Franke
DEATHROW Satan's Gift Nathan Shapiro
DEATHROW Raging Steel Julián Núñez
DEATHHAMMER Barbaric Onslaught Stefan Hagmayer
DEATH Spiritual Healing Nathan Shapiro
DEATH Live In L.A. Laurent Ramadier
DEATH Human Julián Núñez
DEADMARCH The Project Hate MCMXCIX... Michael Tak
DEAD EMOTIONS Gates To The Unseen Frank Stöver
DEAD CONGREGATION /... Split Jason Campbell
DARKEST HATE... Satanik Annihilation... Hurricane
DARK LEGION Bloodshed Edouard Vergriete
DARK ANGEL Time Does Not Heal (The... Mario Cubero
DAMNATION Resist Frank Stöver
DAEMUSINEM Daemusinem Domine Empire Edouard Vergriete
DECIMATION Anthems Of An Empyreal... Thomas Ehrmann
DEFORMITY BR AnthroposDeadGoreDisgu... Anders Peter Jørgensen
DYRATHOR Sacred Walcraft Of Hel Matthias Auch
DROTTNAR Anamorphosis Stefan Franke
DRILLER KILLER The 4Q Mangrenade Edouard Vergriete
DETONATION Promo 2001 Ramon Claassen
DETERIOROT The Faithless Ulrich Kreienbrink
DEATH HAMMER Barbaric Onslaught Stefan Hagmayer
DEATH Leprosy Julián Núñez
DEAF SYMPHONY Chains Of Love Wes Rhodes
DAEMON Eye For An Eye Ramon Claassen
DOMINUS XUL Nostrum Antiguos Dominus Frank Stöver
DEATH MILITIA You Can't Kill What's... Frank Stöver
DEAD Poserslaughter Classics... Frank Stöver
DARKTHRONE Soulside Journey / A... Rick Cortez
DESECRESY Arches Of Entropy Luxi Lahtinen
DEUS OTIOSUS Murderer Julián "Deus" Núñez
DEATHRONATION Exorchrism Hacker
DISFIGURED Amputated Gorewhore Stefan Franke
DESTROYER 666 Terror Abraxas Frank Stöver
DESTRUCTION The Curse Of The... Julián Núñez
DEVIANT Apathyphus Wes Rhodes
DEVIL LEE ROT At Hell's Deep Stefan Franke
DEVILEECH Promo CD Frank Stöver
DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS Diabolicanos - Act III:... Thomas Ehrmann
DHG (DØDSHEIMSGARD) Supervillain Outcast Roy Kristensen
DIES IRAE The Sin War Edouard Vergriete
DIMENSION F3H Does The Pain Excite You? Marc Lehmann
DIO Evil Or Divine: Live In... Frank Stöver
DISASTROUS MURMUR ...And Hungry Are The... Thomas Georg
DISASTROUS MURMUR Daily Toilet Torturing Stefan Franke
DISFEAR Misanthropic Generation Laurent Ramadier
DISGUST The Horror Of It All... Frank Stöver
DISLOYAL Promo 2002 Frank Stöver
DISSECTION Maha Kali Frank Stöver
DISSIPATION D.S.W. Nathan Shapiro
DIVINE EVE Vengeful And Obstinate Alfonso Perez
DIVINE:DECAY Maximize The Misery Edouard Vergriete
DIVINE:DECAY Songs Of The Damned Frank Stöver
DOOMED AND... Satanic Nightmare Roy Kristensen
DREAMS OF DAMNATION Let The Violence Begin Frank Stöver
DRILLER KILLER Cold, Cheap &... Frank Stöver
THE DAMNATION Into The Underworld Edouard Vergriete
DESOLATEVOID / THE... Split CD Julián Núñez
DESILENCE Demo 2003 Ramon Claassen
DESENSITISED Virus Of Violence F. Cthulhu E.
DESENSITISED Thriving On Carnage Stefan Franke
DEPRESSION /... Split CD Iñaki (Pinhead)
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE Under The Aegis Of... Thomas Ehrmann
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE Hells Infantry Thomas Ehrmann
DENIAL FIEND Dead Awakening Frank Stöver
DEMOLISHER Promo 2008 Thomas Ehrmann
DEMENTOR Chifa Del Horror Julián "Horror" Núñez
DELVE The Dead Amongst Stefan Franke
DEFILE Demo CD 2001 Frank Stöver
DEFACING The Beginning Of Human... Stefan Franke
DEEPRED Prophetic Luster Ramon Claassen
DECREPITAPH /... Paradise In... Thomas Ehrmann
DECEIVER Deceiver Rodrigo Jiménez
DECAYED / URN The Nameless Wraith /... Stefan Franke
DECAPITATED R.P. Hacked To Death Ulrich Kreienbrink
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Veritas Diaboli Manet In... Matthias Auch
DEATH DU JOUR Gamashinoch Roy Kristensen
DEATHCHAMBER His Will Be Done Hacker
DEATH BREATH Let It Stink Frank Stöver
DEADHEAD Depression Tank Nathan Shapiro
DAWN OF PERCEPTION Fragments Thomas Ehrmann
DARKCREED Dark Regions Thomas Ehrmann
DARK TRIBE In Jeraspunta... Die... Hurricane
DARK ORDER The Violence Continuum Thomas Ehrmann
DARKTHRONE Plaguewielder Darragh O'Leary
DARKTHRONE Too Old, Too Cold Nhashi
DARKTHRONE New Wave Of Black Heavy... Nhashi
DAPNOM Actes Préalables Jeroni Sancho
DODSFERD Death Set The Beginning... Branko Matija¨evic
DIOCLETIAN Doom Cult Branko Matija¨evic
DEVILS WHOREHOUSE Blood & Ashes Branko Matija¨evic
DECREPITAPH Condemned Cathedral Branko Matija¨evic
DEAD In The Bondage Of Vice Branko Matija¨evic
DR. SHRINKER Grotesque Wedlock Stefan Franke
DRAKAR Let Draka / Flight Of... Luxi Lahtinen
DOOMED Doomed To Death And... Mindaugas Lapinskas
DISSECTION Dissected Tapes Michael Tak
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY Prelude To Apocalypse Frank Stöver
DIABOLIC Supreme Evil Frank Stöver
DEVOURMENT 1.3.8. Hacker
DEVASTATION Devastation Complete... Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
DESTRUCTOR Forever In Leather Stefan Hagmayer
DESTROYER 666 To The Devil His Due Sergei Pismeny
DESTROYER 666 Violence Is The Prince... Alan Nemthanga
DERKETA Goddess Of Death Hacker
DEMOLITION HAMMER Epidemic Of Violence Nathan Shapiro
DEMOLITION HAMMER Tortured Existence Nathan Shapiro
DEMILICH Nespithe Hacker
DEMIGOD Slumber Of Sullen Eyes Torsten Gründig
DEATH DEALER Coercion To Kill Julián Núñez
DEATH Individual Thought... Mario Cubero
DEATH Scream Bloody Gore Julián Núñez
THE DEAD Ritual Executions Thomas Ehrmann
DARKTHRONE Frostland Tapes Frank Stöver
DARK ANGEL Leave Scars (The Black... Julián Núñez
DARK ANGEL Darkness Descends (The... Julián Núñez
DAMIEN THORNE The Sign Of The Jackal Ramon Claassen
DYING FETUS Descend Into Depravity Julián Núñez
DWELLING MADNESS Demo 2002 Edouard Vergriete
DUSKMACHINE The Final Fall Torsten Gründig
DUSK Mourning... Resurrect Edouard Vergriete
DRÜNKEN BASTARDS Horns Of The Wasted Lem Lycurgus
DRUID LORD Hymns For The Wicked László Dávid
DRUDKH Handful Of Stars Alfonso Perez
DROWNING THE LIGHT An Alignment Of Dead... Matthias Auch
DROWNING Age Old Nemesis F. Cthulhu E.
DREAMING DEAD Within One Julián Núñez
DREAM DEATH Back From The Dead Edouard Vergriete
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Merciless Hammer Of... Jeroni Sancho
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Hail Infernal Darkness Frank Stöver
DRAWN AND QUARTERED Extermination Revelry Stefan Franke
DRAUTRAN Throne Of The Depths Thomas Ehrmann
DRAUGNIM Horizons Low Matthias Auch
DRAUGAR Weathering The Curse Stefan Franke
DRAGONLORD Rapture Frank Stöver
DORNENREICH In Luft Geritzt Torsten Gründig
DORNENREICH Durch Den Traum Mirco Szymyslik
DORMITORY Inhuman Conditions Leif Jensen
DOOMSTONE Disharmonic Stefan Franke
DOMINUS XUL The Primigeni Xul (I... Frank Stöver
DOMINUS Godfallos Frank Stöver
DOMINION Born God And Aware Michael Kersten
DODSFERD Suicide And The Rest Of... Nathan Shapiro
DODSFERD Cursing Your Will To... Mario Cubero
DODSFERD Fucking Your Creation Mario Cubero
DIVINE SOULS Embodiment Frank Stöver
DIVINE RAPTURE The Burning Passion Stefan Franke
DIVINE RAPTURE Promo 2001 Stefan Franke
DIVINE NOISE ATTACK Creating The End Stefan Hagmayer
DIVINE NOISE ATTACK Torn Apart Mirco Szymyslik
DIVINE EMPIRE Nostradamus Stefan Franke
DIVINE EMPIRE Doomed To Inherit Darragh O'Leary
DISSIMULATION Atiduokit Mirusius Julián Núñez
DISSIMULATION Prakeikimas Michael Oelschlegel
DISSIMULATION Maras Stefan Franke
DISPARAGED Blood Source Thomas Ehrmann
DISMEMBER Dismember Frank Stöver
DISMEMBER Where Ironcrosses Grow Frank Stöver
DISMANTLE Satanic Force Nathan Shapiro
DISKORD Doomscapes Thomas Ehrmann
DISINTER Demonic Portraiture Ramon Claassen
DISINTER Welcome To Oblivion Frank Stöver
DISINFECT Beinspender Ramon Claassen
DISHAMMER Vintage Addiction Julián Núñez
DISGORGE Gore Blessed To The Worms Amin
DISFIGURED DEAD Visions Of Death Stefan Franke
DISCERN To Praise With... Wes Rhodes
DISBELIEF 66Sick Ralf Hauber
DISAVOWED Stagnated Existence Michael Kersten
DISAVOWED Perceptive Deception Ramon Claassen
DISARMONIA MUNDI Fragments Of D-Generation Ulrich Kreienbrink
DIMMU BORGIR In Sorte Diaboli Roy Kristensen
DIMMU BORGIR Death Cult Armageddon Roy Kristensen
DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical Euphoric... Dimitri Ganatsios
DIM MAK Intercepting Fist Laurent Ramadier
DIMENSION F3H Reaping The World Winds Frank Stöver
DIES IRAE Immolated Schenk
DIABOLICAL Synergy Frank Stöver
DIABOLIC Excisions Of Exorcisms Michael Tak
DIABOLIC Subterraneal Magnitude Edouard Vergriete
DIABOLIC Vengeance Ascending Dimitri Ganatsios
DIABOLIC Infinity Through... Stefan Franke
DEW-SCENTED Issue VI Laurent Ramadier
DEW-SCENTED Impact Laurent Ramadier
DEW-SCENTED Inwards Frank Stöver
DEVILYN Artefact Edouard Vergriete
DEVILIUM Pagan At War Frank Stöver
DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS Plurima Mortis Imago Thomas Ehrmann
DEVILISH Possession Jeroni Sancho
DEVIAN God To The Illfated Matthias Auch
DEVASTER Infernal March Edouard Vergriete
DEVASTATOR Conjuring Evil Julián Núñez
DEVASTATOR Morbid Force Julián Núñez
DEUS INVERSUS Mastery Over The World Hacker
DETONATOR 666 Supremacy & Tyranny Mario Cubero
DETONATION Emission Phase Torsten Gründig
DETONATION Portals To Uphobia Edouard Vergriete
DETONATION An Epic Defiance Edouard Vergriete
DETERIOROT In Ancient Beliefs Hacker
DÉTENTE Decline Frank Stöver
DESTRUCTOR Forever In Leather Wes Rhodes
DESTRUCTOR Sonic Bullet Ramon Claassen
DESTRUCTION Inventor Of Evil Frank Stöver
DESTRUCTION Metal Discharge Timothy Dovgy
DESTRUCTION The Antichrist Frank Stöver
DESTRUCTION The Antichrist Steven Willems
DESTROYER 666 Cold Steel For An Iron... Stefan Franke
DESTROYER 666 Phoenix Rising Darragh O'Leary
DESTINITY Synthetic Existence Edouard Vergriete
DESTINITY Under The Smell Of Chaos Edouard Vergriete
DESPONDENCY God On Acid Ramon Claassen
DESPONDENCY Womb Of Shit F. Cthulhu E.
DESILENCE Wreck The Silence Julián Núñez
DESENSITISED Virus Of Violence Stefan Hagmayer
DESDEMONIA Paralyzed Edouard Vergriete
DESASTER Angelwhore Ralf Hauber
DESASTER Divine Blasphemies Frank Stöver
DESASTER Tyrants Of The... Hacker
DERANGED The Redlight Murder Case Matthias Auch
DERANGED Obscenities In B-Flat Tim Klöcker
DERANGED Plainfield Cemetery Stefan Franke
DEPRAVED Decadence & Lust Frank Stöver
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE World Cremation Luis M.L. Sallard
DENIED When The Slate Becomes... Nathan Shapiro
DENIAL Catacombs Of The... Luis M.L. Sallard
DENATA Deathtrain Frank Stöver
DEMONS OF DIRT Killer Engine Ramon Claassen
DEMON REALM A Legend Of Power Stefan Franke
DEMONIZER Triumphator Matthias Auch
DEMONIZER Thrashing Force Attack F. Cthulhu E.
DEMONIZED Demonized Edouard Vergriete
DEMONICAL Hellsworn Matthias Auch
DEMONICAL Servants Of The Unlight Wes Rhodes
DEMON CHILD Shadow Cult Edouard Vergriete
DEMOLITION Relict IV Julián Núñez
DEMOGORGON Naenie Julián Núñez
DEMIURG Slakthus Gamleby Matthias Auch
DEMIURG The Hate Chamber Jason Campbell
DEMIURG Breath Of The Demiurg Frank Stöver
DEMIGOD Let Chaos Prevail Wes Rhodes
DEMIGOD Shadow Mechanics Frank Stöver
DEMENTOR God Defamer Edouard Vergriete
DEMENTOR Enslave The Weak Frank Stöver
DELIRIUM TREMENS Thrashing Warthogs Frank Stöver
DE LIRIUM`S ORDER Victim No. 52 Luxi Lahtinen
DEIPHAGO Filipino Antichrist Ulrich Kreienbrink
DEIPHAGO Satanik Eon Ulrich Kreienbrink
DEICIDE Till Death Do Us Part Jason Campbell
DEICIDE The Stench Of Redemption Roy Kristensen
DEICIDE Scars Of The Crucifix Stefan Franke
DEICIDE In Torment In Hell Dimitri Ganatsios
DEICIDE Insineratehymn Frank Stöver
DEFORMITY Superior Frank Stöver
DEFLORATION Necrotic Nightmares Hauber
DEFLORATION The Bone Collection Ralf Hauber
DEFLORATION Dripping With Blood Stefan Franke
DEFILED Ugliness Revealed Dimitri Ganatsios
DEFACING Spitting Savagery Ramon Claassen
THE DEFACED Karma In Black Ramon Claassen
THE DEFACED Domination Commence Ramon Claassen
DEEDS OF FLESH Crown Of Souls Stefan Franke
DEEDS OF FLESH Reduced To Ashes F. Cthulhu E.
DEEDS OF FLESH Inbreeding The... Hacker
DEEDS OF FLESH Mark Of The Legion Hacker
DECREPIT BIRTH And Time Begins Stefan Franke
DECIMATOR Killing Tendency Jeroni Sancho
DECIEVERION Decieverion Stefan Franke
DECEIVER Thrashing Heavy Metal Matthias Auch
DECEIVER Riding With The Reaper Mirco Szymyslik
DECEASED Behind The Mourner's Veil Frank Stöver
DECAYED Hexagram Wes Rhodes
DECAPITATED The Negation F. Cthulhu E.
DECAPITATED Nihility Edouard Vergriete
DECAPITATED The First Damned Edouard Vergriete
DECAPITATED Winds Of Creation Thomas Georg
DEATH YELL Morbid Rites Manolis A.
DEATHWITCH Violence Blasphemy Sodomy Edouard Vergriete
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Paracletus Stefan Franke
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Kenose Michael Oelschlegel
DEATH REALITY Bloodprints Ramon Claassen
DEATHEVOKATION The Chalice Of Ages Manolis A.
DEATH DU JOUR Fragments Of Perdition Roy Kristensen
DEATHCULT Cult Of The Dragon Thomas Ehrmann
DEATHCRUSH Mutilating The Christian... Mirco Szymyslik
DEATHCHAIN Death Eternal Matthias Auch
DEATHCHAIN Deadmeat Disciples F. Cthulhu E.
DEATH BY DAWN One Hand, One Foot...... Frank Stöver
DEATH BREATH Stinking Up The Night Frank Stöver
DEATH ANGEL The Art Of Dying Laurent Ramadier
DEAD OF WINTER At The Helm Of The Abyss Andi Bauer
DEAD MAN`S HAND The Combination Matthias Auch
DEADLY BLESSING An Eye To The Past Frank Stöver
DEAD EMOTIONS Pathways To Catharsis Wes Rhodes
DEAD CONGREGATION Graves Of The Archangels Hacker
DAWN OF AZAZEL The Law Of The Strong Roy Kristensen
DARK TRANQUILLITY We Are The Void Matthias Auch
DARK TRANQUILLITY Damage Done Phil Jonas
DARKTHRONE Circle The Wagons Luis M.L. Sallard
DARKTHRONE Dark Thrones And Black... Nathan Shapiro
DARKTHRONE The Cult Is Alive Nhashi
DARKTHRONE Preparing For War Nemtheanga
DARKNESS BY OATH Fear Yourself Matthias Auch
DARK FUNERAL Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus Matthias Auch
DARK FUNERAL Diabolis Interium Frank Stöver
DARK FORTRESS Seance Jan Roger Pettersen
DARK FORTRESS Stab Wounds Stefan Franke
DARK FORTRESS Profane Genocidal... Frank Stöver
DARK FORTRESS Tales From Eternal Dusk Frank Stöver
DARK FOREST Dark Forest Matthias Auch
DARK FACES The Path Julián Núñez
DARKESTRAH Epos Torsten Gründig
DARK DISCIPLE Unholy Hate Gore Ramon Claassen
DARKANE Insanity Dimitri Ganatsios
DARK AGE The Silent Republic Ramon Claassen
DANTALION All Roads Lead To Death Julián "Phantom" Núñez
DANSE MACABRE Eva Edouard Vergriete
DAMNATION ARMY Circle Of The Brave Nathan Shapiro
DAMNATION ARMY Tyrant Roy Kristensen
THE DAMNATION Into The Pits Of Hell Christoph Göbel
DAMNATION Destructo Evangelia Stefan Franke
DAMNABLE Completely Devoted Iñaki (Pinhead)
DAMAGE Time To Attack Nathan Shapiro
DAEMONS EMBRACE Endzeit Ramon Claassen
DAEMONS EMBRACE Nocturnal Overture Ramon Claassen