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Band /Artist Title Author
SANTET / ISTIDRAJ Verbis Diaboli Mirco Szymyslik
IKANA / DEMONIAC Froid / Nosferatus Thomas Meyer
INNERLOAD Mater Tenebrarum Mirco Szymyslik
INCULTER Morbid Origin Wedekind Gisbertson
INFAMOVS Stench Of The Unholy... Will "Bones" Lee
INFECTED PRIEST /... Split Tape Mirco Szymyslik
IMMORTAL The Northern Upir's Death Andrew Krause
INCREMATE Unexposed Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez
INSEPULTO Undead... But Not Alive Thomas Meyer
IMPALEMENT The Dawn Of Blackened... Alfonso Perez
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Mirco Szymyslik
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Carlo Masoni
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Frank Stöver
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Yoga Ghotama
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Alfonso Perez
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Julián "Megaron" Núñez
INCANTATION Unholy Deification Olaf Brinkmann
IMPETIGO Horror Of The Zombies Rick Peart
INHUMAN DEPRAVITY The Experimendead Alfonso Perez
IFRYT Pluca David Simonton
ILLUM ADORA Non Serviam Black Metal... Mirco Szymyslik
INVERTED SAINT Book Of Apocalypse Thomas Meyer
INANIMATE FLESH Anomalous Autopsy Aria Jaime Pérez
IMPRECATION In Nomine Diaboli Julián “Reborn In Fire” Núñez
INTO DARKNESS Cassini - Huygens Rick Peart
INANIMATE FLESH Obscene Omentum Overture Olaf Brinkmann
ICESTORM The Northern Crusades Thomas Meyer
IN THE WOODS... Diversum Randolph Whateley
INVULTATION Unconquerable Death Thomas Meyer
IRON FLESH Limb After Limb Vamsi Kanagovi
INCANTATION Tricennial Of Blasphemy Rick Peart
INVULTATION Wolfstrap David Simonton
IRONFLAME Where Madness Dwells Anders Peter Jørgensen
INFERIA Grind Cumpaign Mirco Szymyslik
INTOLERANCE Dark Paths Of Humanity Michael Kujawska
INANNA Void Of Unending Depths Alfonso Perez
IN TWILIGHT'S... Lifeblood Julián “The Death Drive” Núñez
IMPIOUS COMMUNION Prophecies Of Catholic... Julián “Sermon Cristanicida” Núñez
INVOCATOR Weave The Apocalypse Thomas Meyer
INVOCATOR Excursion Demise Miguel Negrón
INSANE Wait And Pray Julián “Sacrificer” Núñez
ISKANDR Vergezicht Randolph Whateley
IRON TREE The Faceless Mirco Szymyslik
IRRLYCHT Wolfish Grandeur Thomas Meyer
INHUMAN CONDITION Rat°God Mirco Szymyslik
UNIDENTIFIED CORPSE... Three Ways Of Death Metal Vamsi Kanagovi
INCARDINE Seeds Of Doom Michael Kujawska
INFERNO Peklo Na Zemi / Temná... Randolph Whateley
INFLABITAN Intrinsic Julián "The Great Surrender" Núñez
INTO THE CAVE The Ritual Of The Blind... Rick Peart
IGNIVOMOUS Hieroglossia David Simonton
IRON FLESH Summoning The Putrid Mirco Szymyslik
INFER Aeon Of Deathless Blight Wendell Roth
IN CAUDA VENENUM G.O.H.E. Michael Kujawska
INCREMATE Mortal Domain David Simonton
INCANTATION Sect Of Vile Divinities Kat "Shevil" Gillham
INTERNAL SUFFERING Supreme Knowledge Domain Randolph Whateley
INTERNAL SUFFERING Unmercyful Extermination Mirco Szymyslik
IN AETERNUM Nuclear Armageddon Michael Kujawska
INFER Aeon Of Deathless Blight Alfonso Perez
IMPALEMENT The Impalement Alfonso Perez
IMPURE DECLARATION Mind Upheaval, Unclear... Tim Klöcker
INTO COFFIN Unconquered Abysses Mirco Szymyslik
INFERNÄL MÄJESTY Demon God David Simonton
INVICTUS The Catacombs Of Fear Randolph Whateley
IN PAIN The Sound Of Death Thomas Meyer
IRON AGE The Sleeping Eye Ricardo Campos
INSURREXIÓN El Eco De La Voz Michael Kujawska
INDIAN NIGHTMARE By Ancient Force Randolph Whateley
INFECTOR Metal Da Morte Mirco Szymyslik
IRON FLESH Forged Faith Bleeding Ricardo Campos
INCARCERATION Catharsis Alfonso Perez
IMPRECATION Damnatio Ad Bestias Anders Peter Jørgensen
ILLUM ADORA ...Of Serpentine Forces Randolph Whateley
ISTAPP The Insidious Star Michael Kujawska
IN SHADOWS AND DUST Enlightened By Darkness Michael Kujawska
ISTINA Revelation Of Unknown Thomas Meyer
ICHOR Hadal Ascending Mirco Szymyslik
IN TWILIGHT`S... Lawa Anders Peter Jørgensen
INHUME Exhume: 25 Years Of... Thomas Meyer
INFURIATE Infuriate Randolph Whateley
INFECTED Dark Century Anders Peter Jørgensen
INCREMATE Violence And Insanity Ricardo Campos
INFESTER To The Depths, In... Rick Peart
IRREVERENCE Still Burns Ricardo Campos
INGURGITATING... Vision Wallows In... Ramon Claassen
INFERNAL ASSAULT Spectres Of The Night David Simonton
INTO THE CAVE Insulters Of Jesus Christ Sined-Erriep Ohr
INTERNAL SUFFERING Choronzonic Force... Rick Peart
INFERNAL EXECRATOR Obsolete Ordinance Anders Peter Jørgensen
INTERNAL SUFFERING Chaotic Matrix Rick Peart
INFATUATION OF DEATH Code Of Impiety Alfonso Perez
IN DEMONI The Grand Slam Mirco Szymyslik
INCORPOREA Tongue Of The Moribund Jeroni Sancho
INCORPOREA To Exorcize The Sun Jurij Pajk
IN SHADOWS AND DUST A Fleur De Peau Michael Kujawska
IN SHADOWS AND DUST A Fleur De Peau Mirco Szymyslik
INTO COFFIN The Majestic Supremacy... Thomas Meyer
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls: Live... Hacker
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls: Live... Thomas Meyer
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls: Live... Jaime Pérez
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls: Live... Kat "Shevil" Gillham
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls: Live... Anders Peter Jørgensen
INSULTERS Metal Still Means Danger Ricardo Campos
INFERNÄL MÄJESTY Unholier Than Thou David Simonton
INFEST Addicted To Flesh Miguel Negrón
INQUISITOR I Am Sick, I Must Die Alfonso Perez
IN REVERENCE The Selected Breed David Simonton
INCINERATOR Stench Of Distress Andrew Krause
IRON ANGEL Back From Hell Laurent Ramadier
IRON ANGEL Legions Of Evil Marco Stebich
IN OBSCURITY... Spell Of The Seeker Spitzl
INEXORABLE Sea Of Dead Consciousness Michael Kujawska
INERT Obliteration Of The Self Michael Kujawska
IN AEVUM AGERE Fugit In Solitudine Spitzl
INFAMOVS Under The Seals Of Death Carsten Lomme
IRON BASTARDS Fast & Dangerous Thomas Meyer
INFERNAL SLAUGHTER Spilling Blood And Hate Mirco Szymyslik
IN DEMONI Genetic Degeneration Thomas Meyer
IN AETERNUM The Blasphemy Returns Michael Tak
INCARCERATION Catharsis David Lucido
ILDVERDEN Темніч чорна... Anders Peter Jørgensen
ISGÄRDE Jag Enslig Skall Gå Michael Kujawska
INSANE VESPER LayiL Michael Kujawska
ISLAY The Angels' Share Mirco Szymyslik
INFESTDEAD Satanic Serenades Jaime Pérez
INCREMATE Prospect Of Death Alfonso Perez
INFECTED VIRULENCE Music Of Melkor Michael Kujawska
INCULCATOR Void Abecedary Thomas Meyer
INTO COFFIN Into A Pyramid Of Doom Carsten Lomme
IN MOURNING Afterglow Julián "The Lighthouse Keeper" Núñez
INFERNÄL MÄJESTY Nigrescent Years Of Chaos Marco Stebich
IDES Sun Of The Serpents... Carsten Lomme
INTO COFFIN A Pyramid Of Doom Thomas Meyer
ISCARIOTH I Am The Arm Spitzl
INTERMENT Where Death Will... Nathan Shapiro
INTERMENT Scent Of The Buried Marco Stebich
IMPERIAL Chaos Michael Tak
INFERNAL CONJURATION Tremendous Plague Thomas Ehrmann
INFERNAL CONJURATION Death Has Appeared Hacker
INSISION Terminal Reckoning Kunal Choksi
INSANITY Chronicles Of The Cursed Frank Stöver
INSANITY Visions Of Apocalypse Alfonso Perez
INVINCIBLE FORCE Satan Rebellion Metal Alfonso Perez
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls Thomas Meyer
INEXORABLE Sea Of Dead Consciousness Hacker
INVOKATION Ascending From Aeons... Michael Kujawska
INVOKER Aeon Thomas Meyer
INGURGITATING... Poetry Of The Flesh Ramon Claassen
INGURGITATING... Enigmatic Symmetries Michael Tak
INGURGITATING... Cadence And Perspective... Ramon Claassen
INGURGITATING... Continuum Of Absence Ramon Claassen
INEXORABLE END Voices Of A Frozen Heart Thomas Meyer
IMPURITY Into The Ritual Chamber Julián "Baphomet Shield" Núñez
ISTAPP Frostbiten Michael Kujawska
INDECADENCE EP's Mirco Szymyslik
IMPUREZA / ARSONIST... Reincremation Frank Stöver
IUVENES / LEVIATHAN Live In Eternal Sin /... Nhashi
INTERVALLE BIZARRE... Unexpected Awakening Of... Toni
INSANITY Sacrefixion Frank Stöver
INGURGITATING... Harvest Ramon Claassen
INFESTDEAD /... Son Of The Darkside /... Thomas Ehrmann
INCANTATION Onward To Golgotha Roy Kristensen
IN AETERNUM Curse Of Devastation Thomas Ehrmann
IMPURITY Guests Of The Infernal... Charles Keller
IMMOLATION Hope And Horror (MCD/DVD) Hacker
INFINITUM OBSCURE Ascension Through The... Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
INFERNAL WAR Axiom Michael Tak
INQUISITOR Walpurgis - Sabbath Of... Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
INSEPULTO The Necrodex Michael Kujawska
INCUBUS Incubus Julian "Engulfed In Unspeakable Horrors" Nunez
ISTENGOAT Atlas Shrugged Rodrigo Jiménez
ITNUVETH The Way Of The Berserker Julián "Northern Demon" Núñez
INHARMONIC Flesh Inferno Thomas Meyer
IMPRECATION /... Imprecation / Blaspherian Nathan Shapiro
IUGULATUS Satanic Pride Michael Kujawska
INFAMY Rape, Grind & Pillage Frank Stöver
INFAMY Burning Vengeance Thomas Meyer
INVOKER A New Age Thomas Meyer
IMPETUOUS RAGE Inverted Redemption Nathan Shapiro
ICHOR Depths Anders Peter Jørgensen
INCANTATION Dirges Of Elysium Stefan Franke
INSANE PROPHECY Apogee Of An Inquisition Luxi Lahtinen
INSEPULCHRAL Satanic Supremacy Anders Peter Jørgensen
INKVISITOR Delirious Tales Luxi Lahtinen
IMPACT Trepanacion Michael Oelschlegel
IMPURITY Unearthly Affinity Stefan Franke
IMPURITY Promocional Impuro Alfonso Perez
INSULTERS We Are The Plague Angelica Jannone
IMMANIFEST Qliphotic Luxi Lahtinen
INFESTED BLOOD Demonweb Pits Luxi Lahtinen
INVIDIOUS In Death Thomas Meyer
INSANIAC Terminal Madness Marco Barbieri
INTERMENT /... Glory Days, Festering... Sergei Pismeny
INFERNO Omniabsence Filled By... Dick Osmond
INCARCERATION Sacrifice Hacker
INQUISITION Into The Infernal... Alfonso Perez
INQUISITION Obscure Verses For The... Bart Gabriel
INFINITE TRANSLATION Masked Reality Luxi Lahtinen
INBREEDING REDNECKS Abnormal Life Portrayed Luxi Lahtinen
ISVIND Daumyra Jaime Pérez
IMPIOUS HAVOC Infidels Thomas Meyer
IMPALERS Power Behind The Throne Michael Oelschlegel
IRON KINGDOM Gates Of Eternity Thomas Meyer
IRON KINGDOM Curse Of The Voodoo Queen Anders Peter Jørgensen
INGENIUM Ingenium Thomas Meyer
IMPRECATION Satanae Tenebris Infinita Dick Osmond
I AM ESPER When The Sun Sets Over... Thomas Meyer
INCAPACITATE March To The Death Stefan Franke
INFINITUM OBSCURE Obscuridad Eterna Thomas Ehrmann
INFINITUM OBSCURE Ipsus Universum Thomas Ehrmann
INFINITUM OBSCURE The Luminous Black Michael Tak
INTO DARKNESS Into Darkness Hacker
INFERNAL Summon Forth The Beast Nhashi
INFERNAL Infernal Frank Stöver
INFERNAL The New Dawn / Majestic... Thomas Meyer
INFINITY Non De Hac Terra Julian “The Opponent” Núñez
IRON KOBRA Dungeon Masters Nathan Shapiro
INNER SANCTVM Christi Testamenta Michael Oelschlegel
INGLORIOUS Death Syndrome - The... Thomas Meyer
INCANTATION Vanquish In Vengeance Stefan Franke
INSEPULTO Morbid Spawn Of... Mario Cubero
IRON CURTAIN Road To Hell Thomas Meyer
INFIDEL Eviscerate Yourself Stefan Franke
INSISION The Dead Live On Frank Stöver
INSISION 15 Years Of Exaggerated... Nathan Shapiro
INCUBUS God Died On His Knees Laurent Ramadier
IMBALANCE Readymade Contraptions... Luxi Lahtinen
IMBALANCE Period Three Implies... Luxi Lahtinen
IRON DOGS Cold Bitch Julián “Blade” Nuñez
INFECTED SOCIETY Get Infected Nathan Shapiro
IBLIS Menthell Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
I`LL EAT YOUR FACE Hot Brains Terror Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
INTESTINAL The Rottening Luxi Lahtinen
IMPIOUS BAPTISM V.A.N.V.D.A. Anders Peter Jørgensen
IMPETIGO Ultimo Mondo Cannibale Mario Cubero
ISVIND Intet Lever Jaime Pérez
INSISION End Of All Jaime Pérez
IMMOLATION Providence Nathan Shapiro
ILLOGICIST The Unconsciousness Of... Luxi Lahtinen
INSANER Ignorancia Y Decadencia Thomas Ehrmann
INFUNERAL Torn From The Abyss Nathan Shapiro
IN MALICE`S WAKE The Thrashening Luxi Lahtinen
INFUNERAL A Scent Of Death Nathan Shapiro
IRRLYCHT Schatten Des Gewitters Richard Osmond
I CHAOS The Human Repellent Mindaugas Lapinskas
INCURSUS Eternal Funeral Trance Lem Lycurgus
INHARMONIC Ugly Luxi Lahtinen
INQUISITION Nefarious Dismal Orations Nhashi
INHUME Chaos, Dissection, Order Michael Kersten
INHUMATE Growth Frank Stöver
INFUNERAL Sepulchral Monument Nathan Shapiro
INFERNOISE Chainsaw's Law Matthias Auch
INFERNAL WAR Redesekration - The... Frank Stöver
INFERNAL VENGEANCE Dual Mayhem Ramon Claassen
INFECTED MALIGNITY Demo 2005 Michael Oelschlegel
INFECTED DISARRAY Promo 2001 Frank Stöver
INCRUST Baptized In Unholy Gore Stefan Franke
INCEST Copro Frank Stöver
IN DISGRACE Define Death Andi Bauer
IN CHAINS Demolition Business Wes Rhodes
IN AETERNUM Nuclear Armageddon Stefan Franke in collaboration with F. Cthulhu E.
IMPIETY Paramount Evil Stefan Franke
IMPETUOUS RAGE Decayed In The... Frank Stöver
IMPERIAL SODOMY Demolished F. Cthulhu E.
IMPALER Chronicles Of Terror Michael Tak
IMPALED NAZARENE All That You Fear Edouard Vergriete
IMPALED NAZARENE Absence Of War Does Not... Ramon Claassen
IMMORTAL RITES For Tyrant's Sake Julián Núñez
IMMOLATION Shadows In The Light Manolis A.
ILL FARES THE LAND Nonentity Frank Stöver
IKUINEN KAAMOS So Rose The Dreadful... Stefan Franke
I Between Two Worlds Roy Kristensen
IRON ANGEL The Tapes - Brazilian... Frank Stöver
INTRUDER Live To Die... Relived Frank Stöver
INSIDE HATRED The Degenerated World Of... Thomas Ehrmann
ISEGRIM Dominus Infernus Ushanas Frank Stöver
IRON ANGEL The Tapes - Live, Demo &... Frank Stöver
INSISION Revealed And Worshipped Hacker
INQUISIÇÃO One More Battle Laurent Ramadier
INIMICAL In The Thorned Fields Of... Stefan Franke
INFESTUS ExIst Matthias Auch
IN TORMENTATA QUIETE Teatroelementale Matthias Auch
IN THE WOODS... Live At The... Nhashi
IMPIETY Terroreign (Apocalyptic... Matthias Auch
ILLOGICIST Polymorphism Of Death Ramon Claassen
IGNORANCE No More War Thomas Ehrmann
INVICTUS Imperium Paganum Ulrich Kreienbrink
ISENGARD Vinterskugge Roy Kristensen
INTRUDER Escape From Pain Frank Stöver
INTERNAL SUFFERING Supreme Knowledge Domain Frank Stöver
INSANITY From The Grave Frank Stöver
INSANITY Death After Death Laurent Ramadier
INFAMY The Blood Shall Flow Frank Stöver
IMPRECATION Theurgia Goetia Summa Nathan Shapiro
IUVENES Triumph Of The Will Jeroni Sancho
IUVENES Towards Sources Of... Nhashi
IUVENES Blood, Steel And Temper... Stefan Franke
ISOLE Silent Ruins Matthias Auch
ISKALD Revelations Of Reckoning... Torsten Gründig
ISLAND Island Ulrich Kreienbrink
ISLAND Orakel Tim Klöcker
IRATE ARCHITECT Visitors Tim Klöcker
IRATE ARCHITECT Born Blood Portrait Tim Klöcker
IPERYT Totalitarian Love Pulse Wes Rhodes
INVOKER Initiate Mind Regression Mirco Szymyslik
INVOCATOR Through The Flesh To The... Stefan Franke
INVOCATION Invocation Of The... Thomas Ehrmann
INVERACITY Circle Of Perversion Stefan Franke
INTO THE VOID Love For A Lifetime Hurricane
INTO ETERNITY Buried In Oblivion Christoph Göbel
INTESTINE BAALISM Ultimate Instinct Luxi Lahtinen
INTESTINE BAALISM Banquet In The Darkness Stefan Franke
INTERNECINE The Book Of Lambs Frank Stöver
INTERNAL SUFFERING Choronzonic Force... Michael Oelschlegel
INTERNAL SUFFERING Chaotic Matrix Frank Stöver
INTERNAL SUFFERING Supreme Knowledge Domain Schenk
INTENDED VICTIM Inevitable Stefan Hagmayer
INSORCIST The Slaughter Of Divine... Alfonso Perez
IN SOLITUDE In Solitude Thomas Ehrmann
INSISION Beneath The Folds Of... Frank Stöver
INSIDIOUS OMEN Anointed With The Blood... Stefan Franke
INSIDIOUS DISEASE Shadowcast Alfonso Perez
INSANE Wait And Pray Edouard Vergriete
INRI Hyper Bastard Breed Frank Stöver
INRAGE Built To Destroy Frank Stöver
INQUISITION Ominous Doctrines Of The... Stefan Franke
INQUISITION Magnificent... Stefan Franke
INQUISITION Invoking The Majestic... Phil Jonas
INMOST DENSE Unfold Frank Stöver
IN MEMORIUM From Misery... Comes... Stefan Franke
INKISITOR Inkisitor Nathan Shapiro
INIQUITY Iniquity Bloody Iniquity Frank Stöver
INIQUITY Grime Frank Stöver
INHUME Moulding The Deformed Matthias Auch
INHUME In For The Kill Edouard Vergriete
INHUMATE Life Ulrich Kreienbrink
INHUMAN HATRED Sickening Entertainment Nhashi
INHERIT DISEASE Procreating An Apocalypse Torsten Gründig
INHERIT Of Sin, Suffering And... Frank Stöver
INGURGITATING... Voyage Towards Abhorrence Ramon Claassen
INFLICTION Trails Of Obliteration Steffen Ilm
INFINITY The Arcane Wisdom Of... Matthias Auch
INFINITY The Birth Of Death Stefan Franke
INFINITUM OBSCURE Sub Atris Caelis Michael Tak
INFINITED HATE Heaven Termination F. Cthulhu E.
INFINITED HATE Revel In Bloodshed Frank Stöver
INFESTATION Mass Immolation Frank Stöver
INFERNO Uctivani Temne Zurivosti Andi Bauer
INFERNAL REVULSION Devastate Under... Michael Kersten
INFERNÄL MÄJESTY One Who Points To Death Laurent Ramadier
INFERNAL LEGION Your Prayers Mean Nothing Stefan Franke
INFECTING THE SOUL Promotional Demo 2003 Frank Stöver
INCRIMINATED Promise Of Worse To Come Frank Stöver
INCRIMINATED Kings Of Misery Ulrich Kreienbrink
INCANTATION Blasphemous Cremation Jason Campbell
INCANTATION Primordial Domination Mario Cubero
INCANTATION Decimate Christendom Stefan Franke
INCANTATION Blasphemy Phil Jonas
INCANTATION Live - Blasphemy In... Edouard Vergriete
INARBORAT Inarborat Torsten Gründig
INARBORAT Wisdom Sans Words Andi Bauer
IN AETERNUM The Pestilent Plague Schenk
IMPURITY Promo 2009 Luis M.L. Sallard
IMPURE In Disrespect To Mankind Stefan Franke
IMPIOUS The Killer Stefan Franke
IMPIETY Worshippers Of The... Juilián "Herald of pain! Núñez
IMPIETY Dominator Frank Stöver
IMPIETY Formidonis Nex Cultus Jeroni Sancho
IMPIETY Kaos Kommand 696 Stefan Franke
IMPERIOUS In Splendour Frank Stöver
IMPERIAL SODOMY Tormenting The Pacifist Frank Stöver
IMPETUOUS RAGE Inverted Redemption Manolis A.
IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Dämmerung der Szenarien Jeroni Sancho
IMPALED NAZARENE Manifest Julián Núñez
IMPALED NAZARENE Pro Patria Finlandia Edouard Vergriete
IMPALED NAZARENE Death Comes In 26... Edouard Vergriete
IMPALED NAZARENE Decade Of Decadence Frank Stöver
IMPALED Medical Waste Stefan Franke
IMPALED Mondo Medicale Stefan Franke
IMPALED Choice Cuts Frank Stöver
IMMORTAL RITES Art Of Devolution Ramon Claassen
IMMORTAL Sons Of Northern Darkness Steven Willems
IMMOLATION Harnessing Ruin Frank Stöver
IMMOLATION Unholy Cult Edouard Vergriete
IMMOLATION Close To A World Below Schenk
IMMEMOREAL Temple Of Retribution Frank Stöver
ILLOGICIST Dissonant Perspectives Stefan Franke
ILLDISPOSED Kokaiinum Frank Stöver
ILLDISPOSED Retro Frank Stöver
ILBRED Unearthly Sufferance Frank Stöver
IGNIVOMOUS Death Transmutation Manolis A.
IC REX Valonkantajan Alkemia Julián Núñez