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Band /Artist Title Author
PHANTOM WINTER Her Cold Materials Will "Bones" Lee
PÉNITENCE ONIRIQUE Nature Morte Julián "Pharmakos" Núñez
PROTEAN SHIELD Protean Shield Randolph Whateley
PATHOGEN Moribund Manifesto Travis Reynolds
PHANTOM CORPORATION Fallout Randolph Whateley
PROFECI Ubóstwo Alfonso Perez
PUSTILENCE Beliefs Of Dead... Vamsi Kanagovi
PANZERKRIEG 666 Wolfpack Jaime Pérez
PLAGUE GOD New Veins For Old Blood David Simonton
PUTRID YELL Consuming Aberration Yoga Ghotama
PAGANFIRE Of Deathblades And... Olaf Brinkmann
PARASITARIO Everything Belongs To... Alfonso Perez
PERISH The Decline Michael Kujawska
PALE KING We Are But Memories Mirco Szymyslik
PILEDRIVER Stay Ugly Randolph Whately
PEURBLEUE La Cigüe Thomas Meyer
PANZERFAUST The Suns Of Perdition,... Vamsi Kanagovi
PROTECTOR Excessive Outburst Of... Rick Peart
PURGATORY Apotheosis Of Anti Light Julián "Deny! Deny!! Deny!!!" Núñez
PATRISTIC Apologetica Vamsi Kanagovi
POST-MORTEM The Monumental... Alfonso Perez
PAGANIZER March Of The Insane David Simonton
PAGANIZER Massdeath Maniac Kat "Shevil" Gillham
PHANTOM CORPORATION... Banner Of Hatred /... Frank Stöver
PERSECUTORY Summoning The Lawless... Vamsi Kanagovi
POISONOUS Doomed Pillars Rick Peart
PHALANX INFERNO /... Order Of Eternal... Thomas Meyer
DERANGED / PARKCREST Tormenting Hallucinations Mirco Szymyslik
PAKKT To Brocken Heights Where... Anders Peter Jørgensen
PENSÉES NOCTURNES Douce Fange Thomas Meyer
PHRENELITH Chimaera Rick Peart
PRAY U PREY The Omega Kill Thomas Meyer
PROTECTOR A Shedding Of Skin Ricardo Campos
PATHOGEN Ravages Of The Tyrant David Simonton
PAZUZU Oath Of Unholy Sacrilege Thomas Meyer
POSSESSED Death Metal Demo Thomas Meyer
PHARAOH The Powers That Be Mirco Szymyslik
PURTENANCE Member Of Immortal... David Simonton
PLAGUELORD The Silent King Randolph Whateley
PARASITE Deep Into The Dark Alfonso Perez
PHALANX INFERNO The Age Of Anti-Aquarius Mirco Szymyslik
POISONED / DEATH... Split Sebastián Salce
PIGSTY Pig Blood Vamsi Kanagovi
PROSCRIPTION Conduit Anders Peter Jørgensen
PANZERFAUST The Suns Of Perdition -... Randolph Whateley
PERDITION TEMPLE Sacraments Of Descension Alfonso Perez
PALE DIVINE Consequence Of Time Sebastián Salce
PYRE Chained To Ossuaries Julián “Impaler The Redeemer” Núñez
PARASITARIO Afterlife Truth (Demo... Ricardo Campos
PROFANE CONGREGATION Apocalyptic Visions David Simonton
PAZUZU Revenant Of Blasphemies Alfonso Perez
PROFECI Matecznik Mirco Szymyslik
PUTRID Antichrist Above Miguel Negrón
PISTILOS OPIUM Híbrido Randolph Whateley
PROSCRITO Llagas Y Estigmas Randolph Whateley
PORTA NIGRA Schöpfungswut Alfonso Perez
PROFANATOR Fallen Anders Peter Jørgensen
POPIÓŁ Zabobony Thomas Meyer
PAGANIZER The Tower Of The Morbid Michael Kujawska
PORTA DAEMONIUM /... Emanifestation From... Julián "The Voice Of Exiled" Núñez
PRIPJAT / HELL:ON A Glimpse... Beyond Anders Peter Jørgensen
PHRENELITH Ornamented Dead Eyes Miguel Negrón
PENTACLE Spectre Of The Eight... David Simonton
PANZERFAUST The Suns Of Perdition -... Michael Kujawska
POWER FROM HELL Profound Evil Presence Rick Peart
PERISHED Through The Black Mist Rick Peart
PIG`S BLOOD A Flock Slaughtered Anders Peter Jørgensen
POPIÓL Zabobony Mirco Szymyslik
PAGANIZER /... Paganizer / Heathenspawn Thomas Meyer
PROTECTOR Summon The Hordes Rick Peart
PÁNICO AL MIEDO /... La Senda De La Muerte Mirco Szymyslik
PENSÉES NOCTURNES Grand Guignol Orchestra Ricardo Campos
PHERETRUM Alienated Demons David Simonton
PANDEMONIUM Caé Ya Ricardo Campos
PARAGON IMPURE Sade David Simonton
PAGANIZER Promoting Total Death Julián "All Hope Is Dead" Núñez
PLAGUE BEARER Winds Of Pestilence Michael Kujawska
PULVERIZED Monuments Of Misanthropy David Simonton
PSYCHOTOMY Aphotik Spitzl
PREZIR As Rats Devour Lions Mirco Szymyslik
PRECEPTOR Dogmatismo Jarne Brauns
PANZER SQUAD Ruins Michael Kujawska
PANCHRYSIA Dogma Randolph Whateley
PÁNICO AL MIEDO Formador Ricardo Campos
PESTIFER Execration Diatribes Michael Kujawska
PUTRID EVIL /... Chapel Of Stillborn... Rick Peart
PETRIFICATION Hollow Of The Void Jurij Pajk
PUNGENT STENCH Smut Kingdom Alfonso Perez
PURTENANCE Paradox Of Existence Julián “Nekro Orgy” Núñez
PÁNICO AL MIEDO Formador Alfonso Perez
PERPETRATÖR Altered Beast Spitzl
PLAGUE A Blaze Of Unholy Fire Randolph Whateley
PHYLACTERY Aeber Thomas Meyer
THE PROPRIETOR For Nothing Is My Own Ricardo Campos
PUNGENT STENCH Been Caught Buttering Jaime Pérez
PUNGENT STENCH Dirty Rhymes &... Jarne Brauns
PUNGENT STENCH Club Mondo Bizarre - For... Daniel Melendez
PUNGENT STENCH For God Your Soul... For... Julián “Bonesawer” Núñez
PUNGENT STENCH First Recordings Rick Peart
PHRENELITH Desolate Endscape Ricardo Campos
POMSTA Wild Lands Spitzl
PENTHOS Lifeless Haze Miguel Negrón
THE PSALM I Ricardo Campos
PILE OF EXCREMENTS Escatology Ricardo Campos
PERVERSOR ​/... Perverso Dios Chivo Thomas Meyer
PESTILENCE Presence Of The Pest... Julián "Out Of The Body" Núñez
PROSCRITO El Calvario Miguel Negrón
PERISHED Kark Miguel Negrón
PROCESSION Doom Decimation Alfonso Perez
PEREPLUT At The Ancient Times Thomas Meyer
PLASMODIUM Entheognosis Spitzl
POISONOUS Perdition's Den Michael Tak
POISONOUS Perdition's Den Thomas Meyer
PERSECUTORY Towards The Ultimate... Alfonso Perez
PIG`S BLOOD Pig's Blood Anders Peter Jørgensen
PUTRID OFFAL Anatomy Mirco Szymyslik
PORTA DAEMONIUM Serpent Of Chaos Alfonso Perez
PALE KING Monolith Of The Malign Thomas Meyer
PERPETUAL DEMISE Arctic Ricardo Campos
PESTILENCE Reflections Of The Mind Chris Forbes
PROFOUND GRAVE /... Immortal Chaos Ascends Spitzl
PRECARIA Precaria Ex Humanitas Ricardo Campos
PATRIA Magna Adversia Diego Rodrigues
PROFANAL / OBSCURE... United In Death Anders Peter Jørgensen
PSICORRAGIA Madremuerte David Lucido
PHANTOM CORPORATION First Commandment Michael Kujawska
PATH 11 A New Direction Of Life David Simonton
POISONED Beyond The Gates Of Fire Michael Tak
PAROXSIHZEM Abyss Of Excruciating... Antonio Barrote
PERIPHERAL CORTEX Rupture Mirco Szymyslik
PANYCHIDA Haereticalia - The Night... Michael Kujawska
PRINCEPS DAEMONUM /... Icono Infernorum Et... Anders Peter Jørgensen
PARASIT A Proud Tradition Of... Thomas Meyer
PYROMANCER Demo MMXV Mirco Szymyslik
PUTRISECT / SCORCHED Final State Of Existence Carsten Lomme
PESTKULT Soul Collector Ricardo Campos
PRIMIGENIUM For The Children Of This... Diego Rodrigues
PHERETRUM Still Being Maggots Anders Peter Jørgensen
PROTECTOR Cursed And Coronated Mirco Szymyslik
PURGATORY Omega Void Tribvnal Hacker
PHLEGEIN From The Land Of Death Julián "Son Of The Dawn" Núñez
PRAISE THE FLAME Manifest Rebellion Rodrigo Jiménez
PRAISE THE FLAME Manifest Rebellion Alfonso Perez
PATHOGEN /... Consecrated In Morbidity Julián "Fleshcraver" Núñez
PANDEMONIUM Bones Will Rise From The... Julián "Hellspawn" Núñez
PANDEMONIUM The Ancient Catatonia Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
PURTENANCE ...To Spread The Flame... Carsten Lomme
PUTREVORE Tentacles Of Horror Thomas Meyer
PESTILENCE The Dysentery Penance Sergei Pismeny
PRIMIGENIUM /... Primigenium / Aversio... Michael Kujawska
PISSGRAVE Suicide Euphoria Dick Osmond
PRIME EVIL Blood Curse Resurrection Thomas Meyer
PENTAGRAM CHILE /... Ritual Human Slaughter /... Marco Stebich
PAGANUS DOCTRINA Omnipotense Aeternae... Thomas Meyer
POSSESSION 1585 - 1646 Anders Peter Jørgensen
PSYCHOFAGIST /... Selfless Spite Ulrich Kreienbrink
PEST Vado Mori Andi Bauer
PEST Hail The Black Metal... Edouard Vergriete
PENTAGRAM Reborn 2001 Frank Stöver
PARADISE LOST Gothic Nathan Shapiro / Frank Stöver
PANCHRYSIA /... The Ultimate Crescendo... Mirco Szymyslik
PURGATORY /... Hell Bastards Mirco Szymyslik
PRAISE THE FLAME Profane Cult Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
PYREXIA Sermon Of Mockery Michael Kujawska
PERPETRATÖR Thermonuclear Epiphany Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
PERDITION TEMPLE The Tempter's Victorious Michael Kujawska
PANIKK Unbearable Conditions Alfonso Perez
PUTRID EVOCATION Echoes Of Death Thomas Meyer
PAGANLAND Fatherland Julián "The Eternal Fire Of Fame" Núñez
PUTRID OFFAL Mature Necropsy Anders Peter Jørgensen
PREACH Gasoline Veins Mirco Szymyslik
PLAGUE Abyssdiver Hacker
PUTRID EVIL Massgrave Overtortures Thomas Meyer
POST MORTAL... Possessing Entity Michael Kujawska
PAGANIZER 20 Years In A Terminal... Thomas Meyer
PERDITION WINDS Aura Of Suffering Julián “Storming Primordial Oceans” Núñez
PRIMAL Prophetae Michael Kujawska
PRIMAL Obłęd Alfonso Perez
PAGANIZER Cadaver Casket (On A... Thomas Meyer
PUTRID YELL When Life Has Ceased Alfonso Perez
PENTACLE The Fifth Moon... Beyond... Frank Stöver
POSTMORTEM The Bowls Of Wrath Alfonso Perez
POPPY SEED GRINDER Promo 2014 Mirco Szymyslik
PENTACLE Five Candles Burning Red Stefan Franke
PENTACLE ...Rides The Moonstorm Bart Gabriel
PUTERAEON The Extraordinary Work... Thomas Ehrmann
PUTERAEON Fascination For... Thomas Ehrmann
PUTERAEON Crawling Chaos Thomas Meyer
PORTRAIT Welcome To My Funeral Frank Stöver
PORTRAIT Crossroads Bart Gabriel
PARAMNESIA Paramnesia Thomas Meyer
PRELUDIUM Redemption Luxi Lahtinen
PURGATION Exterminated Malfeasance Michael Oelschlegel
PUTRIFIED Sacrilegious Purification Thomas Meyer
PUTERAEON / REVEL... Imperial Anthems No. 13 Thomas Meyer
PANYCHIDA Grief For An Idol Anders Peter Jørgensen
PERVERSUS STIGMATA Interstellar Hatred Void Luxi Lahtinen
POSSESSION Anneliese Stefan Franke
POSSESSION His Best Deceit Thomas Meyer
PIRAÑA Corruption Julián “Thrash Wars” Núñez
PANIKK Unbearable Conditions Luxi Lahtinen
PYRE Ravenous Decease Julián “Devastactic” Núñez
PENTSIGN The Call Of The Ancient Luxi Lahtinen
PENTACLE / MORTEM Liquefied Blood Of The... Manolis A.
PROMISCUITY Infernal Rock'n'Roll Alfonso Perez
PROMISCUITY Basic Instinct Alfonso Perez
PURTENANCE Awaken From Slumber Michael Oelschlegel
PROFANATICA The Enemy Of Virtue Frank Stöver
PROFANATICA Thy Kingdom Cum Angelica Jannone
PROTECTOR Kain And Abel Nathan Shapiro
PROTECTOR Reanimated Homunculus Michael Tak
PERVERSION Pillars Of The... Michael Oelschlegel
PENTAGRAM CHILE The Malefice Stefan Franke
POSSESSION His Best Deceit Nathaniel Colas
PROSPECTIVE REIGN Abandon Your God Luxi Lahtinen
PSYCHOBOLIA Delightful Carnage Thomas Meyer
PRAISE THE FLAME Profane Cult Hacker
PLAGUE ANGELS Reign In Terror Michael Oelschlegel
PUTRID EVOCATION Blackness Enshroud Anders Peter Jørgensen
PLAGUEBREEDER Loath Luxi Lahtinen
PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR 4: You Shall Not Destroy Anders Peter Jørgensen
PATRONYMICON All Daggers Towards The... Thomas Meyer
(PSYCHOPARALYSIS) Human Disposition Luxi Lahtinen
PEKLA Degsit Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
PURGATORY Deathkvlt - Grand... Ralf Hauber
PHALGERON Cosmic Cataclysms Angelica Jannone
PAGANFIRE Wreaking Fear And Death Stefan Franke
PROCESSION To Reap Heavens Apart Dick Osmond
PSYCHOSIS By Our Hand Luxi Lahtinen
POSSESSOR Make Them Eat Metal Michael Oelschlegel
PRAISE THE FLAME Profane Cult Michael Oelschlegel
PUTREVORE Macabre Kingdom Stefan Franke
PAGANLAND Wind Of Freedom Julián “Chornohora” Nuñez
PHLEBOTOMIZED Devoted To God / Preach... Thomas Meyer
POLLUTED INHERITANCE Ecocide Angelica Jannone
PATHOGEN Miscreants Of... Thomas Meyer
PROFETUS ...To Open The Passages... Luxi Lahtinen
PHIDION Flesh Of The Forsaken Jaime Perez
PURE EVIL As Blood Turns Black,... Luxi Lahtinen
PIRAÑA Corruption Julián “Viper” Núñez
PRIMORDIUM Gates Of Re-Staú:... Anders Peter Jørgensen
PUSTULATION Under The Shadow Of Death Stefan Franke
PENTACLE Archaic Undead Fury Frank Stöver
PENTACLE Adv. of split EP Tracks Frank Stöver
PRIMIGENIUM Faith Through Anguish Anders Peter Jørgensen
PALE DIVINE Painted Windows Black Luxi Lahtinen
PATHOLOGY The Time of Great... Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
PRIME EVIL Evilution Alfonso Perez
PAGAN ALTAR The Time Lord Luxi Lahtinen
PURTENANCE Sacrifice The King Thomas Meyer
PURTENANCE Sacrifice The King Michael Oelschlegel
PLAGUEBREEDER Unleash Hellfire Luxi Lahtinen
PANDEMONIUM Misanthropy Nathan Shapiro
POSSESSOR City Built With Skulls Michael Oelschlegel
PYURIA Incarnadine Revelry Luxi Lahtinen
PACT The Dragon Lineage Of... Dick Osmond
PSEUDOGOD Deathwomb Catechesis Dick Osmond
PUTRIFIED Neurotic Necrotic Michael Tak
PRIMARY SLAVE Another Mark Is Drawn Nathan Shapiro
(PSYCHOPARALYSIS) Escalation Luxi Lahtinen
PRIMAL Deathzone Anders Peter Jørgensen
PROFANER Morbid Possession Thomas Ehrmann
PYRRHON An Excellent Servant But... Nathan Shapiro
PLAGUE WARHEAD Whore Of Lücifer Michael Oelschlegel
PUTRIFIED Spawn Of The Dead Hacker
PERVERSITY Ablaze Julián “Merciless” Núñez
PRIMAL / IUGULATUS... Chapel Of Fear Anders Peter Jørgensen
PHARAOH OVERLÖRD Out Of Darkness Luxi Lahtinen
PURTENANCE Member Of Immortal... Stefan Franke
PUTREFIED Promo 2005 Stefan Franke
PROTECTOR Ominous Message Of... Frank Stöver
PROSANCTUS INFERI Sacreligious Desecration... Wes Rhodes
PROCESSION The Cult Of Disease Mario Cubero
PRELUDIUM Impending Hostility Thomas Ehrmann
PRELLUDE A Estrada Do Rock Julián Núñez
POSTHUM Posthum Matthias Auch
POISONOUS Demo 2009 Thomas Ehrmann
PHOBIA 22 Random Acts Of... Matthias Auch
PESTHAUCH Sacrifice At Dawn Andi Bauer
PEST Desecration Nhashi
PEK Vomit Upon The Priest Nathan Shapiro
PARRICIDE Illtreat Edouard Vergriete
PAGAN RITES Pagan Metal Torsten Gründig
PYURIA Sublime Metrics... Nathaniel Colas
PYRAMAZE Immortal Matthias Auch
PYAEMIA Cerebral Cereal Ramon Claassen
POSSESSED Seven Churches Hacker
PORTAL Outré Jeroni Sancho
PENTAGRAM Pentagram Edouard Vergriete
PENTACLE ...Rides The Moonstorm Manolis A.
PAGANFIRE Tasteless Revenge Wes Rhodes
PARADISE LOST Lost Paradise / Gothic Timothy Dovgy / Frank Stöver
PUTRID Demo MMX Julián Núñez
PSYKRA Terra Pi F. Cthulhu E.
PSYCHO KILLER Hunt In A Kindergaten Thomas Ehrmann
PROJECT: FAILING... Project: Failing Flesh Steven Willems
PROJECT: FAILING... The Conjoined Steven Willems
PROFEZIA Black Misanthropic Elite... Andi Bauer
PREDATOR Hell On The Earth Edouard Vergriete
POVERTY Global Destruction Christoph Göbel
PLEURISY Dazed And Deranged Frank Stöver
PILLORY No Lifeguard At The Gene... F. Cthulhu E.
PHOBIC Sick Blemished Uncreation Frank Stöver
PHILOSOPHER What Dwells Beyond Ramon Claassen
PESTER Sombre Infinity Stefan Franke
PRIMORDIAL Redemption At The... Manolis A.
POWER THEORY Out Of The Ashes, Into... Luxi Lahtinen
PROTECTOR Echoes From The Past... Timothy Dovgy
PRIME EVIL Unearthed Adam Delarede
PREYER Terminator Laurent Ramadier
PRELLUDE Máquina Do Tempo Julián Núñez
POSSESSED Beyond The Gates Hacker
PORTAL Seepia Jeroni Sancho
POISON Further Down Into The... Frank Stöver
PHLEGETHON Drifting In The Crypt Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
PENTACLE Under The Black Cross Manolis A.
PARADISE LOST Drown In Darkness - The... Norman McCann
PYROPHORIC Accursed Oblivion Julián Núñez
PUTERAEON The Requiem Thomas Ehrmann
THE PURITAN The Puritan Hurricane
PURGATORY Necromantaeon Matthias Auch
PURGATORY Cultus Luciferi - The... Ulrich Kreienbrink
PURGATORY Luciferianism Andi Bauer
PURGATORY Blessed With Flames Of... Frank Stöver
PUNISH Dawn Of The Martyr Julián Núñez
PSYCROPTIC Symbols Of Failure Edouard Vergriete
PSYCROPTIC The Scepter Of The... Stefan Franke
PSYCHOTRON Open The Gate Ramon Claassen
PSYCHOBOLIA Fisting You All Wes Rhodes
THE PROVENANCE 25th Hour; Bleeding Ramon Claassen
PROSTITUTE... Left In Grisly Fashion Stefan Franke
PROSTITUTE... Deeds Of Derangement Ramon Claassen
PROSANCTUS INFERI Pandemonic Ululations Of... Luis M. L. Sallard
THE PROJECT HATE... The Lustrate Process Norman McCann
THE PROJECT HATE... Armageddon March Eternal... Andi Bauer
PROFANITY Slaughtering Thoughts Frank Stöver
PROFANATICA Disgusting Blasphemies... Lem Lycurgus
PROFANATICA Profanatitas De Domonatia Andi Bauer
PROCLAMATION Messiah Of Darkness And... Jeroni Sancho
PRIMORDIAL To The Nameless Dead Manolis A.
PRIMORDIAL Storm Before Calm Ramon Claassen
PRIMAL DAWN Zealot Ulrich Kreienbrink
POSTMORTEM Seeds Of Devastation Matthias Auch
POSTMORTEM Constant Hate Matthias Auch
POSSESSION Storm Of Hateness Stefan Franke
PORTRAIT Portrait Laurent Ramadier
PLAGUE BEARER Rise Of The Goat Manolis A.
PLACE OF SKULLS Nailed Edouard Vergriete
PITBULLS IN THE... Lunatic Ralf Hauber
PIG DESTROYER Terrifyer Christoph Göbel
PICA FIERCE Reptile Frank Stöver
PICA FIERCE A Spiral Of Violence Frank Stöver
PICA FIERCE Urbania Ramon Claassen
PHOBIA Serenity Through Pain Tony
PHAZM Cornerstone Of The... Matthias Auch
PHAZM Hate At First Seed Edouard Vergriete
PHANTOM CREW Thrashing Spree Laurent Ramadier
PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS In Memoriam, Ill Omen Matthias Auch
PESTILENCE Resurrection Macabre Nathan Shapiro
PESTILENCE Chronicles Of The Scourge Frank Stöver
PEST Rest In Morbid Darkness Julián Núñez
PEST In Total Contempt Nhashi
PESSIMIST Evolution Unto Evil Julián Núñez
PESSIMIST Slaughtering The Faithful Edouard Vergriete
PERVERSOR Demon Metal Nathan Shapiro
PERVERSOR Demon Metal Julián Núñez
PERVERSITY In The Garment Of Lust Stefan Franke
PERSEFONE Truth Inside The Shades Edouard Vergriete
PERSECUTOR Wings Of Death Thomas Ehrmann
PERSECUTION Mental Chaos Frank Stöver
PERDITION TEMPLE Edict Of The Antichrist... Luis M. L. Sallard
PENTAGRAM Show 'Em How Edouard Vergriete
PENTAGRAM A Keg Full Of Dynamite Edouard Vergriete
PENTAGRAM Turn To Stone Edouard Vergriete
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here - The... Edouard Vergriete
PENTAGRAM Sub-Basement Edouard Vergriete
PENTACLE Under The Black Cross Stefan Franke
PENTACLE Ancient Death Frank Stöver
PENTACLE Ancient Death Steven Willems
PAVOR Furioso Hacker
PATHS OF POSSESSION Promises In Blood Mario Cubero
PARAGON BELIAL Nosferathu Sathanis Matthias Auch
PANZERCHRIST Room Service Stefan Franke
PANZERCHRIST Soul Collector Dimitri Ganatsios
PANDEMONIUM Promo 2010 Michael Tak
PANDEMONIC The Art Of Hunting Frank Stöver
PANDEMIA Riven Mirco Szymyslik
PAIN CONFESSOR Turmoil Ramon Claassen
PAGAN RITES Mark Of The Devil Stefan Franke
PAGAN RITES Rites Of The Pagan... Frank Stöver
PAGANIZER Carnage Junkie Matthias Auch
PAGANIZER No Divine Rapture Frank Stöver
PAGANIZER Murder Death Kill Stefan Franke
PAGAN HELLFIRE Spirit Of Blood And... Matthias Auch