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Band /Artist Title Author
WARBELL Ruin Will "Bones" Lee
WOLVES OF PERDITION Ultra Violence Alfonso Perez
WARHAWK Dambuster Henning Pieper
WITCHES HOLLOW Grimoire David Simonton
WOLVENNEST The Dark Path To The... Will "Bones" Lee
WALDGEFLÜSTER Unter Bronzenen Kronen Julián "Black Flies" Núñez
WÉKERAS Pochwała Cienia Mirco Szymyslik
WORMVEIL Overlords Of Darkness Julián “Lord Of Fire” Núñez
WILCZYCA Magija Julián “Tetragrammaton” Núñez
WOLFPATH Wolfpath Julián “Cursed Moon” Núñez
WALHALLA Release The Beast Julián “A Goat For Kirill” Núñez
WILD BEYOND Wild Beyond Mirco Szymyslik
WRITTEN IN BLOOD Written In Blood Mirco Szymyslik
WESENWILLE III: The Great Light... Vamsi Kanagovi
WITCHER Lélekharang José Alejandro Zúñiga Gutiérrez
WELCOME TO PLESHIWAR Unsolved Alfonso Perez
WÖMIT ANGEL Sadopunk Finland Randolph Whateley
WESENWILLE I: Wesenwille & Live At... Vamsi Kanagovi
WARFIST Teufels Wedekind Gisbertson
WAN Antichristian Douchebags José Alejandro Zúñiga Gutiérrez
WARFARE The Songbook Of Filth Kat "Shevil" Gillham
WOUND Serpent Crown Alfonso Perez
WHOREDOM RIFE Winds Of Wrath David Simonton
WELTNACHT Das Irrlicht Thomas Meyer
WHITE SNAKE OF... By The Rivers Of Heresy Thomas Meyer
WECKÖRHEAD 2021 Thomas Meyer
WORM Foreverglade Vamsi Kanagovi
WINGLESS Nonconform Randolph Whateley
WHARFLURCH Psychedelic Realms Ov... Vamsi Kanagovi
WILCZYCA DrakoNequissime Rick Peart
WHEEL Preserved In Time Kat "Shevil" Gillham
WITCHFUCK Black Blood Baptism David Simonton
WODE Burn In Many Mirrors Randolph Whateley
WESENWILLE II: A Material God Vamsi Kanaovi
WRATHRONE Eve Of Infliction Vamsi Kanagovi
WOMBRIPPER Macabre Melodies Thomas Meyer
WHARFLURCH Lurking Doom + Demo 2019 Vamsi Kanagovi
WITCHER Néma Gyász Randolph Whateley
WITCHBONES Akasha 3: Salt, Sea,... Julián "There Is Thunder In Our Hearts 666" Núñez
WITCHBONES Akasha 2: The Lost Demos Julián "Keeper Of The Keys" Nuñez
WAR AGENDA Propaganda David Simonton
WITCHBONES Goety Julián “Ghost Of Fallen Wolves” Núñez
WINTEREVE October Dark Michael Kujawska
WECKÖRHEAD Für Lemmy Thomas Meyer
WOLVES DEN Miserere David Simonton
WILCZYCA Wilczyca Thomas Meyer
WINDFALL Spiritual Famine Michael Kujawska
WOMBBATH Choirs Of The Fallen Michael Kujawska
WITCHER A Gyertyák Csonkig... Randolph Whateley
WINTERWOLF Lycanthropic Metal Of... Randolph Whateley
WECKÖRHEAD Taub Für Immer Thomas Meyer
WARFIST Grünberger Ricardo Campos
WHISKEY RITUAL Black Metal Ultras Randolph Whateley
WERIAN Animist Rick Peart
WHOREDOM RIFE Nid - Hymner Av Hat Rick Peart
WARFARE Pure Filth Anders Peter Jørgensen
WARFARE Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem Randolph Whateley
WARFARE A Conflict Of Hatred Rick Peart
WARFARE Metal Anarchy Kat "Shevil" Gillham
WEAK ASIDE Forward Into Darkness Julián “We're All Condemned” Núñez
WARFARE Noise, Filth & Fury E.P. Kat "Shevil" Gillham
WRATHRONE Reflections Of Torment Randolph Whateley
WHOREHOUSE Corporation Alfonso Perez
WOMBBATH The Great Desolation Rick Peart
WOMB Devotion To The Sea Mirco Szymyslik
WARFIST / EXCIDIUM Laws Of Perversion &... Miguel Negrón
WATAIN Trident Wolf Eclipse Ricardo Campos
WECKÖRHEAD Für Lemmy Thomas Meyer
WITCHERY I Am Legion David Lucido
WAR POSSESSION Doomed To Chaos David Simonton
WARFIST Metal To The Bone David Simonton
WORMWOOD Ghostlands: Wounds From... Thomas Meyer
WITCHERY Witchkrieg Nathan Shapiro
WITCHERY In His Infernal... Anders Peter Jørgensen
WARFATHER The Grey Eminence Thomas Meyer
WOUND Engrained Jaime Pérez
WYRUZ Judge And Jury David Lucido
WIRED ANXIETY The Delirium Of Negation David Simonton
WORMREICH /... Infirmos Vocat Deus Fidei Mirco Szymyslik
WHILE THEY SLEEP La Nausee Diego Rodrigues
WHIPSTRIKER Only Filth Will Prevail Michael Kujawska
WOMBBATH / DEPARTED... Embracing The Cold... Thomas Meyer
WEDERGANGER / LASTER Wederganger / Laster Spitzl
WITCH VOMIT A Scream From The Tomb... Alfonso Perez
WARFECT Scavengers David Simonton
WILDHUNT Descending Marco Stebich
WARAHOLICS Warlords Of Crust Julián "Religion is War" Núñez
WARBELL Havoc Michael Kujawska
WORTHLESS Grim Catharsis Mirco Szymyslik
WARFARE Pure Filth: From The... Thomas Meyer
WARFARE Noise, Noise, Noise (The... Thomas Meyer
WARFARE Metal Anarchy - The Best... Frank Stöver
WARFARE Metal Anarchy: The... Marco Stebich
WHISKEY RITUAL Blow With The Devil Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
WOMBBATH Downfall Rising Rafael Bracero
WORTHLESS Demo 2015 Michael Tak
WIND HEARSE Nihilism Michael Kujawska
WEDERGANGER Halfvergaan Ontwaakt Mirco Szymyslik
WYRGHER Üüberirdh (Lugubria) Spitzl
WOLFSHEAD Caput Lupinum Thomas Meyer
WOMBBATH Internal Caustic Torments Anders Peter Jørgensen
WOMBBATH Downfall Rising Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
WITCHES HAMMER Witches Hammer Charles Keller
WITCHES HAMMER Canadian Speed Metal Charles Keller
WINTERBLUT Das Aas Andi Bauer
WORSHIP DEATH Promo MMXV Rodrigo Jiménez
WITHOUT GRIEF Forever... Deflower...... Michael Kujawska
WEAK ASIDE The Next Offensive Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
WINDS OF GENOCIDE Usurping The Throne Of... Anders Peter Jørgensen
WHORE OF BETHLEHEM Upon Judas' Throne Anders Peter Jørgensen
WOUND / OBSCURE... Souls Of Eternal... Thomas Meyer
WOLFTHRONE Unleash The Hate Matthias Auch
WOLFTHORN Towards Ipsissimus Matthias Auch
THE WOLVES OF AVALON Boudicca's Last Stand Michael Kujawska
WRONG Pessimistic Outcomes Michael Kujawska
WARLORD U.K. We Die As One Mirco Szymyslik
WITCHING HOUR Where Pale Winds Take... Sergei Pismeny
WINTER OF SIN Violence Reigns Supreme Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
WITHERIA Devastating Return Luxi Lahtinen
WITCHTIGER Demo 2014 Luxi Lahtinen
WHISPERED Shogunate Macabre Luxi Lahtinen
THE WAKEDEAD... The Gate And The Key Hacker
WEAPÖNIZER Weapönizer Marco Barbieri
WARFATHER Orchestrating The... Luxi Lahtinen
WITCHES´ CAULDRON Prototype Thomas Meyer
WHORION Fall Of Atlas Luxi Lahtinen
WRONG Memories Of Sorrow Luxi Lahtinen
WARLORD Deliver Us Luxi Lahtinen
WARLORD The Holy Empire Luxi Lahtinen
WAN Enjoy The Filth Mirco Szymyslik
WAR MASTER Blood Dawn Dick Osmond‎
WATAIN The Wild Hunt Anders Peter Jørgensen
WITHERSCAPE The Inheritance Thomas Meyer
WARCKON The Madman's Lullaby Michael Oelschlegel
WOSLOM Evolustruction Thomas Meyer
WOUND Inhale The Void Anders Peter Jørgensen
WITHIN DESTRUCTION From The Depths Michael Oelschlegel
WAR-HEAD Still No Signs Of... Michael Oelschlegel
WEAK ASIDE Ghostleader Frank Stöver
WEAK ASIDE Fire At Will Frank Stöver
WARDENCLYFFE Ordo Ab Chao Angelica Jannone
WORMRIDDEN Infesting The Grave Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
WEAK ASIDE Demo 2013 Alfonso Perez
WÖMIT ANGEL Sodomatik Rites Of... Luxi Lahtinen
WITHER Wither Jason Campbell
WITHER Necropolis Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
WAR POSSESSION Through The Ages Dick Osmond
WORSHIP Terranean Wake Luxi Lahtinen
WYRUZ Fire At Will Luxi Lahtinen
WALKING DEAD SUICIDE Rise Of Resistance Luxi Lahtinen
WAR MASTER Pyramid Of The Necropolis Michael Oelschlegel
WHO DIES IN... Four Fragments Of Fading... Jaime Pérez
WRITHING / AD PATRES Split Tape Alfonso Perez
WARHEAD The End Is Here Alfonso Perez
WARHAMMER The Winter Of Our... Anders Peter Jørgensen
WULFSHON Prinnit Mittilagart Luxi Lahtinen
WORTH THE PAIN No Rest No Peace Luxi Lahtinen
WOSLOM Time To Rise Anders Peter Jørgensen
WITHDRAWN The Strongest Will Luxi Lahtinen
WORMROT Noise Nathan Shapiro
WOLF`S GANG Apocalypse Michael Tak
WINDS OF GENOCIDE The Arrival Of... Lem Lycurgus
THE WOUNDED KINGS In The Chapel Of The... Luxi Lahtinen
WITCHING HOUR Past Midnight... Stefan Franke
WOLOK Servum Pecus Matthias Auch
WITCHMASTER Violence & Blasphemy Frank Stöver
WINTERHORDE In Traditions Of Winter Luxi Lahtinen
WATAIN Promo Stefan Franke
WALDSCHEIN Verborgene Pfade Matthias Auch
WALDGEFLÜSTER Herbstklagen Matthias Auch
WATCHMAKER Kill.Fucking.Everyone. Christoph Göbel
WATCHMAKER Erased From The Memory... Torsten Gründig
WARMEN Beyond Abilities Edouard Vergriete
WARHAMMER Curse Of The Absolute... Steven Willems
WARHAMMER The Doom Messiah Leif Jensen
WALL OF SLEEP Overlook The All Edouard Vergriete
WACO JESUS Filth Ramon Claassen
WARMONGER Rites Of Vengeance Thomas Ehrmann
WYNJARA Human Plague Stefan Franke
THE WOUNDED Monument Edouard Vergriete
WITHIN Y Extended Mental... Steven Willems
WITHERING SURFACE Force The Pace Stefan Franke
WITCHMASTER Witchmaster Roy Kristensen
WITCHERY Don't Fear The Reaper Mario Cubero
WITCHBURNER Incarnation Of Evil Frank Stöver
WINTER OF APOKALYPSE Solitary Winter Night Stefan Franke
WIND OF THE BLACK... Black Sun Shall Rise Stefan Franke
WILDFIRE Brute Force And... Frank Stöver
WARHEAD Speedway / The Day After Laurent Ramadier
WOODS OF DESOLATION Torn Beyond Reason Matthias Auch
WOMB / DISCIPLES OF... Split CD Hacker
WITNESS THE END My Wish Is Your Command Stefan Hagmayer
WITHOUT END Promo MCD Frank Stöver
WITHERSHIN The Hungering Void Matthias Auch
WITCHGRAVE The Devils Night Thomas Ehrmann
WITCHGRAVE The Devils Night Luxi Lahtinen
WITCHBURNER German Thrashing War Stefan Franke
WIGRID Asche meines Lebens Nhashi
WEIRD FATE Seelenmacht Andi Bauer
WEH Origins Matthias Auch
WEAPON 13 Weapon 13 Saul
WAYLANDER The Light, The Dark, And... Frank Stöver
WALPURGISNACHT Rehearsal Promo CD Stefan Franke
WADGELMIR Endzeit Frank Stöver
WARDAEMONIC Through The Dank Pale... Luxi Lahtinen
WYRD Heathen Nhashi
WRETCH Reborn Frank Stöver
THE WOUNDED KINGS The Shadow Over Atlantis Julián Núñez
WORLD DOWNFALL Beyond Salvation Thomas Ehrmann
WOODLAND Dreamality Matthias Auch
WOLVES OF HATE Battle Hymns And War... Matthias Auch
WODENSTHRONE Loss Nathan Shapiro
WOBURN HOUSE Message To Ourselves... Ulrich Kreienbrink
WITHERING SURFACE Walking On Phantom Ice Ramon Claassen
WITCHMASTER Masochistic Devil Worship Edouard Vergriete
WITCHING HOUR Rise Of The Desecrated Lem Lycurgus
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Buried Amongst The Ruins Jeroni Sancho
WITCHBURNER Blood Of Witches Mirco Szymyslik
WITCHBURNER Final Detonation Frank Stöver
WINTERWOLF Cycle Of The Werewolf Julián "Lone Wolf" Núñez
WINDS OF TORMENT Delighting In Relentless... Michael Kersten
WINDIR 1184 Ramon Claassen
WHORE Doing It For The Kids Stefan Franke
WHISPERING TEARS Carmina Lacrimosa Frank Stöver
WHIPLASH Unborn Again Laurent Ramadier
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT Vast Oceans Lachrymose Matthias Auch
WHERE ANGELS FALL Illuminate Stefan Hagmayer
WHEEL Wheel Matthias Auch
WELTSCHMERZ Promo 2011 Michael Tak
WELTMACHT And To Every Beast Its... Stefan Franke
WEAPON 13 Monster Reborn Julián Núñez
WEAPON From The Devil's Tomb Matthias Auch
WATAIN Lawless Darkness Stefan Franke
WATAIN Casus Luciferi Stefan Franke
WASTEFORM Ignorance Through... Christoph Göbel
WARHAMMER No Beast So Fierce Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
THE WANDERING MIDGET The Serpent Coven Matthias Auch
WARNING SF Aftermath Frank Stöver
W.A.I.L. Wisdom Through Agony... Anders Peter Jørgensen