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Band /Artist Title Author
OBSCURIAL Heretic Julián “Serpentspawn” Núñez
ORV Calmness Is Pretence Giulio Minto
OBSIDIAN SUN Burning Obsidian Sun Thomas Meyer
OVERLORDE Awaken The Fury Mirco Szymyslik
OSSUARY Forsaken Offerings Julián "The Undrownable Howl Of Evil" Núñez
OPPROBRIUM Beyond The Unknown Michael Kujawska
OPPROBRIUM Serpent Temptation Julián “Sadistic Sinner” Núñez
OPPROBRIUM Serpent Temptation - The... Julián “Curtains Closed” Núñez
ONSLAUGHT KOMMAND Onslaught Kommand Mirco Szymyslik
OCTOBER TIDE Rain Without End Michael Kujawska
OLDSKULL The Defeat Of Humanity Jaime Pérez
OATH OF CRUELTY Summary Execution At Dawn Julián "Into The Chamber Of Death" Núñez
OLD FOREST Sutwyke David Simonton
OUTLAW Reaching Beyond Assiah Julián “The Serpent’s Chant” Núñez
OVERLORD Fake Salvation José Alejandro Zúñiga Gutiérrez
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Julián "Be Warned" Núñez
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Randolph Whateley
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything David Simonton
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Olaf Brinkmann
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Rick Peart
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Wedekind Gisbertson
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Yoga Ghotama
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Frank Stöver
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything Mirco Szymyslik
ÓSSERP Els Nous Cants De La... Anders Peter Jørgensen
ORTHODOXY Novus Lux Dominus Thomas Meyer
OSCULUM OBSCENUM /... Feeding On Southern... Anders Peter Jørgensen
ORGANIC Where Graves Abound Vamsi Kanagovi
OBSIDIAN HOOVES Morbidity Rick Peart
ORCHRISTE Necronomicon Michael Kujawska
OCCULSED Crepitation Of Phlegethon Ricardo Campos
OPHIS Spew Forth Odium Vamsi Kanagovi
OVERKILL Under The Influence Thomas Meyer
ODAL Welten Mutter Randolph Whateley
OSSARIO Grave Metal Thomas Meyer
OS Stationes Viae Mortis Vamsi Kanagovi
OBSEQUIAL JOY Show My Mercy Mirco Szymyslik
OSSUAIRE Mortes Fables Ricardo Campos
OAKMORD We Were Always Alone Jaime Pérez
OPPOSITE DEVOTION Hespherus Phosphoros Julián "King Of Rebellion" Núñez
ORION Mysterivm Cosmographicvm Vamsi Kanagovi
OMEGAVORTEX Black Abomination Spawn Mirco Szymyslik
OUROBOROS SOLEMN Heterodox Julián "Perpetrator" Núñez
OBSECRATION Onwards The Mystic Paths... Sebastián Salce
ÔROS KAÙ Imperii Templum Aries Tim Klöcker
OLD CORPSE ROAD On Ghastly Shores Lays... Julián “Sea Fire “Núñez
OPEN THE COFFIN Only Death Prevails Thomas Meyer
OBTURATE The Bleeding Mask Of... David Simonton
THE OSSUARY Southern Funeral Randolph Whateley
OBSCURE INFINITY Into The Vortex Of... Michael Kujawska
OPPROBRIUM The Fallen Entities Julián "In Danger" Núñez
OSSUARIUM Living Tomb Randolph Whateley
OBSCURE INFINITY Evocation Of Chaos Michael Kujawska
ORGANIC Carved In Flesh Alfonso Perez
OBLITERATION Cenotaph Obscure Randolph Whateley
OUTRAGE 1985 Demo(n)s Thomas Meyer
THE ORDER OF... Moriah Ricardo Campos
ORKAN Element Jurij Pajk
OMEGAVORTEX Promo 2018 Mirco Szymyslik
OVÁTE Ováte Randolph Whateley
OBTRUNCATION The Callous Concept Mirco Szymyslik
OBTRUNCATION Sanctum Disruption,... Mirco Szymyslik
ORDER TO RUIN The Return To Ceyrior VII Michael Kujawska
OPHIS The Dismal Circle Julián “Carne Noir” Núñez
OPUS DIABOLI Black Light Of... Julián “Glory In Steel” Núñez
ORIGIN Unparalleled Universe David Lucido
ÓDIO SOCIAL Jovens Mortos Não Fazem... Thomas Meyer
OUTRAGE And The Bedlam Broke... Thomas Meyer
OBITUS Slaves Of The Vast... Julián “Slave Of The Vast Machine” Núñez
ÖRTH Nocturno Inferno Julián “MoonStorm” Núñez
ORIGINAL SIN Sin Will Find You Out Thomas Meyer
ORDER TO RUIN Lunar Asylum Michael Kujawska
OBSCURE INFINITY Dawn Of Winter Michael Tak
OBSCURE INFINITY Dawn Of Winter Thomas Meyer
OLD PAGAN Ogdrun Jarhar Anders Peter Jørgensen
OROBAS Arise In Impurity Thomas Meyer
ORAE Disbirth Julián “Behead the Moth” Núñez
ONIRICOUS La Caverna De Fuego Dick Osmond
OBSCENITY Retaliation Carsten Lomme
ORDER TO RUIN Where Future Shadows... Michael Kujawska
OCCULTUM Towards Eternal Chaos Diego Rodrigues
OCTOBER TIDE Winged Waltz Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
OBSCURE EVIL Midnight Forces Thomas Meyer
ONKEL HRYUM Ragnaroll Anders Peter Jørgensen
OPUS INFERII Ancient Mysteries... Julián "Unveiled" Núñez
OVERUNIT MACHINE Aldaraja Julián "Unholy Messiah" Núñez
OSSUAIRE Le Troubadour... Thomas Meyer
OBDUKTIO Obduktio Thomas Meyer
OPPROBRIUM Serpent Temptation Thomas Meyer
OVERDOZE Supreme Dosage Spitzl
OPPRESSION Scars 1988​-​1990 Anders Peter Jørgensen
OVERCHARGE Accelerate Julián “No Law” Núñez
OMNIVORE Omnivore Julián “Nothing More Than Dust” Núñez
OCEAN OF ZERO Graveyard At The Gates Carsten Lomme
OTARGOS Xeno Kaos Mirco Szymyslik
ORCRYPT Mercenaries Of Mordor Thomas Meyer
ONIRICOUS Ritos Diabólicos Anders Peter Jørgensen
ORKAN Livlaus Marco Stebich
THE OATH Consequences Mirco Szymyslik
ORDO CAPER Haspu Nathan Shapiro
OUTLYING Scars Of Daylight Mirco Szymyslik
OBSEQUIAE Aria Of Vernal Tombs Dick Osmond
OLD BONES / ARS... Ancient Sorceries and... Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
OUTRE Ghost Chants Anders Peter Jørgensen
OSTROGOTH Too Hot / Feelings Of... King Fowley
ORDER TO RUIN The Book Of Nemesis Michael Kujawska
OBSCENITY Suffocated Truth Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
OSSARIVM Emanation Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
OBTRUNCATION Abode Of The Departed... Michael Tak
OSSUAIRE Le Troubadour... Thomas Meyer
ORDO CAPER Haspu Mirco Szymyslik
OBSCURE INFINITY Perpetual Descending... Thomas Meyer
ORDER OF THELEMA Demo 2014 Mirco Szymyslik
ORDER TO RUIN The Path To Atrocity Michael Kujawska
OBITUARY Xecutioner's Return Manolis A.
OBITUARY Inked In Blood Bart Gabriel
ORDO INFERUS Invictus Et Aeternus Thomas Meyer
ORIGIN Omnipresent Julián “The Indiscriminate” Núñez
ODRAZA Esperalem Tkane Thomas Meyer
OBSESSÖR Assassins Of The... Thomas Meyer
OUTRAGE We The Dead Michael Oelschlegel
ORDER TO RUIN The Loss Of Distress Michael Kujawska
OVERLORD SR Medieval Metal Days Bart Gabriel
OBLIVION Remixed Luxi Lahtinen
OMEGA The Hell Patrol Julián “Metal from Hell” Núñez
OVER DEAD IN OVER Resolution Formula Luxi Lahtinen
ORDO INFERUS Damnati Thomas Meyer
OF CELESTIAL The Strange Infinity Luxi Lahtinen
OCTOBER 31 Gone To The Devil Bart Gabriel
OSHIEGO The Great Architect Of... Luxi Lahtinen
ONIROPHAGUS Prehuman Anders Peter Jørgensen
OLDE The Gates Of Dawn Thomas Meyer
OMISSION Pioneers Of The Storm Luxi Lahtinen
OFGHOST Audiocorpse Luxi Lahtinen
ONSLAUGHT VI Luxi Lahtinen
OGDRU JAHAD I Stefan Franke
OKULAR Sexforce Anders Peter Jørgensen
ONIROPHAGUS Defiler Of Hope Dick Osmond
OVERDOZE The Last Luxi Lahtinen
THE OBSCENE MACHINE The Obscenity Within Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
OSSARIVM Emanation Angelica Jannone
OCEAN CHIEF Sten Luxi Lahtinen
OBSCURE INFINITY /... Split EP Stefan Franke
OLD FUNERAL Our Condolences (1988 -... Anders Peter Jørgensen
OBEISANCE 666 War!!! Dick Osmond
OBEISANCE Lucifer Master Dick Osmond
OPHIDIAN FOREST /... Darkest Origins Luxi Lahtinen
OFFENDING Age Of Perversion Julián “Infested” Nuñez
OBSCURE INFINITY Putrefying Illusions Stefan Franke
OCCULTATION Somber Dawn Nathan Shapiro
OCCULTATION Three And Seven Stefan Franke
OBSCURA AMENTIA Ritual Anders Peter Jørgensen
ORDO CAPER Sonus Satus Nathan Shapiro
OCEAN OF ZERO Where Sickness Prevails Michael Tak
OVEROTH Death Personified Luxi Lahtinen
OPERA IX Strix - Maledictae In... Luxi Lahtinen
OF GHOST Veins Luxi Lahtinen
OCEANS OF NIGHT The Shadowheart Mirror /... Jaime Pérez
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX The Spell Of Damnation Nathan Shapiro
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX The Spell Of Damnation Sergei Pismeny
OUTRAGE Go To Hell Luxi Lahtinen
OKULAR Probiotic Anders Peter Jørgensen
OMEGA Second Coming, Second... Stefan Franke
OZ Dominator Luxi Lahtinen
OSH Red Universe F. Cthulhu E.
ORPHANED LAND Mabool - The Story Of... Ulrich Kreienbrink
OPETH Deliverance F. Cthulhu E.
ODIOUS SANCTION No Motivation To Live Torsten Gründig
OCTOBER TIDE Rain Without End Matthias Auch
OCTOBER FALLS The Streams Of The End Jeroni Sancho
OCTOBER FALLS A Collapse Of Faith Matthias Auch
OBSCURITY Damnations Pride Frank Stöver
OBLIVEON Greatest Pits Laurent Ramadier
OATH TO VANQUISH Applied Schizophrenic... Mario Cubero
OVERMARS Born Again Tim Klöcker
OAKENSHIELD Gylfaginning Matthias Auch
OSTROGOTH Full Moon's Eyes /... King Fowley
OUTREMER Turn To Gray Torsten Gründig
OUTCAST vs MOKER Split CD Ralf Hauber
OSTROGOTH - KILLER... The Official 20th... Frank Stöver
ORCUSTUS Demo CD 2002 Frank Stöver
OPHIOLATRY /... Misanchristiantropy -... Stefan Franke
OPHIOLATRY /... Split CD Frank Stöver
OPETH Blackwater Park Dimitri Ganatsios
OPAQUE LUCIDITY Opaque Lucidity Matthias Auch
ODYSSEY Re-Inventing The Past Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
OCCULT Prepare To Meet Thy Doom... Stefan Franke
OCCIDENS The Glorification Of The... Amin
OBTEST I¨ Kartos Į Kartą Ramon Claassen
OSCULUM INFAME Manifesto From The Dark... Julián Núñez
OVERGARVEN Promo 2003 Edouard Vergriete
ORODRUIN Epicurean Mass Edouard Vergriete
ORIGIN Echoes Of Decimation F. Cthulhu E.
ORENDA The Funeral Tim Klöcker
ORENDA Back In The Grave Rodrigo Jiménez
THE ORDHER Kill The Betrayers Roy Kristensen
ORDER OF ENNEAD Order Of Ennead Nathan Shapiro
ORDER FROM CHAOS Imperium - The... Frank Stöver
ORDEAL Atrocities Hurricane
ORCRIST We Come In War Nathan Shapiro
ORB OF TORTURE Cryogenic Cleansing //... Frank Stöver
ORB OF TORTURE Stereolith Wes Rhodes
ORB OF TORTURE Death Particles Frank Stöver
ORAKLE Uni Aux Cimes Stefan Hagmayer
OPPOSITION PARTY Zombified Mirco Szymyslik
OPHIS Withered Shades Matthias Auch
OPETH Damnation F.Cthulhu E.
ONE STEP BEYOND Life Imitates Art Stefan Franke
ONE MAN ARMY & THE... 21st Century Killing... Torsten Gründig
ONDSKAPT Dödens Evangelium Stefan Franke
ONDSKAPT Draco Sit Mihi Dux Sonderkrig
OMNIUM GATHERUM The Redshift Matthias Auch
OMNIUM GATHERUM Years In Waste Ralf Hauber
OMNIUM GATHERUM Spirits And August Light Frank Stöver
OMNIUM GATHERUM Steal The Light Ramon Claassen
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX Relics Of A Dead Faith Thomas Ehrmann
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX Decadent Religious... Thomas Ehrmann
OMEN Eternal Black Dawn Laurent Ramadier
OLD Down With The Nails Hellpike
OF TREES AND ORCHIDS Thought-Cathedral Ramon Claassen
OFFICIUM TRISTE Giving Yourself Away Ramon Claassen
OFFICIUM TRISTE Reason Stefan Franke
OFERMOD Tiamtü Matthias Auch
OF DARKNESS The Empty Eye Ulrich Kreienbrink
OF DARKNESS Death Ramon Claassen
ODIUM IMMORTALIS Die Schönheit der... Ramon Claassen
ODIOUS MORTEM Devouring The Prophecy Frank Stöver
OCCULT Elegy For The Weak F. Cthulhu E.
OCCULT Rage To Revenge Frank Stöver
OBTEST Gyvybés Medis Jeroni Sancho
OBTEST Auka Seniems Dievams Ramon Claassen
OBSCURITY Tenkterra Matthias Auch
OBSCURITY Várar Julián Núñez
OBSCURE INFINITY Into The Depths Of... Thomas Ehrmann
OBSCURE On Formaldehyde Luxi Lahtinen
OBSCURE On Formaldehyde Nathan Shapiro
OBSCENITY Where Sinners Bleed Ramon Claassen
OBSCENITY Cold Blooded Murder Ramon Claassen
OBSCENITY Intense Ramon Claassen
OBSCENE GESTURE Living In Profanity Jeroni Sancho
OBLIGATORISK TORTYR Obligatorisk Tortyr Frank Stöver
OBITUARY Frozen In Time Edouard Vergriete
OBITUARY Anthology Frank Stöver
OBEISANCE Satanik Fuck Mario Cubero
OBEISANCE Unholy, Unwholesome &... Torsten Gründig