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Band /Artist Title Author
CHOTZÄ Pächschwarz Mirco Szymyslik
COFFIN CURSE The Contonuous Nothing Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez
COLDBORN The Unwritten Pages Of... Will "Bones" Lee
VIOLENT SCUM /... Cults Of Black Death Mirco Szymyslik
PODRIDÃO /... Convulsively Rotteness Will "Bones" Lee
CORPUS DIAVOLIS Elixiria Ekstasis Mirco Szymyslik
CIVEROUS Maze Envy Julián "Geryon (The Plummet)" Núñez
CHAPEL OF DISEASE Echoes Of Light Yoga Ghotama
CERBERUS Trójska Vojna Mirco Szymyslik
CULTUM INTERITUM Sacrum Funeral Oscar “evilcore666” Vázquez
CARDINALS FOLLY Live By The Sword Jaime Pérez
CARNAL TOMB Embalmed In Decay Giulio Minto
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Mirco Szymyslik
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Randolph Whateley
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Julián “Blood Blind” Núñez
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Giulio Minto
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Olaf Brinkmann
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Will "Bones" Lee
CANNIBAL CORPSE Chaos Horrific Frank Stöver
CRUEL FORCE Dawn Of The Axe Henning Pieper
CARBONIZED CHURCH Desecrating The Graves Will Lee
CROSS ROARR Philosophy Of Death José Alejandro Zúñiga Gutiérrez
THE CIRCLE Of Awakening Kat "Shevil" Gillham
CAVERNUS Ápeiron José Alejandro "Creyente de Peperiths" Zúñiga Gutiérrez
CROSS ROARR Transcendent Chaosophia Julián “Luciferian Wild Man” Núñez
CAVALERA Morbid Visions Frank Stöver
COFFIN MULCH Spectral Intercession Yoga Ghotama
CARVED IN FLESH As Seen Through Tears Michael Kujawska
CORTEGE Vandari Randolph Whateley
COCKROCK SADISTIC... Tales Of The Undead Mirco Szymyslik
CRY OF THE NILE /... The Voiceless Death... Julián “Butcher With A Knife” Núñez
CENTURY The Conquest Of Time Julián “The Fighting Eagle” Núñez
CREEPING DEATH Boundless Domain Wedekind Gisbertson
CRUSHER Corporal Punishment Mirco Szymyslik
CONJURETH The Parasitic Chambers Vamsi Kanagovi
CHURCH OF DISGUST Weakest Is The Flesh Ryan "Death8699" Fanucchi
LACERATE / CONFLICTO Terror Dictatorship Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
CELESTERRE Earth Thomas Meyer
CULTO NEGRO La Noche Oscura Del Alma Mirco Szymyslik
ANGRRSTH / CZORT W Czeluść Thomas Meyer
CATHARTIC Through The Abysmal... Vamsi Kanagovi
CELEBRATE HATE Saustall Deutschland Thomas Meyer
CONTINUUM OF XUL Falling Into Damnation Julián "I Shall Be Thy Lord" Núñez
CARONTE Circle José Alejandro Zúñiga Gutiérrez
CARNAL GHOUL Back From The Vault Vamsi Kanagovi
CORPSESSED Succumb To Rot Alfonso Perez
THE CHASM The Scars Of A Lost... Julián “Spectre Of The Arcane Cognition” Núñez
CZARNA MAGIA Merciless Trap Of... Mirco Szymyslik
CIRCLE OF CHAOS Forlorn Reign Vamsi Kanagovi
CRYPTWORM Spewing Mephitic... Vamsi Kanagovi
CORRUPTER Descent Into Madness Mirco Szymyslik
OSCULUM OBSCENUM /... Feeding On Southern... Anders Peter Jørgensen
CEPHEIDE Les Échappées Anders Peter Jørgensen
CUM CHALICE Leather Sewer Mirco Szymyslik
CORPUS DIAVOLIS Apocatastase Vamsi Kanagovi
CONCRETE WINDS Nerve Butcherer Julián “Chromium Jaws” Núñez
CELESTIAL SWORD Fallen From The Astral... Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
CONJURETH Majestic Dissolve Mirco Szymyslik
COUNT RAVEN The Sixth Storm Thomas Meyer
CONGENITAL DEFORMITY Sacrifice Vamsi Kanagovi
CRAVEN IDOL Forked Tongues Ricardo Campos
CIRITH UNGOL Half Past Human Ricardo Campos
CATALEPTIC The Tragedy Vamsi Kanagovi
CALL FROM... Sorrow And Avidity Anders Peter Jørgensen
CHOTZÄ Plump U Primitiv (10... Mirco Szymyslik
CASKET Urn Vamsi Kanagovi
COLD CELL The Greater Evil Mirco Szymyslik
THE CROWN Royal Destroyer Michael Kujawska
CANNIBAL CORPSE Violence Unimagined David Simonton
CAMBION Conflagrate The... Julián "Obscuratio" Núñez
CULT GRAVES Strange Customs Randolph Whateley
CODEX MORTIS What Befalls Of Tainted... Kat "Shevil" Gillham
COLDWORLD The Stars Are Dead Now Mirco Szymyslik
CRROMBID TRAXORM Anamnesis Morbi Vamsi Kanagovi
CONTEMPT OF THE... In The Darkest Of Times Randolph Whateley
CHAOTIAN Adipocere Feast Michael Kujawska
CO2 D.Ö.D. Mirco Szymyslik
CULTUM INTERITUM Poison Of Being Anders Peter Jørgensen
CANCERFAUST Let The Earth Tremble Vamsi Kanagovi
COGNIZANT Cognizant Alfonso Perez
CONSUMPTION Recursive Definitions Of... Vamsi Kanagovi
CHALICE Trembling Crown Anders Peter Jørgensen
CIDESPHERE Dawn Of A New Epoch David Simonton
CONGENITAL DEFORMITY Progenies Of The Cemetery Vamsi Kanagovi
CONSTRUCT OF LETHE Corpsegod Mirco Szymyslik
CELESTIAL SEASON The Secret Teachings Kat “Shevil” Gillham
CEREMONIAL OATH Carpet Michael Kujawska
CELESTIAL SEASON The Merciful Vamsi Kanagovi
CURSED BLOOD Taker Of Life Michael Kujawska
CULTUS PROFANO Accursed Possession Tim Klöcker
CRÉPUSCULE D'HIVER Par​-​Delà... Mirco Szymyslik
CARDIAC ARREST The Day That Death... Julián "Endless Dread" Nuñez
CONCEIVED BY HATE Putrid Realms Of The... Thomas Meyer
CORPUS NECROMANTHUM Necrodemon Thomas Meyer
CORPUS NECROMANTHUM Live Blasfemia Fest Thomas Meyer
CONVOCATION Ashes Coalesce Miguel Negrón
CADAVERIC... Influx Of Hatred David Simonton
CONTAMINATION Traumatic Recollections Ricardo Campos
COMMANDO Rites Of Damnation Julián “Burn The Sky” Núñez
CAULDRON BLACK RAM Slaver David Simonton
CONQUEST ICON Empire Of The Worm Anders Peter Jørgensen
CHAOS CASCADE Son Of The Void (Chapter... Mirco Szymyslik
CZARNA MAGIA Voracious Demons Of... Anders Peter Jørgensen
CÓNDOR El Valle Del Cóndor Randolph Whateley
COLLAPSUS Shockwaves Of Decline Mirco Szymyslik
CARCARIASS Planet Chaos Julián "High Speed Fury" Núñez
COFFIN CURSE Ceased To Be Julián "Grave Offender" Núñez
CULT OF HORROR Hermetik Heretik Mirco Szymyslik
CATALYST The Great Purpose Of The... Thomas Meyer
COMECON Megatrends In Brutality Anders Peter Jørgensen
CEREMONY Retribution Ricardo Campos
CABAL Midian Rick Peart
CONCRETE ICON Rancid Harmony Mirco Szymyslik
CRYPTIC BROOD Outcome Of Obnoxious... Marco Stebich
CARCINOID Metastatic Declination Alfonso Perez
CORPSEHAMMER Metal De La Muerte Mirco Szymyslik
COME BACK FROM THE... The Rise Of The Blind... Anders Peter Jørgensen
CRYPT SERMON The Ruins Of Fading Light Michael Kujawska
CREEPING FLESH Into The Meat Grinder Rick Peart
CAPILLA ARDIENTE The Siege David Simonton
CONCRETE WINDS Primitive Force Giorgio Trombino
CHEMICAL BREATH Fatal Exposure Anders Peter Jørgensen
CHEMICAL BREATH Beyond Reality / Brutal... Rick Peart
CROM DUBH Firebrands And Ashes Thomas Meyer
CENOTAFIO Larvae Tedeum Teratos Thomas Meyer
CORPSESSED Impetus Of Death Ricardo Campos
CONVICTORS Atrocious Perdition Randolph Whateley
CREMATORY STENCH Grotesque Deformities Kat "Shevil" Gillham
CZARNA MAGIA Inwokacja Pierwotnej Mocy Mirco Szymyslik
CEREBRUM Iridium Miguel Negrón
CULTUS PROFANO Sacramentum Obscurus Rick Peart
CNTMPT Towards Neglect Mirco Szymyslik
CANTIQUE LÉPREUX Paysages Polaires Mirco Szymyslik
CANCER Shadow Gripped Rick Peart
CHAPEL OF DISEASE ...And As We Have Seen... Julián “Null” Núñez
CAPILLA ARDIENTE Solve Et Coagula Alfonso Perez
CAST THE STONE Empyrean Atrophy Michael Kujawska
CARPE NOCTEM Vitrun Thomas Meyer
CONSTRUCT OF LETHE Exiler Julián “Soubirous” Núñez
CULTIST Chants Of Sublimation David Simonton
CAVUS The New Era Randolph Whateley
CONSTANS... I'll Break You Julián “My Madness” Núñez
CATASTROFY Besnota Julián “Luciferov Papek” Núñez
CORONER Mental Vortex Miguel Negrón
CORONER Grin Ricardo Campos
CREATE A KILL Summoned To Rise Mirco Szymyslik
CORPSE From The Dead Rick Peart
CONVOCATION Scars Across David Simonton
COR SCORPII Ruin Julián “Fotefar” Núñez
CARDIAC ARREST A Parallel Dimension Of... Randolph Whateley
COME BACK FROM THE... Caro Data Vermibus Thomas Meyer
CONFESSOR A.D. Too Late To Pray Thomas Meyer
COMMANDER Fatalis (The Unbroken... Michael Kujawska
CASKET / GRAVEYARD... Feast Of The Fiends / In... David Simonton
CRUCIFYRE Post Vulcanic Black Randolph Whateley
CELESTERRE The Wild Randolph Whateley
CODE RED Fang Of The Sun Alfonso Perez
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR The Stench Of The Earth David Simonton
THE CHASM Reaching The Veil Of... Laurent Ramadier
CORPUS DIAVOLIS Atra Lumen Julián “Sick Waters” Núñez
THE CHASM A Conscious Creation... Julián “Crater” Núñez
CELEBRATE HATE High Gain, Low Budget Thomas Meyer
CRYPTIC BROOD Brain Eater Mirco Szymyslik
CODEX GIGAS Letanías Del Exorcismo Kat "Shevil" Gillham
CHEMICIDE The Act Of Retaliation Chris Forbes
CUT UP Wherever They May Rot Kat "Shevil" Gillham
CULT OF ERINYES Tiberivs Diego Rodrigues
CROWORD The Great Beyond Chris Forbes
CHURCH OF NECROLUST Church Of Necrolust Anders Peter Jørgensen
CELTIC FROST Morbid Tales Thomas Reitmayer
CELTIC FROST To Mega Therion Thomas Meyer
CELTIC FROST Into The Pandemonium Michael Tak
CELTIC FROST Vanity / Nemesis Julián “Nemesis” Núñez
CENOTAPH Perverse Dehumanized... Spitzl
CRAVEN IDOL The Shackles Of Mammon Thomas Meyer
CHARNEL WINDS Verschränkung Thomas Meyer
CONDOR Unstoppable Power Marco Stebich
CRYPTIC REALMS Enraptured By Horror Julián “Total Demise” Núñez
CREEPING FLESH Scorched Alfonso Perez
CYNIC Uroboric Forms - The... Miguel Negrón
CRYOSTASIUM /... Unholy Ghost Liturgy David Simonton
CASKET Ghouls Of Filth David Simonton
CONCEIVED BY HATE Death & Beyond Alfonso Perez
CULTO NEGRO Abismal Speed Metal Alfonso Perez
CELESTIAL CROWN Rebirth Michael Kujawska
CHURCH OF DISGUST Veneration Of Filth Ricardo Campos
CREST OF DARKNESS Welcome The Dead Julián “The Almighty” Núñez
CHASTAIN We Bleed Metal Thomas Meyer
CRUZ Culto Abismal Thomas Meyer
CARNAGE INC. Fury Incarnate Julián “Fury Incarnate” Núñez
COLDBLOOD Indescribable... Hacker
COMATOSE The Ultimate Revenge Hacker
CERECLOTH This Temple Is A Grave Ricardo Campos
CURSE / STYGGELSE /... Necroholic Julián “Stay True To Satan For Eternity” Núñez
CHAOSBAPHOMET Promethean Black Flame David Simonton
CHAOSWOLF Templo De Palabras... Jaime Pérez
COLEMESIS Vivisección Thomas Meyer
CORPSE GARDEN The Corpse Garden Nathan Shapiro
CORPSE GARDEN Entheogen David Lucido
CHAINS OV BELETH Christeos Chaos David Simonton
CARNAL TOMB Rotten Remains Thomas Meyer
CARNAL TOMB Rotten Remains Carsten Lomme
CARNATION Cemetery Of The Insane David Lucido
COBOLT 60 The Grim Defiance Michael Kujawska
CREMATORY STENCH Crematory Stench Michael Tak
CENTINEX Doomsday Rituals Julián “Doomsday” Núñez
CONCATENATUS Aeonic Dissonances... Michael Tak
CORROSIVE ELEMENTS Toxic Waste Blues David Simonton
CHAOS MOON Amissum Ricardo Campos
CARNAC The Frail Sight Mirco Szymyslik
CADAVERIC POISON Cadaveric Poison Michael Kujawska
CEPHEIDE Respire Mirco Szymyslik
CHTHE´ILIST Le Dernier Crépuscule Diego Rodrigues
CALAMITY Imminent Disaster Antonio Barrote
COMMON GRAVE Dust Of My Existence Diego Rodrigues
CONVULSE Cycle Of Revenge Carsten Lomme
CURSUS BELLUM Accusing The Dead Thomas Meyer
CLITEATER From Enslavement To... Julián "Freakopolis" Núñez
CLANDESTINE BLAZE New Golgotha Rising Spitzl
CULT OF OCCULT Five Degrees Of Insanity Mirco Szymyslik
COFFINCRAFT In Eerie Slumber Mirco Szymyslik
CINIS Subterranean Antiquity Mirco Szymyslik
CIEŃ Time Of Anti-Humanity Mirco Szymyslik
CRYPTIC BROOD Wormhead Ralf Hauber
CORROSIVE CARCASS Forsaken Lands Spitzl
CARNAL TOMB Ascend Carsten Lomme
THE CRAWLING In Light Of Dark Days Carsten Lomme
CRYPTIC REALMS Eve Of Fatality Thomas Meyer
CRIMINAL ELEMENT Criminal Crime Time Alfonso Perez
CLAWED FOREHEAD My Domain Michael Kujawska
COME BACK FROM THE... The Coffin Earth's... Julián "Krakenstein" Núñez
CRYPT SERMON Out Of The Garden Thomas Meyer
CRYPTIC BROOD Wormhead Thomas Meyer
COFFINS Craving To Eternal... Marco Stebich
CRUCIAMENTUM Convocation Of Crawling... Thomas Ehrmann
CRUCIAMENTUM Charnel Passages Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
CARDIAC NOOSE Girl Named Misery Nathan Shapiro
CUT UP Forensic Nightmares Anders Peter Jørgensen
CANNIBE Beast From Zhytomyr Mirco Szymyslik
CREEPING FLESH Rising Terror Julián "Terrorize" Núñez
CARNAL AGONY Preludes & Nocturnes Nathan Shapiro
CRYPTIC WANDERINGS... Split Thomas Meyer
CHAPTER V:F10 Syndrome Julián "Mercury" Núñez
CARCASS Heartwork Frank Stöver
CARCASS Wake Up And Smell The... Frank Stöver
CIEŃ Ecce Homo Mirco Szymyslik
CRUCIFIXIONHAMMER Graveyard Lust Nathan Shapiro
CRUCIFIRE Unblessed Unto Hatred Ulrich Kreienbrink
CROSSFIRE See You In Hell / Second... King Fowley
CROSSFIRE Sharpshooter / Live... King Fowley
CROM Vengeance Thomas Ehrmann
CORRUPT Silence Equals Death Thomas Ehrmann
CLANDESTINE BLAZE Fist Of The Northern... Nhashi
CEREMONIAL EXECUTION Black God Rising Thomas Ehrmann
CAUTERIZER Then The Snow Fell... Thomas Ehrmann
CARDINAL SIN Resurrection Luxi Lahtinen
CARBONIZED For The Security Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez
CAMBION Unfold Chaos Supreme Luis M. L. Sallard
CALAMITY Let Em' Burn! Julián "Until We Die" Núñez
THE CLAN DESTINED In The Big Ending... Thomas Meyer
CENDRA 666 Bastards Thomas Meyer
CATACUMBA Animus Mortis Mauricio “Rusty” Sanchez
CATACUMBA Kratos Mauricio “Rusty” Sanchez
CRAWL I: Serpents Thomas Meyer
THE CROWN Death Is Not Dead Michael Kujawska
CENTINEX Malleus Maleficarum Mauricio Sanchez
CENTINEX Redeeming Filth Rafael Bracero
CHAPEL OF DISEASE The Mysterious Ways Of... Jaime Perez
CENTINEX Subconscious Lobotomy... Thomas Meyer
THE CROWN Headhunter Thomas Meyer
COMMUNION Instrumental Rehearsal Sergei Pismeny
CANNIBAL CORPSE A Skeletal Domain Stefan Franke
CONSIDERED DEAD Mentally Tortured Thomas Meyer
CONSCIOUS ROT The Years In Disgust Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
CRIPPLER To Crawl Among The Gods Michael Kujawska
CRUCIFYRE Thessalonian Death Cult Thomas Ehrmann
CRUCIFYRE Black Magic Fire Alfonso Perez
COFFINBORN Beneath The Cemetery Anders Peter Jørgensen
CONCEIVED BY HATE /... Selective Procreations /... Thomas Meyer
CANCER To The Gory End Michael Tak
CANCER Death Shall Rise Thomas Meyer
CANCER The Sins Of Mankind Michael Kujawska
CRUX Elapse With The Relapse Michael Oelschlegel
CLAYMORE Vengeance Is Near Thomas Meyer
CHAOS SYNOPSIS Garden Of Forgotten... Alfonso Perez
CRYPTOPSY None So Vile Thomas Meyer
CREPUSCULUM Illuminatus Julián “Illuminatus” Núñez
COAGULATION In A World Of Flesh And... Thomas Meyer
CEASELESS TORMENT The End They Bring Luxi Lahtinen
COFFINS Ancient Torture Thomas Meyer
CHAOS Violent Redemption Luxi Lahtinen
CONTAMINATED Pestilential Decay Alfonso Perez
COPROLITH Death March Luxi Lahtinen
CREINIUM Project Utopia Luxi Lahtinen
CHELATION... Dismemberment (XVIII) Mirco Szymyslik
CANCEROUS WOMB Born Of A Cancerous Womb Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
CANNIBAL ACCIDENT And The Friends Of Flesh Luxi Lahtinen
CORAXO Starlit Flame Mirco Szymyslik
CÓNDOR Nadia Michael Kujawska
CHASTAIN Surrender To No One Bart Gabriel
CHURCH OF DISGUST Unworldly Summoning Kunal Choksi
CRAWLING CHAOS Repellent Gastronomy Luxi Lahtinen
CORPSESSED Abysmal Thresholds Michael Kujawska
CONDITION CRITICAL Operational Hazard Michael Oelschlegel
CONVULSE Evil Prevails Stefan Franke
CONCEIVED BY HATE Pestilence Reborn Thomas Meyer
CONCEIVED BY HATE Witness Of Decay Thomas Meyer
CVINGER Monastery Of Fallen Angelica Jannone
CATASTROFY Tento ¦tát Sa Musí... Luxi Lahtinen
CURSED 13 Triumf Mirco Szymyslik
CHRIST DENIED Cancer Eradication Alfonso Perez
CORPSET No Rest Luxi Lahtinen
CRISIX Rise... Then Rest Luxi Lahtinen
CRISIX The Menace Luxi Lahtinen
CARCASS Surgical Steel Steven Willems
CRUCIFIX Legions Of Death Nathan Shapiro
CRUCIFIX Visions Of Nihilism Angelica Jannone
CHRONOSPHERE Envirusment Luxi Lahtinen
CARCASS Necroticism: Descanting... Frank Stöver
CARCASS Reek Of Putrefaction Nathan Shapiro
CARCASS Swansong Frank Stöver
CARCASS Symphonies Of Sickness Nathan Shapiro
CARCASS Captive Bolt Pistol Marc Lehmann
CRIPPLER Threshing Sledge Luxi Lahtinen
CELEBRATE HATE Nordhessisch Noise Terror Thomas Meyer
CRITICAL SOLUTION Evil Never Dies Michael Oelschlegel
COFFINS The Fleshland Dick Osmond
CARNAL GHOUL The Grotesque Vault Thomas Meyer
CADAVERIC FUMES Macabre Exaltation Dick Osmond
COFFIN CURSE Promo 2012 Thomas Meyer
CATHEDRAL The Last Spire Marc Lehmann
CENTURIAN Contra Rationem Edouard Vergriete
CASTLEUMBRA Cthulu Wgah'nal Fntagn Hacker
COMMUNION Communion Luxi Lahtinen
CENOTAPH The Gloomy Reflection Of... Alfonso Perez
CASKET Undead Soil Michael Tak
CARNIVORED Revival Michael Oelschlegel
CYST Despisers Of This Mortal... Luxi Lahtinen
CEREMONIAL OATH The Book Of Truth Anders Peter Jørgensen
CHTHONIAN Of Beatings And The... Mirco Szymyslik
CONVULSE World Without God Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
CONVULSE Inner Evil Hacker
CORPUS MORTALE FleshCraft Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas
CARDIAC NECROPSY Morbid Scum Division Thomas Meyer
CARDIAC NECROPSY Sixxxteen Years Of Anal... Thomas Meyer
CLOCK PARADOX Egotheism Luxi Lahtinen
CONDITION CRITICAL Bred To Kill Luxi Lahtinen
CARDIAC NECROPSY Shayateen Frank Stöver
COFFIN TEXTS Gods Of Creation, Death... Hacker
CHAPEL OF DISEASE Summoning Black Gods Stefan Franke
CARCARIASS Hell And Torment Luxi Lahtinen
COFFIN TEXTS Gods Of Creation, Death,... Jason Campbell
CHAOS ECHOES Tone Of Things To Come Michael Tak
CLENCHED FIST The Gift Of Death Dick Osmond
CROSSOVER Pythagorized Luxi Lahtinen
CANNIBE The Mind Is Collapsed Alfonso Perez
CORROSIVE CARCASS Composition Of Flesh Anders Peter Jørgensen
CALABRESE Dayglo Necros Frank Stöver
COFFIN TEXTS The Tomb Of Infinite... Hacker
CAUSE OF DEATH Promo 2012 Luxi Lahtinen
CHAOS INCEPTION The Abrogation Hacker
CONFLICTED Social Disorder Luxi Lahtinen
CARNAL LUST Rebirth In Hate Frank Stöver
CARNAL LUST The Hate Complete Luxi Lahtinen
COFFINS March Of Despair Alfonso Perez
CEREMONIUM Dreams We Have Written Luxi Lahtinen
CAULDRON BLACK RAM The Poisoner Nathan Shapiro
COREDUST Decent Death Luxi Lahtinen
CHEMICIDE Radioactive Annihilation Nathan Shapiro
CHOPSTICK SUICIDE Lost Fathers And Sons Julian “Hating Deathcore” Nuñez
CHAPEL OF DISEASE Death Evoked Anders Peter Jørgensen
CURIMUS Realization Luxi Lahtinen
CREATIVE WASTE Slaves To Conformity Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
CANNIBAL CORPSE Worm Infested Stefan Franke
CANNIBAL CORPSE Torture Stefan Franke
COPROLITH Hate Infected Luxi Lahtinen
CRAFT Void Jaime Pérez
CATARSIS INCARNE Katharma Ronald Jimenez
CHARON Sulphur Seraph (The... Nathan Shapiro
CHRIST AGONY NocturN Thomas Ehrmann
CATALEPTIC Strength Within Luxi Lahtinen
CRUCIAMENTUM Engulfed In Desolation Nathan Shapiro
CEREKLOTH Halo Of Syringes Thomas Ehrmann
THE CHASM Procreation Of The Inner... Lem Lycurgus
CHILDREN OF DOOM Doom, Be Doomed, Ör... Luxi Lahtinen
CARMINA / AMETHYSTE... Obscure Infinity Michael Oelschlegel
CRUCIAMENTUM Convocation Of Crawling... Ralf Hauber
COBRA Lethal Strike Mario Cubero
CASKET Generation Kill Luxi Lahtinen
CEASELESS TORMENT New Degree Of Reprobation Luxi Lahtinen
THE CROWN Possessed 13 Stefan Franke
CRYFEMAL With The Help Of The... Ramon Claassen
CROM The Fallen Beauty Stefan Franke
CRIONICS Human Error: Ways To... Frank Stöver
CRAFT Total Soul Rape Ulrich Kreienbrink
CRACK ADDICT Demo 2003 Michael Oelschlegel
COUNCIL OF THE... Revealing Damnation Stefan Franke
CONTEMPT When Angels Begin To Cry Frank Stöver
CONTEMPT The Secret Around Us Edouard Vergriete
CONTEMPT Blasphemy Michael Tak
COHOL Crying Of Humanity On... Ulrich Kreienbrink
CODE Resplendent Grotesque Matthias Auch
COCKROACH The Observer Christoph Göbel
COCKROACH Temple Of Mystery Frank Stöver
CHORONZON Psychosis Ex Machina Nhashi
CEPHALIC Blasted Into Lunacy Ramon Claassen
CENTURIONS GHOST A Sign Of Things To Come Stefan Franke
CENSORED System Disease Stefan Franke
CENOTAPH Rise Of Excruciation Frank Stöver
CENOTAPH Pseudo Verminal... Stefan Franke
CEMETERY OF SCREAM Frozen Images Matthias Auch
CELESTIAL PAIN Aggression Stefan Franke
CELESTIA Dead Insecta... Frank Stöver
CEBREN-KHAL A Mass Of Despair Matthias Auch
CATHEDRAL The Garden Of Unearthly... Laurent Ramadier
CATASTROPHIC The Cleansing Frank Stöver
CATACOMBS In The Depths Of R`lyeh Ulrich Kreienbrink
CARNAL LUST Whore Of Violence Christoph Göbel
CARNAGE Dark Recollections Frank Stöver
CAPHARNAUM Fractured Christoph Göbel
CADAVER INC. Discipline Ramon Claassen
CRUCIFYRE Infernal Earthly Divine Thomas Ehrmann
CRYPTBORN In The Grasp Of The... Hacker
CIANIDE Gods Of Death Vladimir Petrov
CYPHER Forward Devolution Edouard Vergriete
COMMANDER World’s... Mirco Szymyslik
COLDUN Necessariis? Dubiis?... Wes Rhodes
CELTIC FROST Monotheist Mario Cubero
CATHOLICON Of Ages Past Luxi Lahtinen
C-187 Collision Thomas Ehrmann
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER Convicted / Money Talks Laurent Ramadier
CRUX Rev Smrti - Scream Of... Frank Stöver
CHROMATIC DARK Inhuman Conviction Luxi Lahtinen
COATHANGER ABORTION Dying Breed Stefan Franke
CLOSER Darkness In Me Mario Cubero
CIANIDE Ashes To Dust Frank Stöver
CHARON Banished Frank Stöver
CHAOTIC AEON Demo 2009 Thomas Ehrmann
CEREMONY The Days Before The... Frank Stöver
CEREKLOTH Pandemonium Prayers Thomas Ehrmann
CONTUMACY Fall Of The Structure Thomas Ehrmann
COR SCORPII Monument + Attargangar Julián Núñez
COUNT NOSFERATU... Ultraviolence Über Alles Stefan Franke
CRIMSON MOON Xepera Xeper Xeperu Julián Núñez
CRIMSON MOONLIGHT Veil Of Remembrance Michael Oelschlegel
CROSSWRECKER Black Flame Divination Julián Núñez
CROWPATH Son Of Sulphur Ulrich Kreienbrink
CRUCIFIER Stronger Than Passing... Stefan Franke
CSSO Are You Excrements? Ramon Claassen
CULTES DES GOULES /... Split Jason Campbell
CURRICULUM MORTIS Into Death Frank Stöver
THE CIRCLE OF... Flesh Without Soul Stefan Franke
THE COFFINSHAKERS Pale Men In Black Ramon Claassen
CELTACHOR In The Halls Of Our... Matthias Auch
CATHEDRAL The VIIth Coming Edouard Vergriete
CATARRHAL Putressence Stefan Hagmayer
CASKET GARDEN Open The Casket, Enter... Torsten Gründig
CARRION CARNAGE Awaiting Salvation Of... Stefan Franke
CARNAVAGE Carnival Of Carnage Michael Oelschlegel
CARNAL FORGE Aren't You Dead Yet? Laurent Ramadier
CAPILLA ARDIENTE Solve Et Coagula Matthias Auch
CANNIBAL CORPSE Gore Obsessed Dimitri Ganatsios
CALABRESE They Call Us Death Frank Stöver
CADAVERIA The Shadow's Madame Edouard Vergriete
CORPSESSED The Dagger & The Chalice Richard Osmond
CREMATORY Denial Mario Cubero
CORPSE MOLESTATION Holocaust Wolves Of The... Mario Cubero
CIANIDE Death, Doom And... Nathan Shapiro
CAULDRON BORN Born Of The Cauldron Cunctator
CATACOMB The Years Of Morbidology Michael Tak
CULT OF LUNA Somewhere Along The... Tim Klöcker
CULT OF LUNA The Beyond Stefan Franke
CULTES DES GHOULES Häxan Nathan Shapiro
CRYSTALIUM Diktat Omega Edouard Vergriete
CRYPTOPSY And Then You'll Beg Schenk
CRYPT OF KERBEROS The Macrodex Of War Stefan Franke
CRYPTICUS They Called Me Mad Nathan Shapiro
CRUSTACEAN Insaniac Frank Stöver
CRUCIFIX Threnody Of The Crucifix Nathan Shapiro
CRUCIFIER The Ninth Year Stefan Franke
CRUCIFIED MORTALS Crucified Mortals Michael Tak
CRUCIFIED MORTALS Converted By Decapitation Stefan Franke
CRUACHAN Pagan Ramon Claassen
CRUACHAN Folk-Lore Frank Stöver
CROWPATH Red On Chrome Christoph Göbel
THE CROWN Crowned In Terror Frank Stöver
CROMB Promo 2004 Stefan Franke
CRITERION The Dominant Ramon Claassen
CRIMSON THORN Purification Frank Stöver
CRIMSON FALLS The True Face Of Human... Stefan Hagmayer
CRIMINAL Cancer Ramon Claassen
CREST OF DARKNESS Project Regeneration Leif Jensen
CREMATION Hate Contamination Frank Stöver
CREEPING Funeral Crawl Thomas Ehrmann
CRAFT Terror Propaganda Frank Stöver
CRADLE OF FILTH Bitter Suites To Succubi Dimitri Ganatsios
COUNT RAVEN Mammons War Mario Cubero
CORPUS MORTALE With Lewd Demeanor Stefan Franke
CORPUS CHRISTII The Torment Continues Roy Kristensen
CORPUS CHRISTII Tormented Belief Stefan Franke
CORPSICKLE Zombie Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas
CORPSE VOMIT Raping The Ears Of Those... Stefan Franke
CORPORATION 187 Perfection In Pain F. Cthulhu E.
CORAM LETHE The Gates Of Oblivion Stefan Franke
CONSPIRATOR Exorcism Nathan Shapiro
CONSPIRACY Reincarnated Jeroni Sancho
COMO MUERTOS Como Muertos Wes Rhodes
COMMON GRAVE Dehumanized Mario Cubero
COMMANDER The Enemies We Create Stefan Hagmayer
COLDWORKER The Contaminated Void Mirco Szymyslik
COFFIN TEXTS Promo 2002 Stefan Franke
COFFIN TEXTS Gods Of Creation, Death... Hacker
COFFINS The Other Side Of... Frank Stöver
COFFINS Mortuary In Darkness Frank Stöver
COBALT War Metal Michael Oelschlegel
CLITEATER Clit 'Em All F. Cthulhu E.
CIRITH GORGOR Firestorm Apocalypse F. Cthulhu E.
CIRITH GORGOR Unveiling The Essence Frank Stöver
CIRCLE OF DEAD... Human Harvest Stefan Franke
CINERARY Rituals Of Desecration Ramon Claassen
CIMITERO Lazaret Of The Abyss Michael Tak
CIANIDE Hell's Rebirth Stefan Franke
CIANIDE Divide and Conquer Steven Willems
CHURCH BIZARRE Sinister Glorification Wes Rhodes
CHTON Chtonian Lifecode Michael Oelschlegel
THE CHOSEN For The Glory Of The... Stefan Franke
THE CHOSEN Wolfcross Stefan Franke
CHILDREN OF... It's Time To Face The... Michael Tak
CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate Crew Deathroll Frank Stöver
CHILDREN OF BODOM Follow The Reaper Leif Jensen
THE CHASM Farseeing The Paranormal... Julián Núñez
THE CHASM The Spell Of Retribution Frank Stöver
THE CHASM Conjuration Of The... Frank Stöver
CHAOS LEGIONS Hanging Thomas Ehrmann
CHAOSFEAR One Step Behind Anger Ramon Claassen
CHAOSBREED Brutal Luxi Lahtinen
CEREKLOTH Reh. / Demo 2009 Thomas Ehrmann
CEREBRUM Spectral Extravagance Stefan Franke
CEPHALIC CARNAGE Anomalies Tim Klöcker
CEPHALIC CARNAGE Lucid Interval Ramon Claassen
CENTURIAN Liber Zar Zax Frank Stöver
CENTINEX Diabolical Desolation Frank Stöver
CENTAURUS-A Nimbus Phil Jonas
CEMETERY URN The Conquered Are Burned Michael Tak
CEMETERY URN Urn Of Blood Jason Campbell
CELESTIIAL Where Life Springs... Alfonso Perez
CELEBRATUM Instinct Mirco Szymyslik
CAUSTIC The Horror Cult Frank Stöver
CAULDRON BLACK RAM Slubberdegullion Thomas Ehrmann
CATARACT Great Days Of Vengeance Frank Stöver
CARVE Stillborn Revelations Wes Rhodes
CARPTICON Master Morality Stefan Hagmayer
CARPE TENEBRUM Dreaded Chaotic Reign Sigtyr
CARPATHIAN FOREST Defending The Throne Of... Ramon Claassen
CARNIVOROUS VAGINA Istinto Omicida Frank Stöver
CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS Madhouse's Macabre Acts Mirco Szymyslik
CARNAL FORGE Firedemon Schenk
CARNAL DECAY Chopping Off The Head Mirco Szymyslik
CARNAL CREATION Yet External Exploration Stefan Franke
CARDIAC ARREST Haven For The Insane Michael Tak
CARDIAC ARREST Morgue Mutilations Wes Rhodes
CARCASS Choice Cuts Roy Kristensen
CANDLEMASS Candlemass Luxi Lahtinen
CALVARIUM The Skull Of Golgotha F. Cthulhu E.
CALM HATCHERY Sacrilege Of Humanity Thomas Ehrmann
CALLENISH CIRCLE My Passion // Your Pain Ramon Claassen
CALLENISH CIRCLE Graceful... Yet... Ramon Claassen
CALLENISH CIRCLE Flesh-Power-Dominion Ramon Claassen
CALIGULA Not Too Short To Be Great Alfonso Perez
CALDERA Bison Skull Edouard Vergriete