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Band /Artist Title Author
1/2 SOUTHERN NORTH Narrations Of A Fallen... Mirco Szymyslik
1Q94 Twelve Monkeys Mirco Szymyslik
THE 3RD ATTEMPT Born In Thorns Anders Peter Jørgensen
44MAG Outlaw Psychosis Mirco Szymyslik
0 Simplifying A Demon Sergei Pismeny
6TH AWAKENING Psycho Path Luxi Lahtinen
7TH NEMESIS Deterministic... Luxi Lahtinen
1349 1349 Frank Stöver
7TH NEMESIS /... Chronicles Of A Sickness Frank Stöver
7TH NEMESIS Promo 2002 Stefan Franke
13 WINTERS Where The Soul Wanders Wes Rhodes
9TH PLAGUE Apocatastasis Reversed Branko Matijaševic
2 TON PREDATOR Demon Dealer Stefan Franke
1349 Liberation Edouard Vergriete
9TH PLAGUE Triumph Of Diabolism Ulrich Kreienbrink
9TH PLAGUE Age Of Satanic... Stefan Franke
9TH PLAGUE Spreading The Satanic... Stefan Franke